Slept in before and had some time to myself before I had to go to work, loved chatting with all my Friends and MY POGI, ^8^ heart heart heart heart heart heart heart

Work was normal really, just the driving was a bit odd because it is freezing here and it is slightly sleeting ice in that rain right now, tomorrow is supposed to be bad weather everyone be safe who is out there in it, Hugsssssssssssss

Tonight my Minecraft Garden under my House is finished, I have to only do the benches and its done then to my next project a nice big library with an Enchanting Table to put buffs on all my stuff so it last longer in the world.

Hoping soon to perhaps, start eating maybe to fruits a night to increase my intake of good stuff for my eating habits, that way I may be able to lose a bit more weight, Hugssssssssssss