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dec 3
life is so expansive... i wanna be reborn as a piece of pretty cake

and eh... i logged on cause i wanted to write about something... but now i cant remember.. :/

oh i remember now!!! ya.. i was gonna write about some of the anime i've been watching with a friend of mine
ok.. so... she's a really big fan of those dating sim games and these days a lot of those games are being made into anime
so over the past 2 weeks i watched "brother's conflict" and "diabolik lovers" with her (cause she played the games and said they were really good and wanted to watch the anime)
and eh... idk... im not too sure how i feel about this yet... hahaha

i guess i can sort of see the attraction...? cause a lot of guys are into harems so i guess reverse harems are bound to be popular with girls... but i think the idea of a harem is kinda weird so reverse harem was kinda weird for me too... haha...

bro con was (i think) the (slightly) better of the two... cause the girl in diabolik lovers was just getting abused (physically, verbally, and emotionally) but she's just like.. "oh.. aa... noo... please be gentle" and it made me super uncomfortable

but when i say slightly better.. i really mean just slightly
the main characters in both the animes are such pushovers! it's so unrealistic and it's like... how come the main guy character in harem animes are all like "oh ya im ******** all the hot girls" but the main girl characters in reverse harem is always like "o no all these guys are forcing their love onto me and im such a victim but i still somehow want to/actively seek out their love/abuse and i cant pick between who i want more"

like omg the guys in diabolik lovers... they killed their mother and before that the mother had sex with one of the kids and then had sex with their uncle in front of her kids
like wtf man that's so weird....

i guess... eh... people are just into different things....
not gonna judge if you like it
but ya... definitely not my type of thing.. >____<