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i don't want you to love me - i just need you to ******** me.
i want you but i don't want

i want you all over my skin and in my dreams
and down my neck and in my hair.
i want you to be laying over me with hazy eyes
and stuttered speech,
not being able to comprehend even your own
movements from being overcome with
pure lust.

i don't want you to be in my heart or in my
fondest tears.
i don't want your influence etched in my wall
to keep my comforted at night.
i don't need you to be any of those things but i need
not you.

i want there to not even be a heartbeat between my
syllables or a coherent thought bubbling in my head.
i want you to be on every inch of me
in every inch of me but i don't want you
scarred into my conscience.
i don't want you to linger where so many
have lingered before.

i don't want there to be comfort or tenderness
or even a ******** care.
i just want to feel your heartbeat against my pulse
in the least romantic way i can possible write down.
i want you in every possible way that i can think of
but in no way do i ever want