Levi Sama
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So I had a dream last night that I was in my backyard looking at flowers and s**t. It was nighttime so they glowed in the dark funny enough. anyways there were some that were really bright and I decided to look at them the first two dimmer-ed off and went away.
However the third one I carefully crept up to it and before looking it in I decided to greet it. Afterwards a feary came out and told me to fallow it. So I held it's hand and it took me to the park and told me to dig in a spot so I did. I found a medium size box and preceded to open it. It was probably about a pound of weed. So I put it in my bag and went home. Then I woke up.

"I believe in myself,the now,and love is love.I prefer not to fight over things and just enjoy the life, and live the life that is given to me. " -Selina R L
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