Recently, by accident, I cut my knuckles. This happened a few weeks ago. Currently, they are open wounds, no scabbing or scarring. I can't stop opening them back up and I don't understand why. The pain feels nice so some reason; it's soothing. I've noticed this isn't my normal behavior; this isn't something I would normally do. Normally, I would bandage them and forget about it, but for some reason I just can't stop picking at them whenever a scab tries to form. I can see, that in the surround areas, they're beginning to scare. To me its basically a sign showing me that the cuts should've healed by now, Yet they haven't. I haven't let them. It hurts to curl my hand and relax it again because the wounds are still open... still trying to heal.
I think this might be a problem because I know they need to heal... I just won't let them... and I don't know why.