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First Post! Here we go!
My name is Zero and I recently moved to America from a small farming community called Hirokawa, Japan.
I lived in the countryside, I'd only met three outsiders before moving. Now everyone is so different!!!!
A few things to know before coming to America!
1. They don't know much, if any Japanese
2. If you have allergies, pack lots of medicine! There are adorable dogs and cats everywhere!
3. Almost every house looks the same, pay attention to numbers! I used to locate my house by looking for the dragons at the roof tips, and they wont have that here!
4. A lot of Americans are friendly, and are outgoing! Don't be scared, they arnt trying to hurt you, that's just a thing here!
5. They often ask if you have facebook/twitter. That's a site to post things about you, get a tumblr instead!
6. If you're looking for people that speak your language, plan on joining an anime club! The people there often know more about japan!

Of course, that's a bit stereotypical! I'm sure there are a lot of different kinds of people here! Most schools don't have uniforms, either! ( ' 0 ' ) good bye, stupid tie! Even if you're afraid of people, or are taught to be polite and quiet, like I was, that wont get you anywhere! People here expect you to speak up. I'd suggest taking a speech or leadership class, that will force you to get over it....
The schools here are also super short!
My school here starts at 8:35 and ends at 3:35!
Compared to Japan's from 7:00 to 6:30, it's an awesome setup! The homework situation is also minimal, but it starts somewhat difficult, because of language barriers and all, but it's easier to learn than kanji! (besides stupid silent letters....)
If you need to learn English, watch some anime and pay attention to English subs! They arrange sentences different than what we do.
Instead of
Soccer like, do you?
Do you like soccer?
They also have very different overtones, so try to listen!
(OwO) good luck~!