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A Start For Something, I guess?
Some love sap story (complete)
His hand still sat in hers as she guided him rapidly along the hallway,
Their laughter echoes along the halls, not in a haunting way, just a taunting one.
It wasn't much then- but he was nervous as hell.

In a compacted room they kneeled and caught their breath,
He looked like he was about to pass out, while she sat still.
Clearly something was on her mind.
Suddenly she rose and looked around.

Everything was dark, so she had to feel around for what she was looking for.
Odd part was that she wasn't feeling around her, more above her.
With her hands raised she felt for what she was looking for,
Til' her fingertips had caught something, right above them.
She got a better grip and gave it a nice "Yank,"
Suddenly the room lit-
What she yanked had been a ceiling switch to a beautiful chandelier.
His gaze had been focused on the beautiful source of light that hung from the ceiling.
He had never seen something like that in person, only in those magazines on the front page where they always talked about another "David" getting together with another "Marcia."
Meanwhile, she was searching for something else, she pushed around the brooms, the vaccum, opened the cabinets all around.
"Damnit, I put right here. I swear I did," she cursed to herself.
After some silence the boy woke up outta his trance, "Huh?" he said.
"I said I put it right here, I swear I did! He musta' taken it," she sighed and sunk to her knees.

Tears began to welt in her eyes, and she continued to look straight ahead from the bottom of the floor; She didn't want to look at the boy, feeling like she had let him down. "And I had everything going so well too," she said "Now how do we da-" Suddenly she cut herself off, she sprung to her feet and dove into the pile of miscellaneous things.

"Aha!" she held up a record played and plugged it into the only outlet in the cluttered room. She then pulled something out of her sweater, her back was to his front and she was bent over fumbling with something.
He flushed crimson red and looked to the side,
The room was so compact together and they stood so close, well that's what he thought. She then rose and turned to face him,
Her face was about as high as his shoulders, and she just stood there staring.

Suddenly a familiar tune began to echo throughout the tiny room,
"They're gonna hear!" He exclaimed while reaching to turn it off.
She placed her hand against his chest and shushed him.
They'd been friends for quite a while, but he didn't know why he felt so nervous.
She ran her hand from his chest to behind his neck,
Usually a grown woman does that, not someone like her. It nearly killed him.
She drew closer and rested her head, as if it wasn't already impossible to be any closer in a cramped room like that.
The whole time he still had his head turned to the side, he couldn't look and he didn't know why.
It turned into an awkward cramped sway, there wasn't much room in the tiny closet.
The record grew more silent and silent signifying the end of the song.
They continued to dance together and he brought himself to look down at the pretty gal' that swayed right in front of him.
The chandelier made her hair shine, he wanted to twist it with his finger.
Her gaze wasn't fixated on anything, her eyes had been closed.
She nested her head between his neck and he bent down lower to whisper.
" _ ____ ___," he said with a tone of voice so tender.
She then tried to build up some height by standing on the tips of her toes,
She didn't want to have to ask him to come down any lower.
It was embarrassing.
He caught the idea and bent down a bit more.
She said, "_ ____ ___ ___."
The End.

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