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Dreams of the Goth
I had a dream about the band Deathstars, but I only really saw Whiplasher the head singer.

Okay in this dream, I got this "adopted sister" from some where, I wonder if it wasn't my online friend Ghost, anyways, she was very gothic/emo and depressed, I mean extremely.....it was a real downer, but they seemed in my opinion to be into the wrong things....we was in a hot topic store, and thats when I offered her to start listening to Deathstars, that they was a better band, if she wanted "real" goth music, compared to some clown music she wanted to pick up.

I must have summoned the Deathstars, but I could only get Whiplasher since he was the only one who seemed to be available.

Next scene in this dream is we was in this class room like setting with the gothic women and me, and Whiplasher preforming some of his music alone. I asked abit about why he can't at lest get one of his gautiarist or bass players like Skinny Disco. Who was my favorite, I guess. Whiplasher didn't seem to care that much about Skinny not being there. I talked a little bit about how I wanted to give Whiplasher a fanart I done, he was more like, "huh." Like he got those alot. He preformed a bit more, before I teased him about Cat. I had to put my prejudges away for a moment. Whiplasher seemed flustered, I at lest wanted to get one other member of the band there. Something about, "we don't even get to see you kiss like you do on stage? Come on, everyone's seen those photos on the internet." I think he actually blushed somewhere in there, in that dream about that.


Enough about the dream! So I been trying to get myself turned around in life. Trying not care, and try to have some fun...if there's nothing you can do about stuff in life, I guess just recognize it exists, and just try to make the best of life.

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