i miss my girlfriend so much , shes my everything and more . i mean we go thru hell but i wouldnt change it for anything in the world. i have cried so many tears put in so much time . i gave everything up to be with her , shes the FIRST girl after my first love that i really have fallen in love with . ive ******** around and messed with so many girls but shes the one . i plan my future with her i believe in her , in US <3 shes my baby , my backbone , my heart , my best friend and NOTHING or NOBODY can come between what we have . i plan to marry this girl . i plan on spending my life with this girl . dont get me wrong i have my moments where i doubt us i have my moments where i believe shes doing something but i have to trust her and i know for a fact she loves me as much as i love her forever&always