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Silent Hill: No Escape- Chapter 9: Second Night- Kaz
Both Kori and Kaz trudge their way to the hospital through the misty fog as Kaz skimmed through the map while having his steel pipe on his hand keeping his guard up. Throughout their journey, there was no sign of any monsters nearby since Kaz’s radio did not blast out with static. But when they arrived at their destination, all the hospital lights were mysteriously turned off and all doors were shut. “That’s weird, the hospital’s closed. Shouldn’t every hospital be open overnight by law?” Kori pointed out as she observes the closed hospital, feeling that there’s something off. “Not this hospital…” Kaz replies, for he too notices something off about the hospital. Kaz then turns away from the hospital and faces the direction towards the hotel and urges Kori, “Let’s head back! I’m getting worried about leaving those two by themselves.” Kaz then marches away from the hospital as Kori trots beside him as they both head back to the hotel as the sirens begin to sound off.

On their journey back, no monsters seem to be at large and the radio did not blast with static. When the two arrived at the hotel however, Jay and Kora were nowhere to be found. “Where did they go?” Kori asked as she looked at Kaz, who was searching around the front of the hotel. Kaz then looks at the double doors and notices that one of the doors was left right open, seemingly inviting them in. “The door wasn’t left wide open before we left…” Kaz points out, noticing when they arrived at the hotel the first time, the door was only left adjacent. “Probably they went inside, it was probably getting too cold and decided to wait for us in there instead.” Kori suggested a possibility due to the snowy conditions of Silent Hill. “Only one way to find out…” Kaz replied as he takes a step through the doorway. He turns around to where Kori stood and suggested, “Let’s check inside and see if we can find them in there.” “Okay.” Kori agreed, as Kori stepped foot inside the hotel followed by Kaz as the sirens continued to sound off.

As both entered the hotel, the environment seemed to be normal with its dim lights, though it seemed far too normal to be safe. The door suddenly shuts behind them and the lock clicks from behind, and Kori and Kaz turned around at the same time and gasp. Kaz then grabs the handle in attempts to budge it open, but no luck as it was locked tight. “s**t! We’re locked in!” Kaz curses in frustration as he kicks the door and turns away from the door with his hands up against his head shortly after. “What do we do now?” Kori asks as she closes herself in, feeling unsecure about this place. Kaz sighs in frustration as he relaxes his limbs and places his hands in his pockets and suggests, “I guess we have no choice but to look around and see if Jay and Kora are here.” Though Kaz couldn’t help but think that Jay and Kora were nowhere in the facility, but a death trap rather.

Kori, nervous as she holds her metal rod defensively and whimpers, “Are you sure? Is there another way!?” “Not by the looks of it…” Kaz stated as he looked around what appeared to be a hotel lobby. Kori then sucks her pride as she starts looking around the eerie hotel, looking around the hotel for possible ways out of the hotel. Kaz then looks around his surrounding and noticing a door just by the lobby counter and calmly walks to it. As Kaz stood before the door, something urged him to pick up the journal and read it. Kaz then reaches in his satchel and pulls out Lucia’s journal and opens it up, only to find out that page landed on an article about Pyramid Head. Aside from it was a journal entry written by Lucia.

Journal Entry: Pyramid Head,

This article describes about the legend of Pyramid Head. This is a monster created out of a wish to be punished for one’s guilt. It’s kind of strange actually if you think about it though, monster of one’s regret. It’s also mentioned that he rapes manikins, but slices real human beings in half in shown. Legend also has it that he might rape some other monsters as well, which is personally strange. He wields a machete and kills every human being in sight. Highest Recommendation: Escape.

Kaz then gazes at the book and sighs frustratingly as he shakes his head, “Great, just great…just what I need.” Kori notices that Kaz was looking through a journal and swoops by and asks, “Whatcha looking at?” “Just this journal entry…it sounds crazy but for every time I open this journal and lands on one of these guys and it happens to be what I face after.” Kaz explains, unsure of how to put the words together, scratching his head. “I believe you.” Kori responded as she gazes over at the journal entry and notices Pyramid Head on the article. “Pyramid Head… Is this the monster that you and Kora were talking about over at the theme park?” Kori asked, curious to wait for his reply. “Yeah, it was.” Kaz replied as he looks confused, gazing back at the journal. “Is there anything you regret?” Kori asked Kaz, though she sounded serious from her point.

“Yeah, I feel guilty that Kora is in the condition she’s in, and from what the doctor told me her vitals aren’t doing too well…and leaving her all alone…” Kaz admits feeling sorrowful and felt resentment towards this fact. “I feel the same way about Jeremy, there was nothing I could really do to save him though.” Kori confesses, seeing is it that she still feels guilty about Jeremy’s recent death as she gazes at the door. Kori then turns her attention back at Kaz as a slight tear left his eye, as if he was mourning for a lover. “By the way, do you like Kora by any chance?” Kori asked, seemingly interested as to Kaz’s sudden reaction. Kaz then heavily blushes as his eyes grew wide, stunned by Kori’s question. Kaz then stutters as he loops around the question covering his face, “Uhh…we’re just friends since childhood…it’s nothing like that...” Kori then squeals in excitement like the high school socialite she is, seeing what Kaz was trying to hide, “Oh my gosh! You totally like her, I can so see it! Tell me all about it!” Kaz then covers his blush red face from Kori as he remained dead silent. “Fine, I see how it is!” Kori replies angrily, disappointed that she failed to cough up information of his feelings for Kora.

Kori then changes the subject, rather than talking about Kora she continues to talk about Pyramid Head, “So, from what the journal says, Pyramid Head is a monster who attacks those who are guilty?” “Yeah…but it doesn’t add up.” Kaz replied seemingly frustrated for some reason. “Why’s that…?”Kori asked as she twirled around. “How is it that Pyramid Head kills off humans who are guilty when he clearly didn’t attempt to kill Kora? He tried to rape her and Kora escaped from his clutches.” Kaz questions as he bangs his knee against the door and rubs his hand against his head. Kori, having an idea of what it could be answered indirectly, “How else? How else was she not killed off by Pyramid Head, but was almost raped by him instead?” Not sure what Kori was really trying to say to him, Kaz then replies, “I think I know what you’re saying, but it still doesn’t seem to add up somehow.”

Kaz then closes the journal and glances at it, thinking about looking at the journal again to see if he could find any information about Dr. Harker, who seemed to know more about what’s going on over anybody. “Whatcha thinking about?” Kori nosily asks, noticing that Kaz was contemplating about something. “I’m thinking about looking through the journal again and see if I can look up any information regarding with ‘our kind’ Dr. Harker.” Kaz explains as he flips through the pages of the journal. “Isn’t that called snooping though?” Kori questioned as Kaz continued to flip the pages of the journal. “It’s not snooping, it’s called being suspicious. I can’t help but feel that this guy is hiding something, and I’m planning to find out what it is.” Kaz retorts seeing is it that he has every right to feel suspicious about the doctor’s mysterious persona. Finally after flipping through so many pages of the journal, he finds a journal entry of the doctor with his birth records and a paragraph on the side written by Lucia.

Journal Entry: Dr. Quincy Harker

For some reason, this figure has been bothering me for a while now. He’s apparently a doctor who was working in Silent Hill’s hospital for over 30 years, though from his recent photo he doesn’t look over 30. And so I began reading through his journal to see what more I can find out of him. I found some records of him and turns out he’s an immigrant from England born from a family of retail clerks. What’s more interesting is that he’s been under training by a biologist for quite some time before he came here to the America’s. Though he was not the first of his family to move to the America’s, indeed his half-sister Lumina Harker moved to America decades back and married a man named Victor Hale, and had a son named Solomon Hale. More of his information of his whereabouts can be found on his birth certificate, though it’s strange that he has the name of his mother’s spouse and yet he’s not related to him. Guess they wanted to hide this away from the world…

Kaz then mumbles as both Kori and Kaz glance at the entry, “So in other words, Quincy is none other than Dr. Harker…I knew something was off about this guy!” Then Kaz glances over at Quincy’s birth certificate and at the bottom of the certificate where the date of birth is labeled it reads ’29 December 1898’. “Wait…1898?” Kaz gazed at the paper as he rereads over the birth certificate to make sure he’s not hallucinating. Kori exclaims at she looks closer at the birth certificate, “Wait, the same doctor we saw today was born in 1898!? That’s like 115 years ago, and he looks like in his late 20’s! He should be dead by now!” “How can that be…?”Kaz asks as he glances at the birth certificate, puzzled at this new information. Kaz then looks down at where the parents’ names were labeled on the birth certificate, recalling that Quincy’s father was not the mother’s spouse and to his horror could not believe what he was seeing. On the line where it labeled child’s mother was written ‘Wilhelmina Harker’, but on the line where it labeled child’s father was written ‘Vlad Tepis III’.

“Wilhelmina Harker as in the ‘Mina Harker’? Whoa, who knew? But Tepis…who’s he?” Kori responded bewildered as she gazed at the birth certificate. “Vlad Dracul…who else?” Kaz replied shocked as he closed the journal almost immediately. “You mean…oh, but if Quincy’s father is a vampire and his mother almost got turned into a vampire, wouldn’t make Quincy a..?” Kori replied, now understanding the magnitude of the situation and familiarizes herself with the story at the same time. “A vampire…why didn’t I see it before hand.” Kaz exasperated his breathe as he shoved the journal in his satchel, “But if Quincy is a vampire, and he has connections to Kora…that means…” Kaz spoke, but then as he spoke he began to analyze the on situation as his skin grew pale, his eyes grew wider, and clutches is pipe tightly.

Kaz then turns his attention to Kori almost immediately shouting, “Crap! We got to find Kora now before Quincy does!” Kori, also realizing the dangers for Kora under the hands of Quincy agrees as she is pumped up and ready to go, “What are waiting for? Let’s go!” Both run out of the door at the same time and look for an escape route out of the hotel in hopes to find Kora. As they dashed through the hallways, they hear a woman shrieking from the other end of the hall. Kaz shouts believing it to be Kora, “KORA!!!” Both Kaz and Kori follow the shriek at the end of the hall, believing that Kora was there with the unimaginable. When both arrived at the end of the hall, much to their disappointment witness a policeman and a woman running away from something.

Soon, their disappointment turned into a nightmare when the woman tripped on the floor and attempts to pull herself back up from the ground, only to have Pyramid Head come up from behind her and slice her in half. The policeman then turns around and witnesses the severed corpse of the woman; he then angrily marches up to Pyramid Head. Within moments, the policeman questions Pyramid Head bluntly, “So you decide to rape manikins, but when it comes to a real life woman you slice her in half? When you can have much more pleasure with a live human being over a manikin?” Pyramid Head then angrily swings his machete and the policeman screams and dodges his attack and Pyramid Head growls, “Do not question my methods!” “This is exactly why you do not question his methods.” Kaz inputted as he shook his head in disappointment as he crossed his arms, holding on to his pipe and Kori looks at the policeman in disgust.

Then the policeman approached the two as he was running for his life and randomly shakes Kaz by the shirt, “Please! Help me get out of here!” Kaz then turns his head and notices that Pyramid Head is now chasing after them because of the idiot police officer having to approach them. “Everyone, let’s get out of here and quick!” Kaz shouts as Kaz was the first one to dart out of there, followed by Kori and the police officer. Running from hall to hall, the trio sped away from Pyramid Head as he chases all of them with a machete. As the group reached to what appeared to be the other side of the hotel, Kaz exclaims, “We’re almost there!” “Thank goodness.” Kori sighs in relief as she was getting tired of running around in sandals. Though there was one problem, there were two doors and from the looks of the labels, they led to two different rooms. “Crap, two doors. Which one to take!?” Kaz sighed, contemplating which door to take under the pressure of time. Kori then suggested, “Why not take the right?” Kaz and Kori immediately took the right door and entered through there and the police officer trudged behind them.

As they entered to the room at the right, the room seemed to be covered in rusted metal walls with caged corpses of human beings hanging from the ceiling, but with no door to let them out other than the door they came through. “********, dead end! We’re going to have to go back!” Kaz shouted, now knowing that they took the wrong turn. Pyramid Head opens the door and marches there and chases after them. Kaz then immediately avoids Pyramid as he grabs hold of Kori’s hand and darts away from Pyramid Head. The police officer runs after them, but trips over a metal pipe attached to the ventilation system. Pyramid Head then walks over to the man from behind and wields his machete up in the air. Within moments, the policeman was sliced in half with his guts splattered on the rusted floor. Not looking back, Kori and Kaz darted out of the room in attempts to try the other door for their escape.

“Must be the other door then! Come on!” Kaz exclaims as he drags Kori by the hand to the door on the left and enters through there. When they entered the room, it appeared to be a rusted storage room. But as Kaz gazed in front of him, he noticed a door on the other side. “A door great! Don’t worry Kori, we’re almost there!” Kaz stated reassuringly as he looked at Kori, and Kori smiled back at him nodding. When Kaz and Kori reached halfway towards the door, Pyramid Head enters into the storage room from the door behind, wielding his machete before them. As Pyramid Head chases and attacks the two in the rusted room, Kori and Kaz dodged and parried his attacks with their weapons back and forth. When Kori and Kaz saw Pyramid Head was about to attack again, they dashed to the door as quickly as they could.

As both were about to reach the exit, Kori was about to be attacked by Pyramid Head as he chucked his machete at her, but she parried his machete and pushed him back. Kaz then reaches for the door handle and opens the door, which led to the streets of Silent Hill. Kaz then steps outside and waits at the door for Kori, who noticed the door wide open and ran to it. Unsuspectingly, Pyramid Head sneaks from behind and chucked his machete at Kori and successfully slices her left arm at the marrow with blood gushing from the end of her joint. “NO!!!” Kaz shouts as Kori’s body fell to the ground. Before Pyramid Head had the chance to seep her body into the darkness, Kaz drags her body out of the storage room and manages to pull her outside and the door shuts before them.

Kaz, trying not to freak out searches inside his satchel and pulls out a first aid kit. He quickly opens up the first aid kit and pulls out gauze tape and applies it on Kori, who appears to be disoriented. As Kaz successfully applied the gauze tape on Kori’s wound, the then whispered to her gently trying not to alarm her, “It’s okay, you’re going to be fine. We’re going to take you to the hospital and we’re going to get you help, alright?” “Uh huh…” Kori replied, who seems to be light headed and disoriented from the attack and was hardly able to speak. Kaz then puts away the first aid kit in his satchel and straps the satchel onto his shoulder along with his steel pipe. He then picks up Kori off the ground and carries her with both arms and marches off to the hospital soon after as the sirens sound off from the distance.

His journey from the hotel wasn’t as hectic as the first time, in fact it passed by much more quicker than expected. What’s even more relieving was that the radio did not blast up with static from the speakers, thus no monsters were present. As soon as Kaz reached the hospital with Kori in his arms, he noticed that though the lights were shut off, the entrance door was left wide open. “At least the doors are open.” Kaz sighed to himself as he marches himself into the hospital’s metal doors with Kori. Kaz arrives at the lobby which seems eerily quiet, and Kori then whispers, as she could hardly speak, “Go…straight…to…first…door…on…left…” Kaz gazes down as he looks at Kori’s pale body, listening to what she had to say. Kaz then looks across the hospital lobby and notices a hallway past the lobby with a door left wide open on the left. Kaz then waltzes into the hallway silently and comes across to the first door on the left, which was the same door left wide open on the left side of the hall.

“Go…in…” Kori spoke once again, hardly able to speak and Kaz was able to feel her warmth disappear. Kaz walks in to the room and notices a room with a bunch of metal cabinets stacked on the walls, but because it’s so dark he couldn’t tell what was used for. Then he notices a metal table standing before him, feeling suddenly nervous. “Lay…me…on…the …bed…” Kori spoke as she started coughing slightly and could barely speak, asking Kaz to lie her down on the metal table. He then lays Kori on the metal bed, feeling suddenly wet and cold as he placed her down. Before long, he noticed her gauze pad drenched in blood and her skin blue as ice and stared at her in horror.

Kori then told him, pushing herself to speak and coughs out blood abruptly, “Go…upstairs…stop Quincy…do it for me…please…” Kaz then nods in agreement and replies to her, “Don’t worry, I will.” “Thank you…” Kori then speaks her final words and a moment after the cold shuts her eyes and takes her last her last breath. Kaz then speaks sorrowfully as he gazes now at the dead Kori, “But she was just a girl…” Kaz then detaches his steel pipe from his satchel and slowly walks out of the room. He gazes at the door and reads the words engraved on the door ‘Morgue’. Not saying anything, he walks past the door and shuts the door behind him and the lock clicks from behind. Kaz, with a steel pipe in his hand walks back into the lobby, and hears random knocking on the door three times. Ignoring the sound, he continues walking and turns to his left and into the stairwell. He then walks up the stair well with his steel up at hand as he walks up to the third floor.

As Kaz reaches to the third floor, he noticed that the patient’s room had the door left wide open. Kaz, feeling the room was inviting him, walked towards the patient’s room with his steel pipe at the ready. As Kaz stood before the door, a male’s voice similar to the doctor’s invites Kaz in as suspected, “Come in.” Kaz steps in to the patient’s room and notices that the room was in pitch darkness with rust covering the floors. Kaz then turns his head towards the other end of the room from where he stood and noticed a pair of glowing red eyes glaring at him. “I had a feeling that there was something off about you Dr. Harker, or should I say Quincy?” Kaz speaks, seeming to have figured out the puzzle pieces about Dr. Harker’s true identity. The figure then steps out of the darkness and revealed that it was indeed Dr. Harker, who wore a black business suit with sallow skin, sleek black hair, and blood red eyes.

Quincy replied with a smirk on his face as he crosses his arms, “Hmm…guess you figured me out. Impressive if I do say so myself, truly.” Kaz then retorts back as he wields out his steel pipe with a scowl, “And I already figured out what you are, considering that your probably 115 years old in reality! Am I right, vampire?” “Yes, I’m a vampire that’s 115 years of age. Son of Vlad Tepis to be more precise.” Quincy admits as he fixes up his sleeve. “What are you planning?” Kaz tenses up as he angrily glares at Quincy. “Nothing malevolent if that’s what you’re thinking.” Quincy replies coolly as he places his hands in his pockets with his fangs smirking at him. “You’re lying! What did you do with Kora!? Where is she!?” Kaz shouts at Quincy as he is at the verge of losing his temper. “I’m not lying. I’m merely just telling you what I know. As for Kora, I haven’t done anything to her nor do I know where she is.” Quincy calmly replied, speaking in half truths. “STOP LYING TO ME!!!” Kaz shouts in anger as he charges his weapon at Quincy.

Quincy then calmly grabs a hold of Kaz’s steel pipe, completely dodging his attack as Kaz glared at him angrily with a scowl. “Ah, so you want to fight me, is that it?” Quincy speaks calmly as Kaz forces his steel pipe at him. “Well, if it’s a fight you want it’s a fight you’ll get.” Quincy then smiles sinisterly as he accepts Kaz’s challenge and throw’s Kaz against the wall. Kaz then slowly gets up from the wall from the damage he took to his back, charges at him and flings his steel pipe against Quincy’s jaw. Quincy at first seemed to take the damage from his jaw with a flesh wound seeping blood from it and hissed with his fangs sharpening, but within moments he quickly regenerates.

Kaz then stares in horror, seeing that Quincy regenerated from that attack, “You…regenerated…” Quincy then nostalgically comments, “Um…reminds me of that girl from yesterday and her reaction. She reacted the same way as you did, but alas she didn’t last too long. She knew far too much anyway, and if she opened her mouth to the occult members.” Quincy then chuckles for a moment and continued, “Well, let’s say we’d all be dead by now.” “Who are you talking about!?” Kaz then bellows, as he glares at Quincy angrily. “Um, let me think…Ah, yes. Lucia Westerna.” Quincy replies the name as remains cool and collective of his train of thought. Kaz then clutches onto the steel pipe tightly like fists and replies utterly furious, “You… killed Lucia!” “I apologize. I didn’t have that much of a choice. Either was that or she ‘ll blurt everything out to the occult and bring us all to our demise, including Kora.” Quincy explained coldly, as he gazes at the angered Kaz who in a way felt sorry for his loss. “How dare you! She was a friend!” Kaz, who is now berserk, starts attacking Quincy rapidly with his steel pipe in all different directions.

Quincy then halts Kaz’s reluctant attacks on him and attempts to reason with the angered Kaz, “Hey, what you prefer? Have one live and many perish or have one die and save many?” Kaz then seems to simmer down for a slight moment as he thinks over what Quincy said. But out of sheer anger, Kaz then retaliates, “How do I know whether or not I can trust you!?” Kaz then quick pulls out his pistol from his satchel and triggers a bullet to the shoulder and Quincy, sending him flying against the wall. “Monster! I’ll I see is a monster!” Kaz shouts at Quincy as he shoots bullets at him, driven crazy by his own rage. Quincy regenerates himself as he dodges all of Kaz’s bullets with his arms crossed. Quincy then manages to cut a flesh wound on the side of his brow, his right shoulder, and the side of his torso with merely his fingertips. Kaz, then touching the side of his head manically shoots uncontrollably and Quincy seeps back into the darkness.

With the enormous amount of blood splattered on the floor, Kaz then reluctantly stops shooting seemingly worn out. Kaz pants exhaustingly as he grips his hands on to his knees, and as he slowly tilts his head and his eyes shined a shimmering red color rather than his original almond brown. Kaz then laughs maniacally as he pulls himself off the ground. Quincy then comes up from behind and speaks bluntly, “And you are certainly not yourself, Kaz from what I know is more calm and collective than the man standing before me. You are driven insane by your own rage.” Quincy then sighs in disbelief and then states to Kaz and bends down to his ear, “I wonder... would you treat Kora the same way if she were to be the same as me?”

Kaz’s eyes then slowly changes back from its fiery red color to crisp almond and ceased his maniacal laugh as he began to come back to his senses. But as Kaz walks, he slowly becomes disoriented and his vision becomes blurry. With blood dripping from his side and shoulder, he gazes at the floor as blood oozing on the surface. He then turns behind him and Quincy stands behind him calmly as he gazes at him. As Kaz reaches to him, he collapses on the ground and lies disoriented for a few moments and loses conscious.

Quincy then walks to Kaz unconscious body and picks it up with both of his hands quietly. Then small footsteps approached through the door, echoing through the halls as Quincy stands, carrying the unconscious Kaz. As footsteps ceased in the hallway and continued in the patient’s room and a little girl’s voice spoke, “You know you didn’t have to go that far.” Quincy then turns around notices a little brunette girl with a white dress standing before him and replied, “I know, but either was that or this man would have been permanently possessed.” Quincy then talks to the child as he places Kaz on the hospital bed, “So Alyssa, I see you have followed me here.”

Alyssa then nods her head and replies back while playing with her fingers, “Yeah, sissy found me and brought me back to your house. But I preferred to stay with you instead.” Quincy then reaches over at the counter for gauze tape and medical equipment and asks Alyssa, “So, she kept her promise then?” “Yeah!” Alyssa answered with a childish giggle as she zoomed around the room for a bit. “Alyssa…” Quincy then spoke as he unwinds the gauze tape and begins to wrap it around Kaz’s wound. “Yes. What is it Quincy?” Alyssa then asked as she stops moving around the room and looks at Quincy shyly. “Do me a favor.” Quincy then grabs the scissors and snips off the gauze tape as he finishes wrapping up one of the wounds.

“Um…okay.” Alyssa responded as she huddled towards the bed. “Right before it hits dawn, I want you to hide in my house for the time being until it’s safe for you to come out. I don’t want the occult finding you again, understand?” Quincy explains to Alyssa, as he unwinds another batch of gauze tape treating the remaining wounds. “Okay!” Alyssa happily agrees as she innocently smiles. Quincy then finishes applying the rest of the gauze tape onto the wounds, sighing in relief, “Alright that should do it. Now we’ll just have to wait till the morning to see what happens.” “Yay!” Alyssa cheers as she then huddles over to where Quincy was standing as he places all the medical equipment back inside its containers. Quincy then places back the gauze tape and medical equipment back inside the cabinets and shuts the cabinet doors. Then Quincy silently walks out of the patient’s room with Alyssa as she gently grabs hold onto him by the arm.*

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