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Zeal's Redemption Seeker Log
Records of my ups and downs in my journey for life's recognition and forgiveness.
"I just want the attention"
Firstly... I want to make it clear that I'm not trying to place this person as in the wrong. Whether they were or not, I don't even know. It very well could have been me, as this seems to be the trend in my life.

Not long ago, someone had posted in the forum, saying they had a terrible day. Naturally, I saw this and wanted to help. I read their first post, and they were talking about how they had a mental illness, and there were other things going on and they wanted to talk to someone.

So, well, I can relate to that kind of thing pretty well.... So I posted that I had similar, that I knew it was a burden, and id be up for talking to them about it.

Someone else also came in with a simple response of "ill talk to you".

The poster turned to them immidiately welcoming, and began to talk to them. The only response I got from her was a subtle recognition, but nothing more.

I asked what it was, and she listed a few things. yes, it was bad. but I got the sense that she was still feeling the "yeah. You wouldn't understand". outlook on me.

So I told her what I had. I told her that I had experienced a lot of things, and I really do know what it's like. All this while, her just maintaining a happy little typical conversation with another person. I made mention that I wasn't very happy that I was trying to help, and she was just brushing me aside like that. The response I got afterwards, was "That was rude of you.", along with saying that she didn't want to talk about any of that...

Ok.. Right.
So why did you bring this and use it to get attention, if it's not even what you wanted to talk about?.... Honestly, It's either attention seeking, or more commonly than not, I wonder if it was one of those. "I'm going to die, and I want someone to talk to. But not to you, because you actually are about to die, and you'll probably realize all that really happened was that I stubbed my toe"

I'm sorry... She posted things that were legitmately sufferable. But that is just how I felt in that moment. Whether or not she was actually just trying to get attention? I don't know. I try to not make those judgements.

So, was I in the wrong?

Yes, as so the world has once again decided.

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