A lot of people tend to think that if you wear low-cut clothes, that it makes you a slut, or that it means you want attention. But that is not always the case. Sure, it's possible for some people. Although, it's pretty ignorant to group up a bunch of people and say that they're the exact same. Just because I may wear revealing clothes does not make me a slut. (I've never kissed anyone until I was twenty-one, nor have I been on a date until then. Even at twenty-two, I've never even had sex.) I don't dress the way that I do because I want attention. I do it because it makes me feel confident. Sure, it may attract attention, but it's not our fault if somebody chooses to rape someone. They should be looking at the rapist, not the victim. They were the ones who chose to act. We shouldn't feel ashamed to express ourselves. (Sure. There may be other ways of doing so. But people wear what they wanna wear.) We're not the criminals; Rapists are.

A lot of people judge each other. If you see an older guy who looks like a *****, you're not gonna want him around. If you see a girl that looks like a b***h, you may not want the drama around you. That's a way of protecting yourself. However, when you tell a person she's a slut, that's taking it to another level. You are now attacking someone with your judgment. Maybe you are the kind of person who wants drama to happen. Words hurt. Do you really want someone taking their life because of what you may have said to a person? Nobody should have to die over something so petty.

Point is.. it doesn't hurt people if you want to wear revealing clothes, but it's bad if you shove your boobs up in someone's face who doesn't even like you. It doesn't (..shouldn't) hurt people to have your own opinion. But it's bad to attack someone with it.

Just because you don't want to attract that kind of attention to yourself, and you don't want to reveal yourself to the public, does not give you the right to tell other women what to do. If they want to dress a certain way, that's their choice.

And to the people being bullied: Stay strong. You know what you've done and what you haven't. If those people are wrong about you, that's their problem. Try not to let a lie ruin you. You're better than that. Rise above it and show the world who you really are inside. They want you to be broken. Don't give them that power. What you choose to do with your body and with your style is your choice, not no'one else's.

Treating someone like s**t and tearing them down is more loathsome than having sex with a bunch of guys. (Or girls!)

Note: I don't care who you sleep with, nor do I find it disgusting. Other people may. It is sickening, however, to sleep with someone who is already in a relationship.