So... I should be writing a paper but this is something I need on record. Today I witnessed first hand what a break up does to people. Especially a bad one. I've been watching also something that actually allows me two very different reactions too a break up. Ironically It's between my roommate and his ex Apparently it was a solid three year relationship that ended with my roommate getting deadly sick. His ex then had sex with my roommate's friend. Now... the two of them took very, verĂ½ different actions after the breakup. Granted I don't know the full story and this only goes up to as far as I've known them and can infer through their actions. Alex is pretty much a womanizer. He's in it for the sex and just about nothing more. He has mastered the art of picking up women almost to the point of Barney Stinson level. There is no girl he has slept with in his time here who has meant anything to him other than the sex they had. Though, honestly it wasn't like he just shook off the break up. He was pissed actually. He still is. Well.. he's more bitter than anything. After his ex came back the first time he had to have sex just to get her off his mind. I can't make some kind of statement that he's running away from his feelings or some bullshit but it seems like one of the very few relationships he put emotion into went horribly wrong. Now he's like this. On the other hand there's the ex. She cheated on him before so you would think she doesn't care about him anymore, but she does. Honestly she said she hasn't had sex with other people since the thing with my roommate. She says she loves him. I dunno how serious she is, but she says it and I kind of believe her. You can tell she cares a lot about him and honestly wants him to feel the same. The sad part is that he won't. I don't know if he he's totally lost faith or just faith in her but he won't. She thinks he's the best and I can't tell if she's just going to wait around for him or if she'll move on but... eh.
So all in all this is my tiny report on breakups. I know none of this is super new or groundbreaking, but it's interesting to me because it's right there. I'm sitting here watching all this happen. It's... interesting. Now back to my paper.