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art request characters

The Seers are family of wizards. Their eyes are green, except for Cameron, Rouscha, and Luca--theirs are blue. Would want to see them individually and in groups (all or other type of pairings). The descriptions are very lacking, thus you're allowed to interpret them to your liking. You can dress them in classic black cloaks and witch hats to make things simple.

- Wolfgang, 62.
M. The Dad. Long gray hair pulled in ponytail. Smiley, a professor of philosophy. Clothing prefs: sweaters, shirts, slacks. Plays trumpet.

- Galleg, 58.
F. The Mom. Shoulder-length bob blond messy hair, usually pulled in messy bun. Unpopular novelist. Thin, pale, ghost-like face. Clothing prefs: T-shirts, shorts, slippers. Plays flute.

- Harvard, 32.
F. Long blond straight hair, wearing glasses. Tense, banshee-quality, serious and sour. Receptionist at dentist clinic. Plays violin. Clothing prefs: sweaters, skirts.

- Rex, 29.
M. Short sleek tidy black hair, wearing glasses. Charming, quite, calm. A librarian. Clothing prefs: sweaters, khaki. Plays saxophone.

- Luther, 27.
M. Shoulder length black hair. Tanned, built, smiley and cheerful. Former jock and popular kid. A journalist for sport magazine, loves photography. Plays guitar and drum. Clothing prefs: T-shirts, jeans.

- Moss, 25.
F. Mostly looks like Harvard, only with no glasses. A kindergarten teacher. Less sour than her older sister. Plays oboe.

- Pinerose, 22.
F. Long blond hair, fair skin, pink lips, very pretty. Former cheerleader and popular kid. A university student, bubbly, actress-wannabe. Clothing prefs: anything pretty, short skirts and sundresses. Plays guitar and piano.

- Craish, 17.
M. Quarterback. Obnoxious and selfish. Clothing prefs: jersey, jeans, jackets. Plays guitar.

- Cameron, 16.
M. Red-haired, blue-eyed. Very sleek and tidy. Slim, tall, and gorgeous cause he's gay. Clothing prefs: jeans, shirts, sweaters. Plays cello.

- Rocca, 14.
M. Rousha's twin brother, black haired and green eyed. Very serious, bright-headed, condescending and high-tempered. Has girlfriend named Morgan who looks a lot like him only with shoulder-length hair. Plays violin.

- Rouscha, 14.
F. Rocca's twin sister, red haired and blue eyed. Calm, quite, and slightly shy. Likes to paint and to read, very smart. Clothing prefs: knee-length skirt, sweaters, vintage stuffs. Plays piano.

- Luca, 11.
F. Long blond hair, blue eyes. Silent, creepy, very talented witch. Plays harp and ocarina, likes to cast spells on random people. Sometimes rude. Very tsundere.

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