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Just entries of things that happen in my life.
Life Entry #20
I HATE not being able to find a job.
I have these visions of my perfect living situation in my head, but I just can't make them come true because I can't find a decent job.
Just..a small house or apartment that I will enjoy keeping clean with enough food in the house to feed a small army at all times..and not just one kind of food:
- Fruits
- Fresh Veggies
- Meats
- All KINDS of snacks(Chips, cookies, brownies, ect..)
- Frozen foods for days when I feel lazy..
- Bottled water(Or a nice filter on the sink)
- Plenty of juice and powerade/gatorade
- Mountain Dew(Specifically)

You know..nice counter tops, a decent washer and dryer unit, a big enough bathroom a big enough bedroom, cable and internet..But of course I wouldn't be living alone~
I just have all of these plans for how I want to live when I can move into my own place..
I'll probably have a house full of gamers(4 Max, so maybe not FULL), but of course I'm fine with that!
I just want to move into a stable environment with steady work so I'm not as stressed as I usually am!
Is it too hard to ask for a job that will help me achieve this..?
I already am facing the issue of moving where I can get the help..
We'll see what I can do..

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