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Lussuria's Roleplaying Journal
This journal consists of information you may need to know to RP with me.
.:: H o w . T o . R o l e . P l a y . W i t h . M e ::.

1. C h o o s e . A . C h a r a c t e r
Some aspects of characters are subject to change depending on which pairing is chosen.

Camille Blake

NickName: Cami

Age: 17

Parents: Kathrine and John Blake

Siblings: None

Hobbies: Shopping, Reading, Scrapbooking, and Photography.

Personality: Cami is an outgoing, caring, and generous person. She thrives on social contact and coffee. Although she is spoiled by her wealthy parents, she would be the first person to offer you the shirt off her back. One would be hard pressed to find someone who has a bad thing to say about Cami.

Scarlet Wilson

Nickname: Scar (but only to those close to her)

Age: 17

Parents: Marie Wilson and the late Daniel Wilson

Siblings: Bryleigh Wilson (little sister, age 11)

Hobbies: Reading, Writing, Cooking, and Swimming

Personality: Scarlet is very studious, and works hard at whatever she does. She takes school very seriously since her mother works 2 jobs to keep her and her sister in their prep school. She loves being around people, but having to care for Bryleigh makes her social life nearly nonexistent these days. People at her school would describe her as friendly, kind, and uptight, but her close friends know she is only 'uptight' because she has too much responsibility for her age

2. C h o o s e . A . P a i r i n g
All pairings and ideas are up for discussion. Feel free to add your own opinion or idea.


Probably my favorite of all the pairings. I love the forbidden romance to this pairing, so that means I am not interesting in a "I will do anything for a better grade" type of RP. There are many ways to make this RP work in a more romantic, realistic, and entertaining way, but the basic logistics to it is that something happens to the characters to make them see each other in a different light. This 'event' would differ depending on which RPC of mine you choose to RP with, and is something we could discuss together should you choose this pairing. After the 'event' both character would struggle with these new feelings towards each other, making things awkward between the two at school (and amusing as well). There will be a tipping point eventually where the line is crossed and a forbidden romance is born, thrusting them into a life of secrets and clandestine meetings.

Big Brother/Little Sister

Again, and this is something you will find in all of my pairings, I am not interested in a sudden "I want to ******** you" scenario. The common theme to all of my pairings are that there is a forbiddeness to them that makes the exciting and dangerous. This one borders more on the taboo of all of them, but it can still be romantic. If you are not up for that challenge, please do not choose this pairing. The basic idea, a brother and sister who have not seen each other in a while (maybe because he has been away at college) discover they are attracted to each other. Of course they will try to fight it, try to convince themselves it is wrong, but, alas, they can't seem to keep to themselves and a taboo line is crossed. The siblings struggle with their desires, and fear of being caught.

Grouphome Worker/Runaway

This one is not so much forbidden as it is frown upon. A runaway, my character, is currently being housed at a grouphome specifically for runaways. It is free, and none of them are forced to stay, however there are rules they must follow in order to stay. Rules such as chores and a curfew. the runaway is not fond of these rules and had a tendency to break them (especially curfew), she is on the brink of being banded when one of the workers steps up and defends her. The two have always gotten along, he is the only worker she actually likes, and listens to.


Well, this is pretty straight forward. There are so many ways this RP can start and go. I think if you are interested in doing this pairing, we will just need to discuss what we would both want in this RP. Just remember, I am interested in ROMANCE not forced or compelled. I also have a thing for the darker vampire (like Damon from Vampire Diaries, or Spike from Buffy.) Someone dangerous, and exciting.

Teacher/Student/Siblings Combo

Ah, the combo. I like the idea of combining any of my favorite pairings...as long as they make sense. The idea behind this one is that the teacher is new to the school the student attends, he is young, only 6 years older than her and has moved to her town in search of his long lost mother who left him and his father 17 years ago. The two have a instant connection to each other, and, although they try to fight it, cant deny the draw they feel to each other. They decide to risk everything to be together, only to discover that the mother he is searching for is also her mother.


This is one that is fairly new for me and I am very excited about it. Basically a teenage girl stumbles upon two men fighting, before she can react she is grabbed by one and feels a gun at her side. In an attempt to distract the other man, her captor shoots her and takes off, but not quick enough. She watches as he is taken down and dusted before her eyes. The other 'man' is let with a decision, leave her to die, or turn her.

3. P M . T o . R P

Please put Pairing and chosen Character in subject line of RP..
And send a short profile of your own character. Name (first and last), Age, brief bio, and any
other info that may be needed (such as subject you teach, how long you have been a vamp, etc).
I have starters in mind for most these pairings, so if you want them specify in the PM.

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