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Kind of under construction - Hair issues

You might wonder why my avatar is hanging around all naked all the time. Yeah well, as I stated, I'm going for a Twiggy look and it takes a lot of items, gold AND TIME. It's under construction, therefore I don't put that much effort in trying to get a proper outfit together with the items I already have. But hey, I bought a dress: Little Diner Green Dress is pretty good for my plans. It's a shame I can't afford Nightmare Game, the dress in there would be perfect!

Now I'm having some hair issues. Oh yes, gaia's hair collection is so annoying. It would be much better to have some kind of "hair dye"-section, so you don't have to pay the full prize when you keep the style, but change the colour. Also I HATE eyebrows, they make the avi look furious smilies/icon_gonk.gif
I wanted to buy some dreads, but they look like s**t.

So now there are three hair styles I would like to do, but I'm not entirely sure:
> Girl's Aero
> Girl's Rebellious
> Girl's Punk Streak
I'd go for black and the last one would be the most appropriate. But I really don't know, I need help!