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wingmanning and thirdwheeling at the same time?
So it started off as being the wingman, I'd technically go with them on their date, but i'd be a total stalker and follow them ten feet away. You know.. to be that bro.

Occasionally he'd "have to go use the restroom" when he really meets me up behind the corner and i'm giving him advice and s**t. I mean.. he really likes this girl, for the longest time too, and I really ship them...

...But when I'm wasting my precious time (as in the time that could be spent at home sleeping and what not) to go on someone else's date.. doesn't that make me the third wheel?

It's confusing though, because I really want them together, but I don't want to be there when they're together. Someone help.

I hope he doesn't get all butthurt when I tell him that I don't want to wingman for him anymore, and that he needs to seriously grow some balls and look up pickup lines on the beautiful-a** internet instead of geeky, single me.

There's one thing I enjoyed though.. so they we're on a date at the mall and it gave me the excuse to go window-shopping and I found the legit best beanie that I could never afford at Hollister. Like. Im. So. Blessed. Its. Almost. Christmas. And. My. Step. Mom. Actually. Gets. Me. Presents. That. I. Want.

Last time it was walking around Downtown and I got a lot of free samples from opening shops and cool flyers. Ahah. Don't mind if I do.

Lesson learned: Being a third wheel sucks but at least you get out of the house.

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