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Jon And Colton.
Jon cheated on me. Kinda. I walked into class and saw him playing footsie with another girl. So, I watched them for the rest of the period, and they continued to wrap around eachother like a snake trapping it's pray.
So, 4th period, he wrote me a cuttle little "I love you" message, but I typed back "I don't think we're working out."
And that was the end of it, Though, he'll probably have a new girlfriend in a week.
Our friends our on my side.
Now, I feel hurt. Broken.
This is why I didn't want to date after Colton.
Because all I do is wreck everything I touch.
J'aime Jon, beaucoup. Mais Jon m'a fait mal (émotionnellement). Et je ne sais pas si je peux continuer comme ça. Je vais essayer, je vais me battre. Parce que rien ne durent pas éternellement, y compris une relation.