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So Tell Me...
You said you were my friend,
To your will I would always bend
When you cried
Calling me beautiful
I cried
Wishing you could see it was really you
So tell me
Why did you leave me
So tell me
Why did it become this way for you
You lie there on the floor
Broken and scattered
So tell me
Why did you leave
Because of a better friend?
Because of a boy?
Because you only pitied me?
Just tell me why and I'll be fine
Of course you will never speak to me again
Because even though I was new
Even though I scratched myself
Even though I got in fights
Even though I had a new bruise everyday
You never noticed I was just as broken as you were
You didn't notice as you walked your separate way
I'm all right now
Someone saved me
... It just wasn't you...
I'm sorry
So just tell me