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Dear journal,
Random Story 1
The wind tugged at my hair, making my ponytail come loose as I ran across the streets. He's coming for me. The night was eerily silent as my shadow bobbed under the streetlights and extended itself along the brick buildings. He's coming for me. Soon, I came upon a dead end where the wire fence curled and planted itself in front me, cutting off the escape. Shoot! I thought, panicking almost immediately. There was nowhere else to run or hide. Suddenly, a tall shadow loomed over me as rough hands grabbed at my arms. I tried to scream but a gag was put in my mouth, cutting off my voice. I could hear the stranger's sinister laughter as my body was pushed against the fence and something cool and metallic was placed on my throat. A knife. Screaming wouldn't do anything so I laid there, helpless as the knife came closer, until...
Huh? My eyes blinked a few times, adjusting to my mom's tired yet angry face. Uh oh. I rolled over to look at my alarm clock, not sure what was going on. That was when I saw the dreaded time blinking in red lights.
"It's already 8:10, Cam!" my mom cried, exasperated. My mom was always coming home late and seemed cranky in the mornings. "I'm not driving you to school so you better hurry up!"
"Alright, alright," I groaned, getting up. I stretched my arms out, enjoying the sunlight streaming through my window until I remembered my dream last night. If anyone knew me well, they know that I always have dreams like that. See, I'm not exactly the normal type of person who would usually dream of becoming a millionaire or floating in Candy Land. Instead, dreams like murder and crime are always in my head during the nighttime. Maybe it's because of what happened to my dad five years ago. Whatever the case, I know I'm not a human. Sighing, I pulled on a plain t-shirt and jeans and went downstairs. My mom was sitting in the kitchen, packing my lunch into a brown bag.
"Look," she sighed, pushing her hair out of her face. Although my mom can be a bit scary sometimes, she always has a soft side whenever it comes to me or anyone else she cares about. "I'm sorry I yelled at you in bed but for once, I want you to have a good day in school." I look down, my hair concealing my face. I'm not exactly popular in my school. There's always people shoving me in the halls or stealing my bag just to tease me. I'm not sure why but maybe it's because my family's a bit low on money. With that being said, the kids at my school don't have that much respect for me. My mom continued on but as I usually do, I barged out the front door and took off running towards the bus stop. As I ran, I thought back to my dream. Who had that man been? Why was that chant 'He's coming for me' always in my dreams? I shook my head, trying to get it out. However, I knew that whoever the man was in my dream was real. I didn't know how I knew but I got the feeling that I was involved when my dad was murdered five years ago. [NOTE: A made up story I decided to make at the last second.]

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