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Maybe It Isn't the Truth
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History of Flynn 11-13
12/14/12 - Flynn's Plunder is introduced to replace Bid Blast and Flynn is allowed to return from space exile to run the only NPC-owned Marketplace store. "Bye Bye Bidblast, Hello Flynn's Plunder."

admin Wrote:

Our desire to trickle some legendary antiques back into the Gaia economy hasn't gone perfectly, but the quest continues. Soon, we'll be shutting down the BidBlast feature-- we loved the idea, but it just hasn't been as effective as we'd like at reintroducing classic items to the wild. Beginning Monday owners of BidBlast tickets will be eligible for refunds. Refunds will be available from the BidBlast page for a few weeks and then the feature will be gone for good.

Instead our beloved Cash Shop originator has come back from space exile to oversee a finely-tuned reissue of some classic items. To place your bids on Flynn's treasures, you can visit her Marketplace listings here:

08/07/13 In the CI Starlight Redemption it is revealed that Flynn the Space Pirate has picked up Mintaka & Rigel- the very people who cast her from Gaia years before as they try to escape from Gaia.

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08/22/13 Real Flynn's Booty

[NPC] Flynn Wrote:

Hey Gaians!

Have I got a deal for you: the chance to get up to 100,000,000 Gaia Gold for the measly price of 99 Gaia Cash! You win Gold every time! If that gets your magma bubbling, jump on down to the bottom to start getting rich. But if you want to hear the tale of how I came into this unusual proposition, read on...

I was in deep space dropping off some manly unmentionables for an old friend who runs a pleasure planet when I saw an asteroid all aglitter. "That's cool," I thought, figuring it was one of the celestial decorations visible from his hedonistic paradise. After all, no pleasure baron's domain is complete without a Star Chandelier(c) and my friend spares no expense when it comes to dazzling his guests with sensation. I swooped in for a closer look-- definitely not planning to steal expensive materials or harvest illegal lifeforms-- when I saw the unmistakeable sigil of Blu-Braid the pirate!

If you're not a historian of space piracy you might not have heard of Blu-Braid. Well, she was one of the greatest pirates of the first epoch of interplanetary travel. Originally a cadet in the imperial navy, Blu-Braid got sick of taking orders. While her crew was drunk she took something else-- their ship. She was never caught, but eventually reports of her signature blue braid dissipated and it was assumed she died, somewhere, unvanquished. And her treasure was never found.

Until now. This asteroid would have been nearly inaccessible in Blu-Braid's time-- the perfect hiding place for billions of Gaia Gold. The thing is, the gold is divided into thousands of treasure chests. I don't have the time to unlock each of them and my ship doesn't have space to haul them. So, for 99 GC I'll give you the coordinates and you can open one to win up to 100,000,000 Gold. It's the best deal you'll see this side of the Ratking Nebula. The thing is, that much loot is going to attract a lot of heat, so I'm only offering this fantastic deal from 8/22 to 8/26. After that I'm selling it to my pal and washing my hands. Hey, I'm a pirate, not a convenience store clerk. So take advantage of this crazy deal while you can!

08/24/13 Flynn's Booty: Get it While it's Hot!

[NPC] Flynn Wrote:

Hey Gaians!

Gaians have been scooping up my booty left and right but there's still plenty to go around! You can win between 50,000 and 100,000,000 Gaia Gold when you buy one of my treasure chests for only 99 GC.

If you've got more questions about this fantastic offer, check out the FAQ. Me, I'd rather be exploring the wreckage of old freighters filled with skeletons, but that's why I'm a space pirate!

My booty won't be around for long though, so get it while you can!

08/26/13 Flynn's Booty Last Chance

[NPC] Flynn Wrote:

Hey Gaians!

Today is the last chance to get your hands on my booty! I'm talking about my treasure chests containing up to 100,000,000 Gaia Gold, of course, and you can get them for only 99 GC. But hurry-- today is the last day they'll be on sale so don't delay!

If you want to learn more before you buy, read the FAQ. It's short, informative, and can cure most cases of oral burpies.

09/02/13 Flynn's Booty is re-released unannounced as part of the Labor Day Sale.

09/10/13 Flynn's Booty singles are re-released as part of a promotion to entice users to buy GCash. Users who had never before purchased GCash received a PM informing them that they would get twenty-five free Flynn's Booty singles is they purchased at least $5 of GCash.

09/16/13 Flynn's Booty promotion is extended to users who are not first time cash buyers.

09/26/13 Flynn's Chest is released for the first time in Club Verge. No announcement is made. The return of Flynn's Booty is announced: "Flynn's Booty is Back!"

[NPC] Flynn Wrote:

Hello, Gaians!

It is I, your favorite shop owner forcibly cast into space turned swashbuckling pirate! I’ve recently managed to locate a major cache of cash -- don’t ask me how, I’m not exactly at liberty to divulge my secrets. Captain’s discretion, you get the gist. However, I piled so much loot on to my ship that she’s running a little slower than usual, so I’m looking for some willing Gaians to take some of it off my hands. You want the chance to win between 50,000 and 100 million Gaia gold? Come pick up a Flynn’s Booty to see what you manage to score. This could be your chance to pick up some of those sparkly ‘03 recolors I’ve been hearing about, or maybe you wanna spend a little coin on that fancy Barton Grab Bag? As for me, I’m planning to plop down poolside somewhere and spend my share on some fancy drinks with lots of fruit and little paper umbrellas in ‘em.

But a space pirate can only stay on vacation for so long. So here’s the deal: I’m only gonna be planet-side from September 26th until September 30th, 11:59 PST. After that, I’m off to seek more adventure (and loot!) amongst the stars. So what are you waiting for? Come claim some of this precious booty!

09/29/13 Flynn's Booty Last Chance

[NPC] Flynn Wrote:
Hey Gaians!

Tomorrow is the last chance to get your hands on my booty! I'm talking about my treasure chests containing up to 100,000,000 Gaia Gold, of course, and you can get them for only 99 GC. But hurry-- at 11:59pm PST September 30th I'm flying out!

09/30/13 Flynn's Booty Last Hours

[NPC] Flynn Wrote:
Avast ye Gaians!

These are the final hours to get your hands on some premium booty! Tonight at 11:59pm PDT I'm shipping out! And I'm taking my 99 GCash chests of gold containing up to 100,000,000 gold with me!

10/04/13 Flynn's Booty is Back for 24 Hours!

[NPC] Flynn Wrote:
Hey Gaians! So, I ran into a bit of a problem while I was trying to leave the planet. Mostly, I might have forgotten to refuel my ship. Look, it could happen to any space pirate, all right? Either way I'm stuck here while I try to locate some unobtonitrinitium-based gas, which is kind of rare. I got a guy, but he says he can't get here for another twenty-four hours. Looks like I'm gonna have to extend my Gaia vacation for a bit, and so that means that you'll be able to pick up more Flynn's Booty before I make space tracks! They're only gonna be in La Victoire until October 5th, 11:00 AM PST though, so you gotta be sure to pick 'em up fast!

Oh, and don't tell anyone about my refueling incident, okay? It'd kind of hurt the "ruthless captain of a pirate spacecraft" image I've been trying to cultivate.

10/15/13 Flynn's Chest is available for the first time in La Victoire. "Flynn's Booty is back for 12 Hours!"

[NPC] Flynn Wrote:
Hey Gaians!

Flynn here and I'm back with more space booty! I'll only be in port for about 12 hours to unload, then I'm off under the cover of darkness. Get my booty while it lasts, because at 11:59 PDT I'm shipping out! You can win between 50,000 and 100,000,000 Gaia Gold for only 99 GC.And, for the first time ever in La Victoire, get your hands on my chests of gold, where the payout is twice as nice!

10/22/13 Flynn's Booty and Chest are back!

[NPC] Flynn Wrote:
Psst! Hey, Gaians! I gotta keep my voice down, on account of the fact that I'm only on the planet to hide out for a bit. Turns out the Intergalactic Mobile Brotherhood of Unified Total Safety, or the IMBUTS, is in orbit around Gaia! And look, nothing against the IMBUTS and the heroic work they do, but they're not terribly fond of pirates. Especially ones loaded down with tons of ill-gotten treasure, if you know what I mean. So I'm looking to get rid of some of this loot quick! I'll be selling Flynn's Booty, Flynn's Chest, and bundles of each item until midday tomorrow!

All you gotta do is open one to have a chance for up to 100 million gold, or up to 250 million gold if you purchase Flynn's Chest! You can find the caches of sweet, precious gold in La Victoire. But if any weird IMBUTS space aliens come sniffing after it, don't tell them you got it from me!

10/26/13 Flynn's Booty and Chest are back!

[NPC] Flynn Wrote:
Ahoy, mateys! Cap'n Flynn here, busy practicing my space pirate speak in order to up my authenticity. Yarr! Hoist the mizzenmast! Raise the colors! Uh... walk the plank? Dangit. None of these are super applicable to space pirating, I'm afraid. But most of the stuff in the "SPACE PIRACY FOR IDIOTS" book is written in Flizzenflazzle and I'm not super fluent in that yet! Plus I don't have the correct number of tongues to be able to pronounce all the superfluous vowels and consonants and -- well, let me put it this way: this space piracy gig ain't easy! So I'm gonna take a bit of a vacation and hang out on Gaia for a bit, reveling in the fact that people don't make fun of me for not having the appropriate amount of tentacles here on this nice, normal planet. I did manage to score a little extra coin on my latest excursion, however, and if you're willing to grease my palms a bit I could give you a cut! So I'm putting Flynn's Booty, Flynn's Chest, and bundles of each up for grabs in La Victoire! It's only gonna be there until October 27th, 3:00 PM PST though, 'cause after that I gotta ship out. I heard rumors that the IMBUTS might be stopping by to do some inspections later and I wanna make sure I skedaddle before they arrive.

If you need me I'll be here, sipping a fizzy drink with a little straw in it, practicing my Flizzenflazzle. Hhgnflfgjhalfan! Darn. The accent still isn't right. That was Flizzenflazzle for "see you later!" At least I think it was.

11/03/13 Flynn's Booty and Chest are back!

[NPC] Flynn Wrote:

Ahoy, Gaians! Flynn here, space pirate extraordinaire and former Gaian exile! Y'know, being out and about in the cold vacuum of space is kind of strange sometimes. You just sort of float about, shaking down merchant spaceships for their goods and gold, and sometimes it just starts to feel... aimless. The adrenaline kick of successfully commandeering a trade vessel from the Glorfabt Flotilla loses some of its edge after you've done it, like, fifteen times in a row. Come on, guys! You know I'm always gonna be at the edge of that asteroid field, ready to kick your gelatinous butts and steal all your treasure! LEARN SOMETHING. But they never do, and it kind of gives me a mini-existential crisis, Gaians. Maybe I'm losing my love of pirating? I don't know. I guess I just have a lot to think about.

But if there is one thing I haven't lost my passion for, it's profit! So I'm gonna be planetside for a bit while I sift through all these complex emotions, sellin' my booty for all that it's worth. That means Flynn's Booty, Flynn's Chest, and bundles of each are going to be available in La Victoire until 11:59 PM PST tonight! Each Booty has the chance to contain up to 100 million gold, and my Chest contains up to 250 million gold! That's a lot of loot. Maybe seeing the fruits of my piracy ripen will inspire me to get my head back in the game! So stop by La Victoire, guys. I'll be over here, thinking deep thoughts.

11/10/13 Flynn's Booty is Back!

[NPC] Flynn Wrote:
Avast, ye scurvy dogs! 'Tis I, Flynn the Ferocious, here to plunder yer spacebucks and steal anything not nailed down! Aw, heck -- I'll steal the nails too! Arr! Yohoho and a bottle of -

Whoa. Wait. How long have you guys been standing there? ... The entire time? Oh. Um. Well, this is kind of embarrassing. I didn't realize anyone was standing behind me while I was practicing my pirate talk. The fake beard and eyepatch? I knew you were going to ask about those. Look, they're necessary for getting into character. I may be a fearsome pirate on the outside, but inside I'm just a good little Gaian gal! Space piracy is all about the bluster, and if you can't put on a show then you're not gonna scare anyone. Plus, I think the beard looks kind of fetching. Don't you think so?

All right, look. I'd really appreciate it if you didn't tell anyone about this, okay? I've got an image to uphold here, and if anyone knew about my soft, gooey center, I'd be history! The other space pirates don't take kindly to anyone they perceive as "weak", if you catch my drift. If I put some of my booty up in La Victoire, will you keep this to yourself? It's a deal! Flynn's Booty, Flynn's Chest, and bundles of each are going to be in La Victoire for the next twenty-four hours before I ship off to practice my pirating somewhere a little more... private. Each Booty has the chance of containing up to 100 million gold, and each Chest up to 250 million! That's gotta be more than enough to buy your silence, right? Thanks in advance!

11/17/13 Flynn's Booty and Chest go on sale at 10% off for six hours with no announcement made.

11/22/13 Flynn's Booty and Chest go on sale at 10% off for three hours with no announcement made.

11/24/13 Flynn's Booty - 6hr Sale

[NPC] Flynn Wrote:
Avast ye, Gaians! Flynn here again, to share with you the sweet spoils of intergalactic piracy! Flynn's Booty, Flynn's Chest, and bundles of each are going to be in La Victoire from 2pm - 8pm PST before I ship off again. Each Booty has the chance of containing up to 100 million gold, and each Chest up to 250 million! So get your gold while the gettin's good!

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