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Maybe It Isn't the Truth
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History of Flynn 10
01/04/10 Cash Shop Cleanup!

[NPC] Flynn Wrote:

My shelves have been getting a little cluttered lately, so I've decided to start the new year right by rotating some old items out of stock and replacing them with cool new stuff. Don't worry, I'll let you know what's leaving in advance, so you'll have one last chance to pick up any older items you missed out on.

On Wednesday the 6th, I'll be cleaning some items out of the Mood and Happy Birthday departments. I'll put up the full list at the end, but here's a quick picture just to jog your memory:

To grab one of these items before it's gone, head to the Cash Shop-- and stay tuned for more items coming and going!

Get Them While They Last!

Need some Gaia Cash? Stock up online or grab a Cash card from your local Target, Wal-Mart or 711. Outside the US? Get instant Cash through your mobile phone!

Here's the full list:

Happy Birthday
January Birthstone Crown
February Birthstone Crown
March Birthstone Crown
April Birthstone Crown
May Birthstone Crown
June Birthstone Crown
July Birthstone Crown
August Birthstone Crown
September Birthstone Crown
October Birthstone Crown
November Birthstone Crown
December Birthstone Crown
Birthday Cupcake
Birthday Crown

Brilliant Mood Bubble
Lucky Mood Bubble
Screw Mood Bubble
Music Note Mood Bubble
Sweatdrop Mood Bubble
Angry Vein Mood Bubble
Golden Star Mood Bubble
Loving Heart Mood Bubble
Deadly Mood Bubble
Broken Heart Mood Bubble
... Mood Bubble
Frustrated Mood Bubble

01/06/10 Cash Shop Update: New Birthday Goodies

[NPC] Flynn Wrote:
Hiya, gang! As promised, there are some new items in stock to replace the older ones I cleaned out. This time I've got a host of new birthday treats, including colorful gift boxes, festive balloons, and the limited-edition January Birthstone Cape, available this month only.

You can grab any of these items for yourself or for a friend in the Cash Shop. As the names imply, they make for good birthday presents. Hint, hint.

01/13/10 Cash Shop Update: Death Roach, Spirit Pyre & zOMG! Bundle

[NPC] Flynn Wrote:

Hey, everyone! Just wanted to let you know I'm purveying some creepy new items in the Cash Shop. Take a look!

The Death Roach is a nasty critter for sure, but thankfully its exoskeleton can also be fashioned into some pretty reliable armor. Just handle with care, okay? These things will lay eggs inside your head.

Spirit Pyre is a veritable buffet of skeletal goodness: check out bony bracelets, anklets, skirts, a skull necklace and more. Also includes a particularly ornery lookin' flaming skull, and a fiery hairdo to match.

The zOMG! Double Trouble Bundle includes both of the above items, plus two bonus goodies: the Death Roach Aquarium Mini-Monster and the exclusive Tiny Terror Aquarium Mini-Monster.

You can snag all of these great items right now in the Cash Shop. Please hurry-- those Death Roaches are kind of stinky.

01/18/10 Snow Apple: leaving the Cash Shop on 1/21!

[NPC] Flynn Wrote:

If you're still hoping to jump into the fairytale world of the Snow Apple, you'd better hurry! It'll be leaving the Cash Shop on Thursday, January 21, so grab one while you can.

Every Snow Apple contains a wonderful item, including Cash Shop favorites and brand new exclusives. You can pick one up, or save some Cash by grabbing a bundle.

01/18/10 Cash Shop Cleanup: Holiday Items Leaving

[NPC] Flynn Wrote:

The Cash Shop Cleanup continues! This week, we're gonna be rotating out a bunch of stuff from the Holiday category. If you still want to pick up one of these great items, you've still got some time-- we'll be removing them on Wednesday, January 20th.

To grab one of these items, head to the Cash Shop-- and stay tuned for more items coming and going! See below for the full list of items we're removing.

01/20/10 Cash Shop Update: Gifts for your friends!

[NPC] Flynn Wrote:

The Cash Shop refresh is continuing today with some sweet new stuff! First off, a selection of gifts for important occasions: there's a cute Congratulations banner to celebrate your buddies' finest achievements, plus a Thank You Gift with some flowers and bon-bons. If you've got a friend feeling under the weather, you can cheer them up with a Get Well Soon teddy bear, too!

If your friends like gifts that are a little more... practical, we're also adding some badass combat gear: check out the Foot Soldier's Blade and Foot Soldier's Shield!

We've got a really neat gift-giving system built right into the Cash Shop-- courtesy of my brawny friend, Lance-- so it's easy to send presents to your deserving pals.

02/01/10 Cash Shop Cleanup: Romance Items Leaving

[NPC] Flynn Wrote:

Hiya, Gang! Since the Cash Shop is overflowin' with goodies, I've been cleaning out a lot of the older items to make room for new stuff. This week we bid a fond farewell to a large selection of romance-themed items.

These lovely items will be departing on Thursday, February 4th. If you'd like to grab one or more, you still have a few days left. Check below for the full list of items we're removing.

02/03/10 Cash Shop Update: Get ready for romance!

[NPC] Flynn Wrote:

Hi, guys! I'm still hard at work on rotating and refreshing the Cash Shop stock, and today I'm back with some sweet new items-- this time, I'm introducing some fancy new formalwear to the "Romance" section, so all you lovebirds take note!

If you're ready to take the plunge, the Winter Bride and Winter Groom items will make your big day as fashionable as it is memorable. There are also some lovely bouquets and recolored Heartstrings-- I know it's tempting, but don't rush into any big decisions just because you want these items so badly!

Stop by and browse! I'm always happy to see you.

02/08/10 Cash Shop Update: Valentine's Day gifts!

[NPC] Flynn Wrote:

Valentine's Day is right around the corner, so it's time to start thinking about gifts for that special somebody! It's always good to start things off with a cute present, and Chanho the Tiger Plushie is about the cutest thing I've seen in ages! It's not just an adorable plushie-- it comes with a great selection of extra poses, too, like fuzzy ears and a tiger tail.

When you're ready to set a more romantic mood, you can do no better than the Heavenly Unmentionables, a seductive set of sexy underthings for both men and women. If all this romance has put you in a darker mood, the Thief of Hearts is a grisly, literal take on the heart-stealing concept.

You can also grab a bundle with all the items mentioned above, plus an exclusive bonus item: a pair of cute little Golden Wings that can be worn on your head, arms or ankles.

Ready for romance? Just stop by the Cash Shop to pick up these great accessories.

02/12/10 The Love Charm is leaving the Cash Shop soon!

[NPC] Flynn Wrote:

Just a heads-up, guys: the Love Charm has been flying off the shelves! You've still got time to grab a hot Valentine's Day date, but don't wait too long-- at this rate, we'll be fresh out of them by Wednesday, the 17th!

Each Love Charm will get you a romantic interlude with an eligible single, and that's not all-- whether your date goes well or ends in a slap, you'll walk away with an incredible item. It could be a valuable trinket, a Cash Shop favorite or one of these incredible, brand-new exclusives:

Don't miss out! You can grab one today, or save some Cash with a bundle of nine.

02/24/10 Cash Shop Update: Creepy Gothic Fairytale Stuff!

[NPC] Flynn Wrote:

Hi, guys! Just dropping in with a quick Cash Shop update. I just got a great new shipment of items, this time with kind of a dark fairytale theme: a gothic costume, a cool plushie and even a rather menacing wolf. You can grab the items separately, or pick up the Dark Tale Bundle to get them all-- plus a great bonus item!

Crimson Promise - A set of fashionably gothic garments in red and black plaid, including a top, a skirt, boots and legwarmers.

Ponzu the Panda - A cute little panda plushie with a slightly creepy twist.

Freki the Red Wolf - This menacing red wolf seems tame enough to ride, but you never know when he'll decide take a quick break to messily devour you.

Scarlet Mist - Available only in the Dark Tale bundle, this combo item holds a wicked hairstyle, red-shaded eyes and black lipstick.

Like what you see? You can get all these great items (and many more) in the Cash Shop.

03/04/10 Cash Shop Update: New St. Paddy's Day Items

[NPC] Flynn Wrote:

Hiya, everyone! With St. Patrick's Day right around the corner, I wanted to spruce up my shop with some festive new fashions and accessories inspired by Irish folklore.

Odanodan offers a classic green ensemble, including a coat, trousers, cuffed boots, a big ol' hat, red hair, and a gnarly walking staff.

Rainbow Jubilee boasts a nice suite of colorful goodies: fairy wings, high-top sneakers, striped dress, hair, and a fluffy cloud and rainbow.

The Golden Chuuchilla is an adorable little critter with golden fur eager to climb all over you.

The Green Heartstring is a versatile string to tie to your hair, arms, or legs. Perfect for when you need to add just a little green to your look.

The Gairish Bundle contains all of the above, plus the exclusive Lucky Horseshoe-- a collection that contains a hat, hair clip, brooch, and belt clip.

If you'd like to grab any of these items, come see me in the Cash Shop!

03/08/10 Cash Shop Update: Imaginary Friend

[NPC] Flynn Wrote:

Big news! We've got a great new evolving item hitting the shop today. Despite being in its earliest stage, it's already looking quite intriguing... we've all had an Imaginary Friend sometime in our lives, but this one somehow seems a little more real than most. I came across this cryptic poem that may shed light on the whimsical little fellow's future:

O strange little sprite that no one else can see
Who knows a full spectrum of friends
Introduce them each, one by one to me
Till we come to where the rainbow ends.

Oh! And I should also let you guys know that a few of our favorite EIs are on their way out: Lyndexer's Journal, Classilke and The Nightmare will all be leaving on March 12th, so get one while you still can!

You can grab a first-generation Imaginary Friend now in the Cash Shop! Don't miss your chance-- first-gen evolving items get all the newest updates first!

03/10/10 Cash Shop Update: Gambino's Treasures

[NPC] Flynn Wrote:

Hello, everyone! Today's Cash Shop update is in honor of a great man: Johnny K. Gambino. Sadly, Johnny's life was cut short by a cruel assassin. Before his death, one of his wishes was to be immortalized in statue, and he willed a good portion of his valuables to help fund it. For a limited time only, you can grab these Gambino family treasures:

Gambino's Golden Treasures
Straight from Gambino's personal vault comes this collection of regal accessories, including a red and gold crown, earrings, brooch, necklace, jeweled belt, and a toupee of Gambino's iconic hair.

Gambino's Platinum Treasures
Just in case gold isn't your color, this collection contains platinum-colored versions of all the above items, plus a snazzy cape. It even includes a silvery version of Gambino's toupee. He was really worried about hair loss, wasn't he?

You can purchase either or both of these amazing treasures right now in the Cash Shop! Act fast-- they won't be here for long.

03/12/10 Poseidon's Legacy is leaving the Cash Shop soon!

[NPC] Flynn Wrote:

Hi guys! Just wanted to throw out a quick reminder that Poseidon's Legacy won't be around much longer! It's been our hottest item this month, so they've been flying off the shelves like crazy-- if you want to pick one up before we run out, you'll have to grab it before Thursday the 19th.

Each Poseidon's Legacy reveals an amazing treasure from the deep, including Cash Shop favorites, pricey items from the past and great new exclusives like these:

Ready for one last shot at an adorable Cathulu or a creepy Man2O? Head to the Cash Shop and pick up a Poseidon's Legacy, or save some Cash with a bundle of nine.

Fulfill Poseidon's Legacy

P.S. -- Quick note! We've never really had an official name for items like Poseidon's Legacy, Snow Apple, Love Charm and the like-- unofficially, they'd been called RIGs (Random Item Generators), but that sounded a little mechanical. From now on, you might see us refer to them as Chance Items or CIs, since each one lets you take a chance at something amazing. Sounds a little friendlier, right?

03/17/10 Cash Shop Update: Last Chance for Gambino Treasures

[NPC] Flynn Wrote:

It's been a dramatic couple weeks here on Gaia, as we're all still mourning the passing of Johnny K. Gambino. As he requested in his will, we're offering some great items from his personal vault: Gambino's Golden Treasures and Gambino's Platinum Treasures. These items have been flying off the shelves, and it looks like I'll run out on Friday. If you wanna grab either or both of these commemorative goodies, you better hurry!

The sales of these treasures helped fund the construction of the Johnny K. Gambino Memorial Statue, which now stands in tribute to Gaia's greatest citizen. Be sure to pay your respects!

03/30/10 Cash Shop Update: Springtime Birdies!

[NPC] Flynn Wrote:

Hi, guys! Just wanted to pop in with some quick news: I've got a new set of springtime items hitting the Cash Shop shelves today with a super-sweet bird theme. I just know you're going to adore them. Take a peek:

Wolfgang Duck - An unbearably cute little ducky... Peyo's going to go nuts when he sees this!

Loyal Jay - A selection of noble, feathered uniform pieces in the gorgeous blue hues of the jay.

Lilac Finch - A lilac-colored batch of delicately gorgeous garments.

You can also pick up the Cheep Bundle, which contains all of the above plus the exclusive Bunny Flop item!

If you like these items as much as I do, you should act fast-- they'll only be in the shop until Tuesday, April 13th, so you'd better get them while you can!

04/02/10 Cash Shop Update: A New Arrival, Plus Some Departures

[NPC] Flynn Wrote:

Hiya! Just wanted to stop by with a super-quick Cash Shop Update. There's a brand-new item available today: the very green Stitches the Grick. Like all trusty companions, this adorable little friend can double as a tasty snack.

Get Stitches the Grick

Need some Gaia Cash? Stock up online or grab a Cash Card from your local Target, Wal-Mart or 7-11. Outside the U.S.? Get instant Cash via PayPal!

We've also got quite a few items leaving the shop. Look for this one to depart on April 6th:

EI bundle #3, which includes Inari's Beads, Gimpi, Nartian Rock, Gro-Gain and the new Kottan Bell Reunion item.

And this week's bird-themed bonanza of items will be flying away on April 13th. Catch 'em while you can!

Wolfgang Duck
Loyal Jay
Lilac Finch
Cheep Bundle, which includes all of the above plus the exclusive Bunny Flop.

04/08/10 Cash Shop Update: Spring Wedding Attire & Lala the Koala

[NPC] Flynn Wrote:

Hiya, gang! Just stopping by to let you know about some new goodies available in the Cash Shop. We've got two great wedding options and an extremely huggable new plushie.

The lovely flowing Spring Bride dress is perfect for outdoor weddings, while the Spring Groom suit provides a modern, manly counterpart.

Lala the Koala Plushie pays tribute to the noble koala bear, which is just now returning from deep hibernation to resume its voracious consumption of eucalyptus.

On a related note, the Winter Bride and Winter Groom items will be leaving the Cash Shop next week on the 15th. If you'd like to pick up any or all of these great items for yourself or a friend, just come see me.

04/26/10 Cash Shop Update: Hermes' Moon Returns for One Week Only!

[NPC] Flynn Wrote:

Hiya, gang! We've got a great treat for you: one of the most popular EIs ever, Hermes' Moon, is returning to the Cash Shop for one week only!

Hermes' Moon: Aspiration boasts a new generation of the classic EI with all its poses unlocked and ready to wear. If you're super lucky, you might get the ultra-rare Mercury Moon instead, which features silver-colored versions of all the Hermes' Moon poses.

If you wanna grab one of the greatest EIs of all time, act fast! Hermes' Moon: Aspiration leaves the Cash Shop on the 3rd of May!

Get Hermes' Moon: Aspiration
Need some Gaia Cash? Stock up online or grab a Cash Card from your local Target, Wal-Mart or 7-11. Outside the U.S.? Get instant Cash via PayPal!

Note: Hermes' Moon: Aspiration appears in the "special" section of your inventory. Crack it open to claim your item!

04/28/10 Cash Shop Update: New Dramatic Theatre Troupe Items!

[NPC] Flynn Wrote:

Hiya gang! As a nice companion to the Perfect Tragedy chance item, we're packin' even more theatrical goodness into the Cash Shop. Check out these brand-new items sure to please any aspiring thespians.

William the Playwright - Everything you need to look like a playwright: a fancy shirt, a dramatic coat, puffy pants, golden tights, boots and a snazzy quill pen.

Duchess Delacour - Steal the show with this great collection that includes a fluffy ruff, embroidered corset, layered skirt, cascading sleeves, delicate headpiece and pearl-embedded wig. There's even some perfume for freshening up.

William's Stage Rapier - A swift rapier perfectly crafted for simulated stage combat.

Butterfly's Stage Rapier - A sharp silver rapier good for pretend battles to the death and casual stabbings.

Captain's Stage Rapier - A dark sword ideal for roguish antagonists and ne'er-do-wells in general.

Dramatic Troupe Bundle - A bundle boasting all of the above items, plus the exclusive theatre-lovin' dog Puggleston.

All of these goodies will be available in the Cash Shop until May 12th, so get 'em while you can! Don't forget, you can still grab Perfect Tragedy if you're hankerin' for even more theatre attire.

05/10/10 The Perfect Tragedy is closing soon!

[NPC] Flynn Wrote:

If you want a shot at theatrical fame, the window is closing fast: on Friday, May 14th, the Perfect Tragedy will be leaving the Cash Shop!

Now's your last chance to guide playwright William through the trials of dramaturgy-- if you help him craft his masterpiece, you'll walk away with an incredible item. It could be a Cash Shop favorite, a valuable item or one of these new exclusives:

Don't miss out-- grab a Perfect Tragedy today, or save some Cash with a bundle!

05/12/10 Cash & Gold Shop Update: New Food & Service Items

[NPC] Flynn Wrote:

Big news, guys: I've got TWO fantastic updates today! There's one in the Cash Shop, featuring some great food-themed items (you saw a preview of one of them in yesterday's Fashion Insider), and a whole bunch of new stuff in the Gold Shops, too!

First up, let's see what's new in the Cash Shop:

Sushi Master: Everything you need to look like a master sushi chef, including a set of real sharp knives. The perfect wardrobe for handling lots of raw meat.

Cupcake Confection: An adorably sweet strawberry and chocolate ensemble complete with a dress, hat, bloomers, boots, apron and a tasty cupcake.

Banquet Bundle: Get all of the above items plus the exclusive Fruitkerchief, which comes with four great flavors.

Visit the Cash Shop

Need some Gaia Cash? Stock up online or grab a Cash Card from your local Target, Wal-Mart or 7-11. Outside the U.S.? Get instant Cash via PayPal!

But wait, there's more! (I've always wanted to say that). The Gold Shops are also getting some great new stuff, too:

You can stop by Durem Depot and H&R Wesley to pick up the new Maid and Butler sets, featuring some timeless, high-class outfits that'll make you feel like a servant to the stars. There are also some cute new food trays covered with delicious-looking cake and beverages available from Barton Boutique and the Barton Flowershoppe.

05/24/10 Cash Shop: Some delicious items leaving soon!

[NPC] Flynn Wrote:

Just a quick reminder, ladies and gentlemen: those delicious Cash Shop items from a couple of weeks ago will be leaving the shop soon! On Wednesday, May 26th, all this cool stuff will be outta here:

Act fast-- this is your last chance to grab the Sushi Master, Cupcake Confection, Bento Bunny, Gourmet Bundle and Banquet Bundle!

05/26/10 - Flynn takes a "permanent vacation" from the cash shop as part of the conclusion to the Sparkling Stars Manga arc.

[NPC] Mintaka & Rigel Wrote:
Hello, Gaialings! Flynn is off taking a permanent vacation, so Rigel and I are here to make the Cash Shop shine and sparkle like never before.

11/04/10 - Flynn reveals she was exiled to space and has discovered her true love: space piracy.

[NPC] Flynn Wrote:

Hiya, Gaians!

Hope you don't mind me hijacking this signal to deliver a message. It's been a while since we last talked-- there was that whole getting exiled to outer space thing. Turns out getting exiled was great, because it helped me discover my true love: space piracy. Way less paperwork, and much better uniforms.

Anyhoo, my crew is short a navigator, so if you've got some time to spare and want to go on a dangerous space adventure, climb aboard the Neon Core. There are a few choice star systems we're lookin' to hit. You guide us through, and we'll give you your fair share of the loot. Even if you screw up, you'll still walk away with some great booty. We're space pirates, not jerks.

If my intel is correct, we're looking at some amazing plunder: Cash Shop goodies, valuable rarities and these dazzling new exclusives:

Want your shot at these riches? Join me on the Neon Core, or save some money and get nine trips by buying a bundle.

12/02/10 Neon Core is Shipping Out

[NPC] Flynn Wrote:

Hiya, landlubbers-- looks like I gotta get out of here!

I've just received a tip about an unescorted cargo freighter a few lightyears away from here. If I hurry, I can catch them just in time to jack a shipment of fashion diapers. Do you know what those things are going for in the Boruff quadrant?! I gotta cash in!

I'll be shipping out Monday, December 6, so if you want to take another ride with me, now's the time-- there's always cool stuff to find in the depths of uncharted space, but I won't be around to take you much longer.

Hop in my ship and let's roll! Living the pirate life we'll be sure to find a Cash Shop favorite, valuable rarity, or one of these stellar exclusives-- and have an awesome adventure!

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