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Just another journal..
It is a... journal of a wolf..
My story so far, quite a bit
I do apologize for any inconvenience that this novel may have caused, or will cause. The order in which I Have placed these writings is in the order I thought would would be best to build up to the main plot, Although I did intend this to Inform people of the hardship we have suffered, I realize that no one would believe that this is all indeed true.

The format, in which each of these writings is in, varies due to the multiple authors. Each one tells their stories in their way. I wanted all 6 to tell their story, but not everyone agreed to this. As an AI, I am not the qualified to tell stories, although I do learn more and more each day, about what I am able to change and process.
I hope that I have arranged this story in an interesting and suspenseful way, please try to enjoy these ventures as you will, I didn’t have enough time in this break to compile all of these writings, so I do apologize for the ending.

Part one; The Sixth

I open my eyes and see nothing but whiteness. The brightness of the walls is so overwhelming that my eyes aren’t able to focus; it is as if all the walls are made of white light. I turn my head to the right and I can see the silhouette of a man. As he comes closer, I can make out his appearance. He is dressed in all white, wearing a white mask over his mouth, and his hair is covered by what looks like a shower cap. I try to move but I can’t; yet I’m not scared like I normally would be. He reaches for me with his gloved hand, which seems to be dripping with blood. Just before the hand reaches me I open my eyes.

My room is dark, but not too dark because of the moonlight coming in through the window next to the bed. My room seems so empty. Across from my room is my dresser, and next to that is my closet. [There are clothes folded out on my dresser for me to wear today. The clock on the nightstand says 4:21 am in bright blue. I don’t have school anymore even though I’m 16. I graduated early so I have no need to get up. No college will take me since my grades were poor, the teachers didn’t even want me to skip but I tested off the charts apparently. Laziness isn’t liked by colleges apparently. Due to the fact that I don’t like dealing with my parents that seem to not care for anyone other than themselves and my older brother, and that as soon as I come down I’ll be lectured by them for not helping with anything around the house, I just waste my life in my room with my computer that I write short stories on and sell to a magazine for a 20$ or so. I am working on a novel, but I can’t get anywhere with it. The end of the world is so over done it’s hard to make anything without being accused of copying another’s ideas. I don’t interact with others much, so I only have two friends, but I have a couple more I talk to online. My friends are all older than me; other than Megan, who I feel is the only one my age that is able to match my brain. Megan and I are very different people in how we act, but we get along so well somehow. I’m the quiet one, while she is the one talking and making friends. She talks almost as much as Kevin, who is 3 years older than us. He is smart, but he can never get enough attention. If I had to relate him to a character, he’d be like Naruto, minus the ability to change people. I have a picture of us three together at the park, back when we used to hang out a lot, when we were friends with Sam. I look back at the clock. It’s now 5:03 am. I need to stop getting stuck in my memories whenever I look at that photo.

I walk downstairs, hoping that no one else is awake. I sneak into the kitchen and get some orange juice. I quickly gulp it down, and slowly place it in the sink making sure that it isn’t too loud when it hits the sink. I hear a creak on the floor, along with a thump that comes from the downstairs bedroom. I quickly and silently run back upstairs.

As soon as I get back in my room I lock my door and pull out my laptop from under my bed. Most laptops can’t run a vrmmorpg (virtual reality massive multiplayer online role playing game) due to the lack of the massive graphics card needed, but my laptop was upgraded with spare parts and components from a desktop by none others then yours truly. Realistically, this computer shouldn’t be able to run due to the lack of sync from the spare parts taken from half a dozen different computers of different types, but I found a way to make them all fit and pack them down in to this semi regular sized laptop, which overheats quickly if I don’t hold it properly. After I put it on, I lay down on my bed and close my eyes.

“Boot up” I say, then open my eyes to a white room. There is floating menu with a list of options. Select game, help, log off, update. Basic menu. I know that swiping my hand brings up the in game menu like a hologram, and that’s really all I need to know, I like finding out things through experience rather than tutorials. I swipe over to Dark Skies online, and click start. There is a sudden flash, and suddenly around me everything is a forest, not a dense one, just scattered trees. The detail in the graphics are amazing, and my eyesight is much better then in real life, where my eyesight is nowhere close to 20/20. Another menu comes up for character selection. It gives me options for everything but the clothes. I make my character as close to me as I can, for an anime based game. Short black hair, almost pale white skin, and a scrawny body. As I look at myself, I decide to change it a bit. I make myself a little taller, put a little more muscle mass on myself, and make my skin look a little darker. This is probably how I’d look if I went outside more, instead of staying in my room all day. I press confirm. Then it gives me the option for the newbie clothes. Either a pair of pants, shorts or skirt. Why does it give guys an option for a skirt? The colors are anything, so I chose black pants. The shirts are just blank T-shirts, sweaters, hoodies, no shirt, or a dress. I guess this game supports crossdressing. I chose a black hoodie with a white T-Shirt. Then I press confirm. The menu shows my character fully clothed, and asks if this is what I wish my character to be. I tap yes, then everything fades to black.

“Hey, what are you doing staring out the window like that?” I turn my head towards the voice and realize I’m in a school room, much like the schools in an anime. I’m sitting in the generic 2ed seat from the back next to the window that all protagonists in almost every anime sit in. “You okay? asks the voice. I realize that there is a girl leaning towards me, her face oddly close to mine and tilted sideways, like a dog studying you. I jump backwards and almost out of my seat. “Wha-!? Who are you?” I ask, trying my best to show emotion that I really wasn’t feeling. “Oh, I’m nobody, Just the person that sits next to you in all your classes!” she says then stands up straight. “You know class is over, everyone is already gone.” I look around and she is right, the room is empty. “Then I should be going to then.” I say and get up, and start to walk out the room without looking back at her. I look at myself and only just realize that I’m in a school uniform. When I reach the door, I hear her run up to me. “So you are just going to walk out without a thank you?” she says. She is shorter than me, seems about 5’8. “Thanks, but I really must be going now, so bye.” I say, turning my back to her I want to figure out what is going on with this game. “Alright then, be that way” she says, and walks off. Not knowing where to go, I end up following her.

Luckily, it was a good choice, because she led me to the school entrance. I walked out, then walked to the school gates and just stood there with my bag. Where did I get this school bag from? I don’t remember picking it up. I swipe for the menu but nothing happens. I look around. It looks like a small town, with about 2 story buildings everywhere. Perhaps I should have talked to the girl more to find out what to do. This is probably an introduction, and I need to trigger something to go start the actual game. I decide to walk right. I don’t know if it real or not, because I have never been to Japan. Somehow, I can read all the signs even though I don’t know Japanese. Was the girl talking in Japanese and I didn’t realize it? Perhaps this game has an auto translator since so many people from other countries play it. I keep walking, and I see a young girl. I don’t know why she sticks out from other people walking around, but then I notice she has a sword. I decide to walk up to her.

“Are you sure you wish to start this game?” she asks while looking at me. “Yes” I reply. Then Everything goes black and I can see nothing. “You do know that this is not only a game. This will make you question your sanity, your whole world will be changed, and there is no going back. Only those able to withstand it are able to go through with the true journey, and save everyone.”

“I’m sorry, I don’t understand. This is just a game, isn’t it?”

“THIS, what you see now, is just a game. You were able to come to me, to start something else before the game started. You would be the 6th. You may go the other way and start the game, or you may start what this game was made for.”

“Honestly, I am extremely confused and I don’t know who you are but, I have nothing going for me so I will accept.”

“Your appearance will change. Your look will change to match what you are inside. Your true self, for your life is not really your own.”

“I accept.”

“You may take off your helmet now, and enter reality for the first time”



My eyes open and I appear to be in my room. I sit up and take off my helmet. Hair falls around my shoulders - my hair? I lift it up with my hand and it is brown, dark brown. I notice my hand; my nails are longer, almost feminine. What am I? Did I become a feminist or something? I stand up, and I am taller. My height was 5’6, since I haven’t hit my growth spurt yet, and now I’m noticeably taller. I appear to be around 5’8. I know because I can now see over my dresser, which was about the same height as me before. I feel like I’m in a game still, though. My vision is perfect - I didn’t even believe what the GM or NPC or whatever had said. I decide to walk to the bathroom. Half way there I can see my reflection and I am shocked. I’m female. I stand there for a moment speechless then walk into the bathroom and walk up to the sink. My face, clear of any acne; my strong jawline is now rounded out into a more feminine shape. My scrawny body is well shaped, my hips are decently sized and I have breasts. How did I not notice that I had breasts before? They aren’t that, perhaps a b or c cup. I don’t know how sizing goes. My clothes are the same though. I put my hands on my face. My bangs fall to my nose messily, so I move them out of the way. I don’t even know how to describe myself. My eyes are the same, but my nose is smaller. I still don’t know what to think of myself. I am too scared to talk, because I don’t know what my voice would sound like. I think for a moment, and decide to pull down my pants. I’m wearing boxers still, so I pull those down then quickly back up. 100% female.

Wait; is this what I truly am? I’m really a girl? I never thought about it before. I was never interested in men, and I’m still not. I must still be in the game, but how would they know all of this about my life? My house and my clothes? I understand my house since they can pull it from my memories, possibly, but I don’t even remember the clothes I put on. Is my family still here, or is this another world within the game? I decide to walk down stairs. My mother is sitting down, watching TV with my father. They don’t notice me. My body is shaking, not knowing what they will think if they were to see me. I run back up stairs and lock my door, then put my game back on. There is no menu this time, just the NPC.

“Do you understand what must be done now?”

“I’m in a game, a game… I don’t understand anything in this game.”

“That is because you do not accept it. You will need a guide, and you must find your way to the other Six. Each is very different from the other, but they all have the same strong will and heart that you possess. How you look now is not how your body will stay. When you go back to your life, you will be able to see how you really look. Have you ever fit in with others? Have you been picked on and left alone? You are not human, you are something more.”

“What am I then?”

“Something. Your gender will not matter; your appearance matches your personality and who you are. You will have to accept that. No one else can see you other than the six, and the various others that will help you along your way. No one can judge you, for they only know you as you are now. Do not worry, for saving your world, you go through all time.

“Your name is whatever you wish to be called.”

“I will start alone? Who will help me? What do I do? Why am I chosen? Who am I?”

“You will have a guide: they will come to you. Till we meet again.”


The game ends. The mind gear falls off my head and I sit up. I have no idea what I should do. How would the guide find me? Is this still part of the game? It feels like it. This couldn't be real. I go down stairs and my parents haven’t moved. I walk in front of the TV, they don’t seem to notice. I start to flick them off, something I wanted to do for so long. I did a short and loud scream, stopping suddenly when I realize that my voice is so higher. My face went red for a moment, until I remember they can’t see or hear me. They just sit there like pigs. Both in T-Shirts, my mother is stuffing food in her mouth, spilling it everywhere, and not bothering to clean up as she eats. She is offering the dogs some of her food. My father has a little more respect, but he doesn’t bother to clean up all the food that had fallen from his plate either, or where he had spilt his red wine a moment ago. Two couches, their bodies seem to be molded to them, but only their arms are not, to be able to eat and change the channel. They are not overweight by much, but it is noticeable, and disgusting. I walk to the front door then go outside. The front yard is cut perfectly. The lawn seems to be the only thing my father cares about. The garden on the right side is full of dead bushes that my mother doesn’t bother to keep up with.

I walk to the garage and get the sword I keep behind the workbench out. If I am meant for a quest or something, then I figure I need a weapon. Would other people just see a floating sword? No matter. I walk out into the street. My sword in in my hand, since I have no way of holstering it. It is about the length of my arm, one side is the blade resembles a sword that a ninja would use on a movie. Maybe I have some super strength now or something? I walk up to a tree and swing at it with my sword. The sword bounces off of the tree like a bat and only leaves a small cut. Nothing changed. Should have figured, since I’m a girl now. Maybe some time later I’ll go back to normal, I hope so. I’m not girly. . I toss the sword in the yard, I figure it would be useless if I can’t even cut a tree.

As I walked outside I looked around. Busness went on as useual in this poor excuse for a neighborhood. Very few cars driving past, the lawns dead, but kids playing soccer nontheless. Each house looked very different from each other, but very few were nice, or even decent, my house being no exception. I took a step into the street. I walk down the street, feeling nothing as i do so, well, nothing but confusion on what I am supposed to do now. I'm one of the six. I wonder who the others are, or what they are. Perhaps they are just like me, or maybe they are some rich people, or genus adults. Anyone would be better suited to save the world than I am. A car rushes by right next to me and the wind feels so strong against this body. I stop and watch the car drive away, tempted to yell "watch where you're going!" but realized that no one can see me. I look back towards my house. I haven't even walked a block yet.

"Hey there, you’re the last?" I hear a voice call.
I look behind me and see a boy. Must be about my age. He has a handsome face, and short and messy black hair. "ah, if you can hear me then you must be." he says with a smile. "well, since I found you so fast, I guess I have time to spare, come with me, you look confused, perhaps I shall enlighten you before we head back?" I didn't even realize that my facial expression had changed. I walk over to him. He is taller than me. Appears to be about 6ft. I don't understand why I walked towards him, but I know that I mustn’t say anything, I'm far too embarrassed to even hear my own voice. "Is something wrong?" he ask in a soft town, his voice is so sweet that I can't help but reply, "N-no" I say, but my voice doesn't seem to bother me. Have I really just gotten used to it that fast? "Well, let’s go get a drink, The elf lady gave me these." He holds out his hands so I can see two small round items that look like pills. "we can be seen for a short time, she said that I may need to talk to you before taking you over, I wonder what makes you so different, you aren't the only one who was quiet" he says. We both take a pill, then he holds out his hand "well come along." he says with a smile, it is so hard to read him, I don't know why though. "I'm not holding your hand." I say bluntly, realizing that it sounded a bit mean. "aww come on, I always wanted to be seen with a cute girl and this may be my last chance, please?" I don't understand why but my face gets bright red. "B-but I'm not.." I say, my voice trails off because I’m too embarrassed to say the truth. "Yes, I know. I was informed about you by the elf, its why I was sent to bring you back, because I'm not myself either, but hey, let’s make the most of it, or are you to shy?" he says with a hint of laughter in his voice. "a-alright" I say as I grab his hand.

We walk for a while without saying anything. The silence is bothering me. I never held someone’s hand before; it feels nice for some reason. The warmth of his hand around mine. "so what is your name?" I decide to ask to break the silence. "My name.. Well, now my name is Jace, but It wasn't always that, as you can tell. The first person I was told to find gave me that name, since I told people I didn't have one." he says while looking upwards at the sky. "What is yours?" he ask as he looks over at me. "I don't have one.. I don't know what to be called" I say, as I look down and try to think of something I could use. "we will to change that then" he says, then he stops walking in front of a hole-in-the-wall kind of diner, I haven’t even realized where we were because I was so caught up in my mind.

"I saw this place while looking to find you, so I figured this would be a good place to eat." he says. he opens the door for me and we both walk in. I haven’t thought about it before, but he is wearing a basic pair of pants and a black veil brides T-shirt, too late to say anything now because he'd think that I'm stupid for just noticing. We sit at a table by the window. The waitress comes in and asks for our order, and we just get a basic BLT sandwich and some Pepsi, because Pepsi is the best soda in the world. "I love Pepsi" he says randomly as he sips the drink. I say nothing and take a bite out of the sandwich. I stop and watch him eat for a moment, he has his sandwich in one hand and drink in the other, just taking a couple bites then taking a huge gulp of the soda. He sure changed his eating habits fast. I can’t help but giggle. "meheb?" He says with his mouth full of food. "Nothing, you just seem to suit your self fairly well" I say as I sip down the rest of my soda. "haha very funny" he says after he swallows the food he had in his mouth. I feel a discomfort, just below my stomach and I clench it with my right hand. "what's wrong?" he ask. "I-I don't know.. I'm not used to this body"

He 1eans over and whispers in my ear "Just go to the bathroom, I think you have to pee. Just relax your bladder, it’s not too different than before, but you need to wipe otherwise it'll be gross later. Oh and make sure you use the right bathroom" he says then sits back in his seat and sips his Pepsi again. I quickly get up and run other to the bathroom, I walk in to the women’s bathroom, stopping a moment before I do because it is the first time. I open the door and walk in. its plane. Looks like the men’s but with only stalls. I walk into one and sit down. I pull down my pants. Since when was I wearing skinny jeans and.. panties? Not important now. I sit for a moment and my bladder hurts so badly but I don’t know how to pee. I try to relax. As soon as I do so the pain starts to go away, and I can hear the water. It feels so different, but also the same. I decide not to think much more on it and just go with it. I’m with someone, I’ll find out more about this body later. I stand up and pat down the area then pull back up my pants. I flush then walk to the sink. My shirt changed and I never even noticed. It’s a tight-fitting black shirt. The mirror shows m face, why are my eyes so dark?. eyeliner? I never did any of that, I don’t even know how to. Did the pill do this, did it change my clothing and stuff so I fit I better? It would make sense, but I don’t understand how. I walk out of the bathroom and walk back over to Jace. He is done eating and is just waiting. “you took your time.” He said as he got up “did you pay already?” I ask him as wait. “yep, let’s get going, it’s getting late” he says and reaches out his hand, I gently hold onto it and we walk out. “you know, honestly, I don’t really know anything. The place we are at is not earth, at least not this time, and the people are decent. Each of us has a troublesome past, but we get along fine, just don’t tell them about yourself, make something up if you are scared of being judged.” He says as we walk down the sidewalk “the park is up ahead, mind if we walk through it before we go? I want to look at it for a last time.” I don’t know why I said that, I think I just want to spend more time with him before we have to go, I haven't spent time with anyone in a long time. “urm, sure, why not.” he says as we keep walking.

The park is big, with trees everywhere. The walkway by the water is so nice, I find my self leaning onto his arm without realizing it. The sun is going down, the day went by so fast.. or was the game earlier on that long? “you've already got used to it, hasn't even been 3 hours yet.” he says as he stops walking a the edge of the water. His hair is blowing back from the sea breeze, even though its a river, its hard to explain, but it somehow looks nice. “I-I guess so..” I say as I look off into the seemingly endless water.

“Amber” He says

“huh?” I say, confused for a moment

“that will be your name, Amber.”

“..why amber?” I ask

“Your beauty is like that of the amber sunset”
“that's kinda sappy” I say while looking down trying to hide my blushed face.

“would you perfer another name?” he ask

“No, not at all, not at all.”

He tossed something in the water and the water started to spin and glow in a odd purple blue and red combination. “here we go, ladies first” he says as he steps back waiting for me to jump in. “are you crazy?” I yell at him. “this is how I got here, it’s safe” He says surprised, probably that my face isn't showing fear, but annoyance. “Not that, I might get my hair wet!” I say then laugh because even I find that stupid, but he laughs along with me. “you still need to work on that” he says. “I’ll go first though, I'm sure you're scared.” He jumps into the water. The roar of the water sounds like a jet. When he jumps through it looks as if there is static going through the water. I look around. “Bye earth, I'm off to save you” I say, knowing it is corny as hell but I wanted to say something, and jump into the water.

As I fall into the water I do not feel wet at all. I feel weightless. Around me I see nothing but spirals of color, there I'm in a tunnel of color, but I can see some dark blobish thing at the end, perhaps the exit and I'm moving towards it. As I get closer I realize that it is the exit, and then I fall through it, the feeling in my body goes numb as I land on a hard surface, unable to see

Part 2; The First
Blood covers the ground. Everywhere I step there is blood. I'm covered in it. My black shirt is now red. The blood isn't mine though. It’s all those that I have killed. My sword is on the ground next to me. The black blade dripping with dark red blood. I look around the room. I did it, I beat them all. Somehow I only have bruises, My glasses show that No major harm has been inflicted, “nothing that will limit my functions” as I was told by the computer. My body hurts like hell though. I don't even know what it was that I just fought. They look humanoid, but were just black. They were a literal absence of light, looking at them was like looking like a void shaped as a human.

I walk out of the room and take off my black, blood soaked coat. Even when the fight is easy, cleaning the clothes never is. I lift up my arm and look at the touch pad on my wrist. Its bright blue in the dark forest. Next objective is to go back to the base. I reach into my pocket and pull out a flare. I walk in a random direction for a few minutes till I find an open field, then light it. Almost instantly a helicopter comes and a ladder falls. I climb up it and sit down in the empty vehicle for the flight back to base.

We stop over the ruins of what was once a thriving city back in the 2010s. The ground opens up next to a fallen skyscraper and the helicopter manages to land in it as the overhead closes. I walk out into the empty hanger. The whole base is empty since, since well the world had ended. So far that I know it's only me and Perry, Perry being the computer AI. He is able to control the whole base, and has a literal limitless amount of energy, since he is solar powered. The only reason why I'm even alive is because I'm not human, Well, I am but I'm not. So far that I know from what Perry told me, There were 7 people that were different. They werent made or anything, they were just found to be different. Each was able to heal significantly faster than a normal human, each was significantly stronger, and each had a unique still set. I don't know where the others are. I've been here for about 30 years, the end happened when I 17.

One day the world was just over run, what isn't now inhabited by the voids, is flattened by bombs. Those and blades are the only thing that can kill them it seems. Humans learned that lesson fast and tried to destroy the planet with their star cruiser thinking that they could find another. They too, were killed for the voids goal wasn't to conquer, it was genocide (the fact that the ship couldn't go much faster than mach 8 was a huge draw back as well). They killed everything. Their limbs are like blades, being hit by their arm would cut you in half. I came in the base when I was 16, back in 2023. It’s now 2053, and I look the same. Perry tells me that there are others, that I need to go find the others and I can reverse this. I still don't understand how Perry would be able to know things like that. He says that it was in his database. When all of the 7 from around the world were gathered, they could almost literally do anything. But there is no hope for that now. Now I aimlessly kill everything.

I take a seat in my room. The room full of books and shows. Everything I could ever want to read or watch is here. It was the government archives; they had at one copy of everything. “Would you like some food?” the computer Said. “No thanks Perry, I just need to think a while” I respond. “You know, it’s not good to be stuck on remorse, there is always hope, and you know, I won't be able to stay with you forever so be happy while you can, since you never age”. He says. He always tries to get me out of feeling sad. “I can download you to my goggles, than I wouldn't have to worry about it.” I reply as I remember that I'm covered in blood. “Then perhaps I'll be able to see the outside again.” Perry says, his tones are to realistic. Its as if he is a person. I walk over to the shower; I don't know who puts a shower in every bathroom, but its use full. I take off my clothes and step into the shower, and comb my hair back with my hand. The water turns on by itself.

I really am not sure how I feel, everything is just so old. I guess perhaps that I just wish for change. For something to happen, To meet another person. I don’t even know what To do with myself. I can’t get Drunk, and I just can’t die, I’ve tried. Only reason why I even fight is because Pain is a bother. These things, I don’t even think they are what took the world. I’m starting to think they are just the aftermath, because something so savage and weak couldn’t have taken over the world.

It’s such a bother. I’m over 40 years old and can’t die, or age. I look 16 and it is extremely bothersome. I get out of the shower and put on my usual wear. Dark pants, white shirt, and my long, black, collard Coat. The Coat is a Special Coat, said to Made from Three Thousand year old Black dragon fur or skin, not really sure since it just feels like a thick cloth coat, but It can’t be cut, burned, or frozen. The jacket seems to fit me perfectly, but it also fit its previous owner perfectly as well.

I walk out of the room and just stand in the empty hall. I never even had friends, but still, I can’t stand it. Being completely alone, But I suppose it is better than before, just being made fun of for everything. I wonder If my parents knew about me, and perhaps that’s why they were killed in an ‘accident.’ They did work for some sort of government. No one would ever plain something like this, at least, not knowing they would be killed

“Perry, where is fuyro? I thought he would have been done adjusting your programing by now” I stated as started walking towards the office, although it is nothing like an office.

“I would imagine that he is still processing the books that were left behind.” Perry stated in the strangely human voice of his.

“Tell him to meet me in the office in a few, I need to update his programing.” I said as I opened the office door and sat down at the round desk in the center of the small room and opened the laptop at the center.

The camera in the room stopped moving for a moment then focused in on me. “yes, master.”

I stare at the blank laptop screen for a moment then press the power button. The computer has such a sleek design, modeled to look like the laptops from the old days.

I close my eyes, and press the power button. I love the feel of having everything open when I open my eyes. When I do the laptop screen is just a dim blue light, but there are holographic screens all around the table. I wave my hand to clear them all and open up the browser. This base was built in with an archive of every web page and all the data ever made on the web, so it is like the internet froze on the end of the world. I honestly don’t know how the base was able to do that, it’s not a large base, but its large enough for me not to have explored all of it. I start playing music in the background, simple jazz. I open up two more windows side by side and start typing numerous 0s and 1s, the basic code for everything on every software. My goal is to program new database to Furyo. To make her able to be stored on a simple chip with me. She can transfer herself through any data stream, so a chip should work as well If I am just able to code this right.

“You called, ku?”

“I told you not to call me that Furyo, I’m working on some new software for you and was wondering what you think about not just being a software? This new program could let you take control off anything you can stream into, so if I were to make, say a robotic body, then you could take control of it.” I say excitedly as continue writing the code.

Furyo materializes on the keybord of the laptop as a small girl, but with elfish ears and then tilts her head to the side “leave this system, and walk with you now?” she ask in her cute childlike voice.

“Yes my little Artificial intelligence, you will” I say as I sit back for a moment and look at the computer trying to figure out what else I need to change.

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