01/09/09 Bundles: Leaving the Cash Shop Jan. 14th!

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Big news, guys: four of our finest bundles will be leaving the Cash Shop on January 14th, so you've only got a few days left to pick them up!

The following bundles will soon be out of stock:

Evolving Item Bundle
2008 Box Bundle
Aquarium Far East Bundle
Aquarium Fish Bundle #1

These bundles each contain a bunch of great items at a tremendous discount! If you're a bargain-hunter, now's your big chance to score a great deal.

01/13/09 New evolving item: Fremere's Guard

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Exciting news, guys: we've got a new evolving item hitting the Cash Shop today! Fremere's Guard starts its evolution as a piercing red eye... I showed it to Dr. Singh, and she was quite impressed-- she said it seemed to have a gallant and volatile spirit, burning with the angst of a soul forever unsatisfied. I can't wait to see where this goes!

You can pick up a first-generation version for a limited time! First-gen evolving items get all the new poses first, and they're often much more valuable in the Marketplace... don't miss out!

02/05/09 Cash Shop Update: New Aquarium & Evolving Item Bundles!

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Hiya folks! I just finished stocking my shelves with some great new value-priced bundles, each positively bursting with greatness.

Aquarium Fish Bundle #2 comes complete with the following fish and seafolk: Turtle, Scooter Blenny, Banggai Cardinal, Seaslug, Starfish, Jelly Fish, and Hamuhamu.

The Booty Grab Bundle comes with the Turtle, Dark Knight Fish, Knight Fish, Ninja Fish, and Octopii. Not only will these guys trigger more games of Booty Grab, but they'll earn you Gold every time someone plays in your tank.

Evolving Item Pack #2 includes five classic evolving items: Pora Ice, Biancamella, Pantheracorax Agate, Orindae, and Dionaesil. Each is fully evolved and unlocked.

Get Some Bundles!

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In addition, these popular items will be leaving the shop February 10th:

Election 2008 Elephant Plushie
Election 2008 Donkey Plushie
Mighty Gargoyle
Delux Witch's Cauldron
Bun Bun Plushie
Bunny Hoodie
Panda Plushie

You can find them along with the new bundles in the Cash Shop!

02/10/09 New evolving item: Yemaya's Pearl!

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Hey, guys! I just wanted to pop in and let you know about a cool new evolving item in the Cash Shop: Yemaya's Pearl! This new item from the creator of Padmavati's Lotus has a mysterious undersea essence to it... who knows what it may become?

You can grab a first-generation Yemaya's Pearl now in the Cash Shop!

Get Yemaya's Pearl!

Get Gaia Cash cards at Target, 7-11, Rite Aid and Wal-Mart stores nationwide, or order Cash online. Learn more.

Oh, I almost forgot: we've also got some cool items leaving our shelves this Friday, so don't delay:

The Repo Lamp

Don't miss your chance to pick them up!

02/12/09 Valentine's Day Gifts in the Cash Shop!

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Hey, folks! With Valentine's Day coming up, I thought it would be nice to throw a few romantic little gifts in the Cash Shop:

Sexy Present: Get that special someone a gift box filled with risqué attire for a sweet surprise. Ooh la la!

Cupid's Crown: This romantic accessory works as a cute crown or a heart-shaped hairclip. Makes a very thoughtful and affordable gift!

Grace of Anteros: A heart-shaped item with multiple poses, including a sexy, godly companion... and Anteros is a god of requited love, so you'll never strike out.

Mono the Skunk Plushie: Indulge in the sulfurous odor of love with a fragrant little friend for your favorite flame.

Grab Some Romantic Gifts!

Get Gaia Cash cards at Target, 7-11, Rite Aid and Wal-Mart stores nationwide, or order Cash online. Learn more.

Good luck with your courtships, guys and girls-- and remember to stop by Gaia tomorrow for some fun Valentine's Day festivities!

02/26/09 FAMESTAR 2000: beat your rivals to win huge prizes!

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Ooh, looks like we've got a very special new item today... can you handle the pressure of Gaia's toughest audition?

The FAMESTAR 2000 contest lets you test your talents against a gauntlet of fame-seeking foes... if you win the competition, you could walk away with a crazy grand prize!

When you join the competition, you'll be faced with a choice: you can try your luck at beating your rival to advance to the next round, or you can forfeit and walk away with a cool random item.

User Image

Think you've got what it takes? Grab a ticket to FAMESTAR 2000 to find out!

03/10/09 Cash Shop Update: The Nartian Rock!

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Hi, guys! Some great news today: we've got a brand new evolving item from reapersun, creator of the Copper Twopence and Trick or Treat Tote! At first glance it appears to be a strange little asteroid, but I think something is hiding inside.

I'm hearing hints that the Nartian Rock, despite its intergalactic origin, might just wind up being quite a fashion phenomenon...

You can pick up a first-generation Nartian Rock now in the Gaia Cash Shop!

03/18/09 Wanna be a FAMESTAR? Time is running out!

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The clock is ticking on the FAMESTAR 2000 auditions! If you want your shot at some great items-- some of the top FAMESTAR prizes are selling for millions in the Marketplace-- you'll have to get your ticket quick!

This Friday, FAMESTAR tickets will be leaving the Cash Shop. We'll also be pruning our selection of some cool older items, so look closely:

Leaving Friday, March 20th:

FAMESTAR 2000 Ticket & Bundle
Long-Stem Blue Rose
Long-Stem Yellow Rose
Pink Sweetheart Teddy
Smashing Cities
Korora the Little Blue Penguin Plush
Pearl and Sapphire Necklace
Pearl and Sapphire Earrings
Abominable Scarves (White, Purple & Green)
Remaining items from the Marble, Aquamarine and Sapphire Dashing Gentleman sets

Don't miss out... grab 'em while you still can!

03/19/09 New Evolving Item: Reve Rouille

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We've got some incredibly exciting news from the world of evolving items: the Reve Rouille, the new item from the creator of Biancamella and Picolitrosso's Urn, is hitting the Cash Shop shelves today!

User Image

User Image

Click the image for a wallpaper-sized version!

This puzzling item was found washed ashore on a lonely stretch of beach... while it looks like a cute little knick-knack, it seems to give off a powerful sense of melancholy. Perhaps we'll know more about its unusual origins as it begins to evolve.

Don't miss your chance to pick up a first-generation Reve Rouille!

03/23/09 Fallen Wish & Jinxi's Charm: Leaving Friday!

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We've got a big heads-up for you guys: the Fallen Wish and Jinxi's Charm are leaving the Cash Shop this Friday!

The Fallen Wish-- which starts as a falling star and winds up as a glorious silver dragon-- is majestic, mythological and incredibly beautiful. You'll quickly see why it's become our best-selling and most popular evolving item ever!

Jinxi's Charm is colorful, unique and bursting with personality-- it's an amazing ride from its starting pose as a cute voodoo doll to its fantastic finale loaded with new tattoos, unexpected accessories and even a handsome prince!

What are you waiting for? Head over to the Cash Shop before you miss the boat!

03/24/09 Cash Shop Update: The Emerald Seed

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Good news, guys! Spring is finally here, and we've got a glorious green item to celebrate: the Emerald Seed just might blossom into incredible riches. It's packed with a selection of new exclusives and rarities, plus Cash Shop favorites and valuable items.

User Image

Emerald Seeds can't grow without the help of garden imps. When you use your Emerald Seed, you'll have a choice of five different imps, each with different rewards and different chances of success. If your imp successfully makes the Seed grow, you'll get an amazing random item-- and even if they don't, you'll still get a consolation prize to sell back for some Gold.

To find out more about the Emerald Seed and its helpful imps, check out our Emerald Seed homepage!

04/07/09 Cash Shop Update: Kottan Bell, Aquarium Bundles

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Hi, guys! We've got some excellent new deals in the Cash Shop today. First up, we've got a sweet new Evolving Item: the Kottan Bell is a cute little jingling wildflower... I consulted Dr. Singh, and she hinted that there's a peculiar magic about it that will begin to blossom soon.

User Image

We've also got some new bundles for your aquarium! Not only are these sets a convenient way to get a bunch of cool items at once, they're also chance to get a massive discount... they're around 30% off the original price of the items! Check out the list below to see what's in them.

04/10/09 Cash Shop Update: Easter Items Aplenty!

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Hiya, guys! We've got some brand spankin' new Easter items available in the Cash Shop, including a pair of demonic and angelic eggs, a fuzzy little friend, and some... delicious chocolate treats. Here's what's in stock:

User Image

Fuseling is a chubby little bird eager to be your friend. It'll even share its feathers and distinctive colors for both an arm cape and new hairstyle.

Look for the Atrum Egg basket to sport a number of darker, winged poses, including a cape, scary egg underwear, a halo and more!

The Albus Egg features a number of elegant poses, including non-scary egg underwear, an ornate cape, a shimmering white halo and other fun stuff!

Fondue the Chocolate Bunny is a very sweet gentleman with a slight tendency to get too familiar.

Sundae's Treat is a stunning chocolately vixen that gives Alruna a run for her money.

You can find these great Easter items in the Cash Shop!

04/14/09 Emerald Seed Leaving the Cash Shop on April 17th

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Hiya, folks! It's time for me to clear out some space, so the Emerald Seed, a source of tons of great and original items, will be leaving the Cash Shop this Friday.

User Image

Emerald Seeds can't grow without the help of garden imps. When you use your Emerald Seed, you'll have a choice of five different imps, each with different rewards and different chances of success. If your imp successfully makes the Seed grow, you'll get an amazing random item-- and even if they don't, you'll still get a consolation prize to sell back for some Gold.

If you'd like to pick one up, time's running out! You can still get them individually or in a 9-seed bundle... but only until Friday!

04/28/09 Cash Shop Update: New EI - Stolen Mesozoic DNA!

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Hey, guys! Just wanted to let you know that I've got a very questionable shipment of prehistoric genetic material. I'm not sure we're even supposed to have this stuff, so I'm hoping to sell it off before any scientific ethicists start asking questions!

User Image

Each ice chest of Stolen Mesozoic DNA contains one of four vials, each of which will evolve into a different organism. You never know quite what you're going to get-- but then again, isn't that half the fun of meddling with science?

You can grab a first-generation ice chest of Stolen Mesozoic DNA now!

05/07/09 New Evolving Item: Classilke

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Hiya, guys! A new evolving item just arrived: the smooth and shimmering Classilke. While I can't be certain what these silky threads will form, Dr. Singh speculates that they'll soon give rise to some very elegant ensembles. The two adorable bugs making the silk certainly seem ambitious.

You can pick up a first-generation Classilke right now in the Cash Shop!

05/13/09 Cash Shop Update: New Aquarium Bundle

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Hiya, value seekers! Barrett just stopped by to drop off a brand new discount-priced Aquarium bundle. This one is packed to the brim with big fish and submarining gear.

Aquarium Bundle #4 offers a great selection of Aquarium goodies at a 50% discount. The bundle includes Watermeat, Killer Whale, Irrawaddy Dolphin, and the majestic Narwhal. It also comes with Submarine and Diving Suit tickets, letting you and your guests inspect these aquatic marvels up close.

You can snag this fishy bundle for yourself or a friend right now in the Cash Shop!

Get Bundled Up

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I'll also be clearing out some store space, so look for the following bundles to disappear on Friday!

Evolving Item Bundle #2
Aquarium December 2008 Bundle
Aquarium Fish Bundle #2
Aquarium Fish Bundle #3
Angelic Item Bundle
Demonic Item Bundle

If you'd like to get any or all of them, better act fast!

05/20/09 Cash Shop Update: Promageddon items!

[NPC] Flynn
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Hi, everyone! As you recently heard, we've got a big dance coming up-- it's a perfect occasion to get some fancy new threads, especially since we're giving away free Gaia Cash!

In keeping with the wild themes of the Promageddon dance rooms-- Heaven, Hell, Aquarium, and Hillbilly-- we've got some cool new accessories to build your perfect outfit. For each theme, we've created one modestly-priced item and one slightly more exotic item!

User Image

Only 25 Gaia Cash:
Shotfork: It's the one thing a hillbilly feels naked without: a shotgun with a pitchfork tied to it!

Bone Scythe: For all your grim-reaping needs.

Heavenly Awesome: Pretty much exactly what it sounds like: all the awesomeness of heaven at your command!

Swimming Goldfish: Surround yourself with some lovely little goldfish pals.

A little more luxurious:
Henrietta: A live chicken is considered the most fashionable hillbilly accessory.

Seafoam Gown: A light and lovely gown spun of pure sea foam!

Archangel's Blade: Nothing creates a magical prom atmosphere like dispensing some heavenly justice!

Wed to Darkness: A demonic suite of accessories for the wicked at heart, including some devilish horns!

You can grab these now in the Gaia Cash Shop. If you haven't claimed your free Gaia Cash yet, now would be the perfect time!

05/22/09 Cash Shop Update: Gee Boi Turbo

[NPC] Flynn

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Hiya, everyone! I've got something really special in stock: the Gee Boi Turbo. Invented by a crazed shut-in determined to take the world by storm with a 9-bit handheld gaming console, the Gee Boi Turbo sadly never made it to market... until now!

User Image

Each Gee Boi Turbo comes with Kuro's Conventure, a game where you guide two dark elves on a quest to meet their favorite artists at an anime convention. The further you get, the better your reward. Make it to the save point, rare events, and victory to score the best prizes. If you quit anywhere else, your prize won't be as good.

The Gee Boi Turbo is loaded with Cash Shop favorites, valuable items, and brand new exclusives, including cosplay-themed goodies.

You can pick one up from the Cash Shop right now, or save some money and get a 9-pack bundle.

Check Out the Gee Boi Turbo

And feast your eyes on the story behind the Gee Boi Turbo and Kuro's Conventure:

User Image User Image

User Image

User Image

Click image thumbnails to enlargify!

06/08/09 New Evolving Item: Masquerade

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Hey, guys! Thought I'd take a moment to let you know about the newest wonder to hit the Cash Shop shelves: I've just received a shipment of a strange new evolving item called the Masquerade, which is an enchanted mask that can completely change your looks... as it evolves, it will give you the power to change your face in dozens of ways.

User Image

It's been passed on in secret for hundreds of years and used in many ways: as a disguise, a novelty or a key to limitless beauty-- the one thing all its wearers seem to have in common is a slow, dark descent into madness. But, hey, maybe that's just a coincidence!

If you're willing to face the danger, the incredible power of the Masquerade is now available in the Gaia Cash Shop:

06/12/09 The Gee Boi Turbo is leaving the Cash Shop soon!

[NPC] Flynn

User Image

If you're looking to get your hands on a Gee Boi Turbo, time's running out. Looks like the creators of the famed 9-bit wonder are discontinuing it on Wednesday, June 17th, so there's less than a week left to pick one up!

User Image

The Gee Boi Turbo is loaded with Cash Shop favorites, valuable items and brand new exclusives, including cosplay-themed goodies!

You can grab one today in the Gaia Cash Shop, or save some dough by picking up a bundle. For more info, visit our Gee Boi page:

Check Out the Gee Boi Turbo

We're also removing some other stock from the Cash Shop on the 17th, so make sure to get your last-minute purchases in soon:

Faunzy's Flute
Chicky Hoodie
White Bunny Hoodie
White Bun-Bun Plushie
Christian Siriano's Black and Cream Blouse
Christian Siriano's Cream Ruffled Hoodie
Christian Siriano's Coffee Pinstripe Skirt
Christian Siriano's Pinstripe Coat
Christian Siriano's Pinstripe Trousers
Christian Siriano's Layered Skirt
Fiery Crimson Voluptuous Wrap Dress
Caribbean Jade Voluptuous Wrap Dress
Celestial Gold Voluptuous Wrap Dress
Celestial Gold Slinky Split Dress
Celestial Gold Glamorous Pumps

06/26/09 EI Report: 4 Items updating, plus a new item: The Nightmare!

[NPC] Flynn

User Image

Hi, everyone! I just wanted to butt in for a second before the EI Report to give you some big news: we've got a new evolving item this week, and I'm pretty darn excited about it. Unlike most EIs, which are done primarily by one artist each, The Nightmare will be traded off between several of Gaia's amazing EI artists!

Each week it evolves, the item will be reinterpreted with the distinctive style of a different artist-- it's set to be one of the most amazing and unpredictable items ever. Pick up a first-gen version now to get in on the ground floor!

Experience The Nightmare

Get Gaia Cash cards at Target, 7-11, Rite Aid and Wal-Mart stores nationwide, or order Cash online. Learn more.

Let's hand it over to Dr. Singh and Timmy for the Evolving Item Report! Scroll down to check it out...

07/13/09 Cash Shop Update: New Epic Fantasy Items

[NPC] Flynn
User Image

Hiya, guys! I just expanded the Cash Shop's inventory with some brand new fantasy-themed items, all perfect for those epic weekend romps through dangerous dungeons, forbidden realms, and public parks. Take a look:

User Image

Briar's Shot: A suite of red forest fatigues, featuring in ornate rifle, suit, cape, hair, gloves, boots, earrings, and little pouch to store ammo or candy.

Dwarven Locks: A must-have for any self-respecting beard fanatic. Includes 4 color variations of the hair and beard style made popular by hunky Dwarven warriors.

Ironcrusher Armor: A menacing chest plate forged by one hell of a blacksmith. Also features a terrifying helmet and extremely lethal battle axe.

Azrael's Shadowgear: Deadly daggers accompany this collection of purple and gray roguish attire.

Sibyl's Incantation: A magic staff binds this set, which includes captivating green eyes, an emerald headpiece, flowing black hair, and a lovely multipart robe. Beware its dark curse!

Pizarro's Armaments: No gross-tasting potions required here. Become a battle-armored centaur whenever you want, or deck yourself out with shoulder pads, gauntlets, and an awesome helmet.

Smok the Baby Dragon: A playful little dragon pup eager to be your friend. Thankfully it hasn't mastered the art of setting you on fire yet.

All of these items except Smok the Baby Dragon are available together in the value-priced Bundle of Epics. As a special bonus, it includes the Bahn Hammur, a beautifully crafted gold and silver weapon of mass destruction.

07/27/09 Cash Shop Update: The Case of Pietro & Catastrophe!

[NPC] Flynn
User Image

Hey gang! I've got a rather eclectic Cash Shop update for you today. Two brand new first-generation items are debuting this week, and they cover quite a range.

User Image

The Case of Pietro revolves around a mysterious murder and a purloined case. A lot of shady characters are trying to get their hands on it, and you can expect some of their fashions and clothing to enter into the mix.

Catastrophe! is the first Gaia item designed by a cat. As such, it's likely to update according to the cat's schedule, and you know how cats are. Rumor has it that the feline author intends to explore a variety of themes and subjects of interest to cats, whatever those are.

You can find these new items on sale in the Cash Shop! Remember: first generation items get new poses sooner, and fetch higher prices in the marketplace.

08/05/09 Cash Shop Update: Camp Chaos items!

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Hi, guys! I recently heard that a bunch of Gaians will be heading off to summer camp soon, so I thought I'd stock up on some appropriate gear. Starting today, you can grab four cool new items inspired by the four different camps! Here's what we've got...

User Image

For the Fitness Camp, we've got an amazing ripped Bodybuilder physique to show off. Yow!

Juvie Camp gets the Most Wanted item, which lets you sit behind bars, pose for a mugshot and sport a dashing orange jumpsuit.

If you're one of the silver-spoon kids in Rich Camp, you can get the one thing you can't do without: Hired Help, featuring a sexy maid, a dashing butler and a litigious lawyer.

Science Campers can flaunt their crazy genius with the electrifying Tesla Coil, which puts the power of a great inventor in your hands.

Stop by and try something on! I'm sure you'll find something you like.

Visit the Cash Shop

Get Gaia Cash cards at Target, 7-11, Rite Aid and Wal-Mart stores nationwide, or order Cash online. Learn more.

If you haven't picked your camp yet, be sure to stop by the Camp Chaos homepage for all the info!

08/10/09 Cash Shop Update: We're getting all emotional over here!

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Hi, guys! We've got a fantastic little Cash Shop update today: it's all about emotions, and it features some really clever new ways to express yourself. We've got four new items to choose from, plus a value-priced bundle that collects them all.

User Image

Angelic Manner - These cute and lighthearted facial expressions show an entirely new dimension of your personality.

Demonic Style - Creepy, angry, silly and mischievous expressions to express your weirdest moods.

Mr. Emotion - A cute little bunnylike mascot of emotion-- he'll contentedly sit on your head or throw a little tantrum if you pinch his cheeks.

Mystery Mood - Grants you one of dozens of exclusive new mood bubbles to show off the depth of your emotional complexity.

Mood Swing Bundle - Includes all of the above, plus the exclusive Panda Mood Bubble, available only in this collection!

These are some real must-haves, so don't miss out! Head over to the Cash Shop to pick 'em up:

08/14/09 Cash Shop Update: Lonely Star (and more!) leaving soon!

[NPC] Flynn

User Image

Hi, everyone! The EI report will be coming up soon, but I thought I'd just sneak in first with a bit of Cash Shop news. We've got some items leaving the shelves soon-- including the wonderful Lonely Star-- and I didn't want you guys to miss your chance to grab one!

On Wednesday, August 19th, these items will be leaving the shelves:

Lonely Star
Lonely Star Bundle (9 pack)

Dwarven Locks
Azrael's Shadowgear
Briar's Shot
Sibyl's Incantation
Smok the Baby Dragon
Pizarro's Armaments
Ironcrusher Armor
The Bundle Of Epics

Better hurry over to the Cash Shop and snag 'em while you can!

Visit The Cash Shop

Get Gaia Cash cards at Target, 7-11, Rite Aid and Wal-Mart stores nationwide, or order Cash online. Learn more.

One more thing! We've got another cute mini-comic to wrap up the story of the Lonely Star:

User Image

09/08/09 Cash Shop: Fremere's Guard, Gogh Reed & more leaving soon!

[NPC] Flynn
Hey, guys! Pardon the interruption, but I've got some important Cash Shop news: this Friday, some amazing items will be leaving our shelves, so you'll have to hurry if you want to get 'em (and I know you do)!

Here's what's going out of stock:

Fremere's Guard
Diapered Egg
Gogh Reed

You'll notice the list includes some of our most popular EIs of all time-- don't miss out!

09/10/09 Cash Shop Update: Go back to school in style!
First time this banner is used: User Image

[NPC] Flynn

Hey, guys! Just wanted to clue you in on a sweet new back-to-school update to the Cash Shop. We know a lot of Gaians are at that age where September is a time of scholastic doom and dread, so we thought we'd lighten the mood by creating some new ways to look amazing in the classroom. Here's what we've got:

User Image

School Uniforms - Four different school uniform packages in classy color combos; choose from Geronimo High, St. Baldur's, Wensleydale Prep and Momoiro Chugakko. Each uniform set includes each article of clothing as separate items, so you can mix and match as you please.

Homeroom - An excellent study environment, including bookcases, a classroom backdrop, a blackboard and a bus.

Plastic Lunchbox - Tote your grub in style and show off your Gaia fandom with fifteen different designs.

School Supply Bundle - An excellent value! Includes all of the above, plus the exclusive Overdecorated Pink Cellphone!

Grab them now in the Gaia Cash Shop!

09/14/09 Cash Shop Update: Dark Reflection & Emotion items leaving!

[NPC] Flynn

Hi, guys! I've got some exciting Cash Shop news today: a bunch of amazing items are about to leave the shelves, so it's your last chance to pick them up before they start falling into rarity!

The biggest news is that the amazing Dark Reflection will be leaving soon-- this wondrous item lets you step into a bizarre alternate reality and explore your way to an incredible random item, including Cash Shop favorites, valuable items and new exclusives. Here are some of the things you might get:

User Image

Here's the full list of items that will be leaving the shop on Thursday, September 17th:

Dark Reflection
Dark Reflection Bundle (9 pack)
Mood Swing Bundle
Angelic Manner
Demonic Style
Mystery Mood
mr. emotion

Get 'em before they're gone!

Visit The Cash Shop

Get Gaia Cash cards at Target, 7-11, Rite Aid and Wal-Mart stores nationwide, or order Cash online. Learn more.

Oh, and one more thing: to conclude the Dark Reflection's run, we've got this new mini-comic, described by the artist as "largely irrelevant." Enjoy!

User Image

09/29/09 Cash Shop Update: New EI - Bad Moon

[NPC] Flynn
User Image

Hiya, gang! Mysterious forces are at work for sure, because a brand new EI just arrived unexpectedly! Bad Moon seems to have some unusual properties: expect it to evolve at an accelerated pace throughout the month of October.

User Image

Bad Moon starts with a supernatural bite, one that's sure to result in some more beastly transformations as its power grows stronger.

You can pick up the first-generation Bad Moon and other great evolving items right now in the Cash Shop.

10/12/09 Cash Shop Update: Queen Anne's Lace, Jack Plushie & More!

[NPC] Flynn
User Image

Hiya, gang! No doubt some of you are putting the finishing touches on your Halloween costumes. Don't finalize anything just yet, because we've got a few brand new items that may pique your interest!

User Image

Jack Plushie: Halloween's mischievous mascot has never looked cuter. This little pumpkin-headed rascal is eager to climb all over you.

Queen Anne's Lace: legendary elegance abounds in this beautiful suite of items that includes a crown, crimson gown, ermine mantle, royal scepter, and more.

Fall of the Morning Star: a violent collection torn from the heavens, including tattered, bloodied wings, a flowing mane, armored gauntlet and boot, a fierce lance, weeping eyes, and more.

You can pick up these and many other lovely items right now in the Cash Shop! Also, be sure to check out this nifty mini-comic to learn the exciting story behind today's update.

Visit the Cash Shop

Need some Gaia Cash? Stock up online or grab a Cash card from your local Target, Wal-Mart or 711. Outside the US? Get instant Cash through your mobile phone!

In some sad news, the action-packed LeXBox will be leaving the Cash Shop this Wednesday, the 14th. Grab it while you can!

10/29/09 Cash Shop Update: New EI - the Dappy Dandy

[NPC] Flynn
User Image

Hiya, Gang! I've got a brand new evolving item in stock that's sure to turn some heads. Dappy Dandy features a lot of colorful accessories to garnish even the most seasoned of fops.

User Image

Dappy Dandy celebrates the grandiose flamboyancy of being a dapper gentleman. Expect this EI to go on a fantastical voyage through the realms of challenging beards and fine, fancy attire.

You can pick up the Dappy Dandy and many other fine items right now in the Cash Shop!

11/03/09 Cash Shop Update: New Overseer & Sentinel Items!

[NPC] Flynn
User Image

Hiya, folks! Things have been awfully busy lately, what with the whole battle between good and evil going on. Thankfully, I was able to break away from all this epic clashin' just long enough to stock some new goodies. Take a look!

User Image

O Righteous One brings you the full wardrobe of the Overseer in his original form, before his unfortunate (but glorious) transformation into a clam. You can also have the majestic Overseer of Old stand next to you, silently judging your every move.

Look positively demonic with Her Infernal Majesty, featuring the Sentinel's entire wardrobe. It also has a companion pose, if you're into having scary devil ladies stand next to you.

My Little Overseer takes your favorite benevolent clam god and turns him into an adorable plushie to hold and gently squeeze like a small kitten or a ripe melon.

Allegiance Bundle: get all of the above plus the bonus Autumn Wings in one sweet, discount package.

If you'd like to grab any of these items, just come see me in the Cash Shop!

11/12/09 Cash Shop: Last Chance for Azrael's Trickbox & More

[NPC] Flynn
User Image

Hiya, everybody! Just dropping by to let you know that a whole gaggle of popular items are leaving the Cash Shop on the 18th, including the demonic Azrael's Trickbox.

Here's the full list of all the stuff leaving on Wednesday:

Azrael's Trickbox
Azrael's Trickbox (9 Pack)
Science Camp Tesla Coil
Rich Camp Hired Help
Fitness Camp Bodybuilder
Juvie Camp Most Wanted
Queen Anne's Lace
Fall of the Morning Star
Jack Plushie

If you'd like to grab any of these items, you better hurry! Time's runnin' out.

12/03/09 Cash Shop Update: Winter Goodies!

[NPC] Flynn
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Hi, friends! Hope your winter's been merry and bright so far-- it's about to get even cheerier with a heap of cozy new items. First up, there's a brand new holiday mascot: Bailey is an adorable little carol-singing reindeer who'd love to share your Xmas cheer.

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Permafrost is packed with beautifully wintry armor, including a cloak, hood, gauntlets, boots and loincloth-- watch out for drafts!

We've also got three cute birdie combo items: the Two Turtle Doves, Cheery Cardinal and Powdy Pengy can all be equipped as scarves, slippers or earmuffs to keep you toasty on those chilly winter evenings.

You can also get all of these winter wonders together in the Cozy Holiday Bundle-- it includes all of the above, plus the exclusive Cozy Holiday Tree.

Stop by my shop and have a look!

12/09/09 Cash Shop: Animal Quackers & more leaving December 14th!

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Just wanted to check in with a quick Cash Shop update, ladies and gentlemen: Peyo's adorable zoo adventure is coming to a close soon! Animal Quackers will be out of the shops on December 14th, so pick one up while you can-- if you haven't had a chance to grab one, I highly recommend it! It's a truly adorable romp, and you don't want to miss out on your chance to win some fantastic items.

Here's some of the great stuff you can win from Animal Quackers:

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Some other cool stuff will be leaving on the 14th, too, so I encourage you to take one last look before it slips away:

Her Infernal Majesty
O Righteous One
My Little Overseer
Allegiance Bundle

Come visit the Cash Shop to pick one of these items up, or if you just want to stop and say hi

12/30/09 Super Prize 2009: Leaving the Cash Shop January 4th!

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Hi, folks! I just wanted to pester you for one second with a quick reminder that the Super Prize 2009 will be leaving the Cash Shop early next week, meaning you've only got a few more days to take advantage of your last chance at some of 2009's best items! Here's some of the great stuff you might wind up with:

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After the Super Prize is gone, all the items inside it will just keep getting more and more scarce, so don't miss out. Grab one today-- or save some Cash by buying a bundle of nine!

12/30/09 Cash Shop Update: Party with Gaia!

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Hi, guys! Just wanted to let you in on a cute new item in my shop: just in time for the new year, it's Gaia Gaia Party Time! It features a neat little selection of party poses and festive gear, plus a visit from Gaia-Tan and Gaia-Kun-- what better way to ring in the new decade than to party with Gaia? Take a look:

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You can grab Gaia Gaia Party Time now in the Cash Shop!