Illegal Escape
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doin the thing where i shuffle my music playlist and let it decide my life story emotion_smilies/icon_dowant.png

ps im using my phone which has like 30 songs i used to like ok

Opening Credits: Pull me Down -- Mikky Ekko ((oh god))
Waking Up: Winter -- Daughter ((thats a depressing start.))
First Day At School: Uvogin's Requiem -- Hunter X Hunter OST ((WHAT THE ******** AM I DOIN AT SCHOOL))
Falling In Love: Survival -- Eminem ((sweet jesus))
Fight Song: Skinny Love -- Birdy ((WHERE WAS THIS SONG FOR THE LAST ONE))
Breaking Up: Blue Jeans -- Lana Del Rey ((seems like my lover got shot by the mafia ha))
Life’s OK: Go -- G-Dragon ((im okay with this.))
Getting Back Together: Team -- Lorde ((.........))
Wedding: Killer -- The Ready Set ((ARE YOU KIDDING ME))
Birth of Child: Counting Stars -- OneRepublic [Remix] ((..................................))
Final Battle: So Much Better -- Eminem ((HELL YEA))
Death Scene: Monster -- Eminem ((what))
Funeral Song: Broken Horse -- Freelance Whale ((well dang))
End Credits: 1 2 3 4 -- Lee Hi ((huh))

the soundtrack of my life sucks butthole and makes no sense whoever did this needs to get fired