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I'm beginning to see through the devils eyes
The pain inside
The truth that lyes

"Why hast thou forsaken me"
Without the god
And yet I bleed

I wish this time could never be
I wish for arms to partake of me
I wish this anguish would set me free

That will never be

I sit in the asylum
I call the black pits of my mind
I remain silent
While rats render me blind
And oblivion with pestilence
don't treat me as kind

Then I hear it
The ticking
The scratching
Oh that treacherous sound
The sounds of crows
Picking my rotten flesh from the ground

There is no mercy
In my mind right now
I seek silence
I don't care how

For my mistakes
I do not blame the crab or the sou
Not for my madness
I see as an atomic green cloud

Then I hear them
These voices in my head
Many of rage
Many of dread

The ones of fear shriek louder
Than the ones of doubt

Though I can not silence them
I refuse to speak out

I would rather press that I fear almost nothing
Than address that I fear every something
Or someone

Man is disgusting
They'll kill you in an instant
They don't say what they mean

I seldom trust
Those whom are ever begotten
Never again
Will I ever soften

Toss away my compassion
Toss away my pain
Let the rain wash it all
Down the spider filled drain

I will wear a false smile
Before the presence of others
To those who are unknown
And are better off in the gutters

The young ones are sweet
Full of life and unknowing
Till they grow older
Then darker colors start showing

The rats have my eyes
Oblivion and pestilence win
The crows peck at my flesh
as I wear the most sickening grin