Maybe I was just tired of being misplaced,
Or being given rare chances by the thyme of grace.
Knowing that they would give no trace,
Making sure, I knew my place.
I try to forget you my dear, but in my head it is so clear.
I must love the way youve treated me, because I never quite could stop.
These feelings, in my heart, been there from the start,
Laying in the dark, never forgetting you, it seems,
My dear, theres nothing left to.
I may never get over you, or maybe ill never forget.
The pure unadulterated affection for you dear.
But it isnt your fault.
It never was. I tried not to get wrapped up so quickly.
You needn't have warned me at all, that wasnt your job.
Its hard to know oneself, I barely know me at all.
But you sure do.
Maybe that dooms you to repeat your mistakes,
Maybe that dooms me to be left on the stake.
I can never quite forget why Im like this now,
I dont blame it on any of you. Its just hard to love.
My heart seems barren and empty.
I shouldnt have given myself so fully.
Now ive lost parts of me im worried ill never get back.
I might replace them with parts from another one day,
but that wouldnt be right. To repeat the chain.
That is only creating another paradox.
And as the clock ticks and tocks.
That isnt what I want. I want everyone to be happy in their own skin, I dont want self preservative instincts to kick in.
I want feelings of joy and love to drive the human hand to give in to their selfless demands.
As if humans every demanded such beauty.