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The Journal Of Bōhasu Mika (紡蓮 魅歌)
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Mika is walking along a street, next to a park, her kittens on leashes.
Hiou is looking around in amazement, and slowing them down out of timidity. His leash is black.
Seirei is timid, but trying to be explorational, at times attempting to go the wrong direction. His leash is blue.
She looks with somewhat wide eyes at a ghost hovering around someone on other side of the street, saying he killed him, and should be ashamed. The pestered man swats at the Plus, seeming unaware what it is bothering him.
She gawks at this as she walks by.
After passed it, she shakes it out of her head, while hearing the Plus now say the one he's bothering should have known he's allergic to peanuts, and left it out of his banana split.

Within the park, Mika sits on a bench in shade of a tree, and looks around, as Seirei joins her on the bench in a burst of energy, and smiles at her with a face that says he knows he's handsome.
Hiou cowers by her feet, as she takes notice of some children playing soccer, her jaw dropping, and brows lightly furrowed.
One of the children is a boy with white hair, adding to the strangety of what she's witnessing. ((Yes, it's canon that his hair is actually white.))
Seirei briefly takes a pouncing position, wiggling his butt, then jumps at his brother.
Hiou jumps in fear, his back arched, and fur sticking up. Then, gives a quiet hiss at his brother.
She continues watching these kids play, as Seirei begins wrestling with Hiou, biting, and biting him.
Hiou kicks at Seirei, and after a particular bite calls out, "Maow! Maw!"
Mika looks down at the kittens at her feet, now visibly questioning them instead of the strangers. She barely audibly repeats, "Maow? Maw?"
Before she can delve too much on this, she senses a Hollow, turning her head and gaze to her left, looking beyond obstacles with her sixth sense.
She quickly pulls a soul candy dispenser from tucked in her kimono, and pops one into her mouth, departing her gigai, followed by the kittens doing like, and the three gigai flop over.
They're dressed the same in spirit form as their gigai.
The man who was being pestered by the Plus's eyes enlarge in shock, and he hurries over to the gigai, "What do I do!? What do I do!? Why is this happening again!?"
He opens her eyes, and loudly asks, "Did you eat a peanut!?"

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