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Combat Scene
Author's Notes: I just wanted to see if I can write a combat scene or battle. If I can then perhaps I can write the epic story of Digital Ocean after all. This is a personal test for me to see if I can do it. The battle is Jenni Karsa vs Ayane Kuro, in the final days before the Black Sun destroys the world (Etheria Plot-line). Jenni confronts Ayane finally so that she may get her revenge. Tell me what you think guys, this took me hours to write!

-----"So you finally came back." Jenni stares down into Ayane's eyes. There is a viscous cold aura emanating from her as she walks towards her. The sound of her footsteps echo as she walks down the front steps of the court yard.

-----"Jenni..." Ayane hesitantly cries out. She clenches her fist softly but the guilt she has lingers still inside her heart. "I don't want to fight you... please the world is going to be destroyed, I have to stop the-"

-----"Enough," Jenni jumps off the staircase and dashes towards Ayane's direction. Her speed has increased the last time they have met. She aims for Ayane's head. She places her hands on the ground as she is running; propelling herself in an upward motion catching Ayane by surprise. She lands a heavy kick into the side of her head. Ayane flies through a wall, a testament of how strong Jenni has become.

-----"Pick yourself up, face me!" Jenni laughs, her heart covered in the darkness of revenge. "Or I will kill you." She runs towards Ayane once more.

-----"I don't... wanna fight..." Ayane looks up and sees Jenni. She clenches her fist even more, as she slowly gets up. Suddenly, she is struck with Jenni's knee to her chest. The impact of Jenni's armored combat boots break one of her ribs. The surge of pain bursts through out her body. The adrenaline is courses through her bloodstream easing the injuries, only to be struck again. She falls to the ground staring into dirt.

-----Jenni places her foot on the fallen Ayane's head. "Is this it?" She is dead serious. She raises her left arm out and preforms a couple of enchantments with her fingers. With her powers she forms several icicle spears which hovers above palm her pointing down at Ayane. "If you do not have the will then I will end you here!" She brings down her arm, releasing the spears from her control, throwing them down towards Ayane.

-----Ayane closes her eyes. "I'm sorry... I'm sorry." She goes into a daze, into a flash back. She see's the photographs in her memory that she has burnt, remembering why she had to leave in the first place. "I can't die here..." Ayane clenches her fist. At the last minute before Jenni impales her, she explodes into a ball of fire; sending shock waves of heat and flames while melting the spears and pushing Jenni back a couple of steps away.

-----Jenni shields herself in an armor of ice. The explosion's waves have bought down several buildings within the vicinity, turning the courtyard of the palace into a desolate burning garden of fire. Jenni watches this in shock and terror, but her desire of revenge still burns brighter. She watches as out of the fire, Ayane arises unharmed covered in ashes. Jenni runs towards her again preparing to land another heavy kick, this time she had laced her boots with some ice spikes. She jumps and twists to land a flying kick.

-----Ayane lifts up her left arm and catches Jenni's kick with her hand. Jenni counters with her other leg dealing a devastating kick to Ayane's head again. Ayane is unfazed, the kick slowly removes some of ashes on her face, revealing something horrifying. There is no skin on her body, only flesh. In terror, Jenni jumps back a couple of feet away. Ayane slowly moves her hand into her face to regenerate the burnt skin back. When her face returns there is the ominous infernal markings tattooed under her eyes.

-----Ayane removes all the ashes away from her body, underneath reveals dark armor which covers her chest, pelvis, and her limbs. Her hair has turn from black to silver white. She also appears to have wings which resemble of either a demon or dragon, or maybe even a mixture of both. The infernal marks coarse all over her body as well, glowing a bright crimson color. Her Iris glows of the same colors too.

-----"This is the Phoenix form. I planned to use it against Shizuka to absorb her dark flames, so that I can stop the Black Sun." Ayane says calmly as she look into her palm. "This won't really do much against you because you don't enchant fire, but the amount of power it grants me... its enough to subdue you."

-----"Subdue me?!" Jenni enraged dashes clasps her hands together while she preforms some more enchantments. "Don't be so arrogant! I will destroy you, for what you have done, I will break you, I will get my revenge. It will be my ice that will take out Shizuka's flames, not you!"

-----"We have the same goal join me and we'll stop her together!"

-----"I've made my decision long ago, the day you let Shan die, is the day I decided to destroy you!"

-----"Shan is not dead, Don't you get it?!" Ayane said frustratedly, "Shizuka is manipulating you."

-----"Silence!" Jenni focuses her power. "Let our magics do the talking."

-----Jenni enchants an giant figure of herself made of ice behind her. Jenni moves her hand to crush Ayane with her palm, in which the giant does so inimically. Every movement which Jenni does, the giant does the same. Ayane flies out to the air to dodge the crush. Jenni moves her arms to punch Ayane in the air, however Ayane catches the giant's fist, with her palm. Jenni is shocked, but her anger and desire for revenge keeps her fighting. The difference of strength between the two is miles apart from each other now. Jenni knows this, but she fights on anyways.

----- Ayane charges up her fist, which glows intensely with a bright orange hue. Ayane goes into a boxing stance while in the air. She then punches the air pointing to the direction of Jenni. Jenni knows the power of this attack and shields herself with the giant's arm. The giant's arm then shatters into fragments of ice shards which fly all over the place. Ayane is impressed with Jenni's knowledge of her invisible flame attacks, shoots more punches towards her. In response, Jenni jumps away while creating Ice mirrors between the punches, as she slowly regenerates the giant's arm. The mirrors reflect back the attacks to Ayane however, her phoenix form absorbs the flame based magics. Ayane see's the regeneration of the ice giant, flies towards the head and delivers an invisible flamed upper cut which disintegrates the head of the giant shattering the rest of the body. Jenni seizes the opportunity and utilizes the billions of shattered pieces of the giant to engulf Ayane in a torrent of snow. Jenni encases Ayane into a large snowball slowly crushing her with the gravity inside.

-----"I've got you now!" Jenni laughs manically.

-----Ayane responds by radiating an aura of heat which melts all the snow away for an escape. Ayane then rushes towards Jenni who is caught off guard, delivering a charged knockout blow. Jenni flies a few feet away due to the impact explosion of the punch. Ayane walks towards Jenni. Jenni gets up slowly wobbling around. She limps towards Ayane. In a final attempt to defeat her, Jenni grabs Ayane and tries to flash freeze her. Ayane however, shoves Jenni off, pushing her down to the ground.

-----"Its over..." Ayane looks down at Jenni. "I'm sorry it had to end like this my friend. I didn't wanna fight you..."

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