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So like.. this b***h
*Ellie and I waiting to get lunch at school*

Girl (behind us): Yeah, she's a total b***h, I can ******** who ever I want.

*I look at Ellie and she gives me the same look*

Girl's friend: They're like, oh my god, this girl.

Girl: Oh, ******** you guys.

Ellie: What?

Girl: Yeah, you, ******** you. I know you're looking at each other about me.

Ellie: Um.

Girl: You know what, you don't know me, aha ******** you.

Me: Can you not?

Girl: Shut up, f**.

Me: How about you shut your legs.

Girl's friend: Ohhhh.

Girl: *flips us off and leaves laughing and smiling*

Ellie: *high-fives me* Moted!!!

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