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Okay its not that wonderful. Its rather boring
Anons From Halloween 2013 [not nearly all but most]
As you lay down to sleep on All Hallow's Eve, you have a peculiar dream...

You are on a bus. A crowded public bus, to be precise. There are a few empty seats, and one of them is yours. You see the man you have been following enter the bus. He gives exact change, and takes a seat. You know everything there is to know about this man. You know his name, his address, his age, everything. He doesn't even know you exist.

You step up from your chair, approaching the man. He ignores you. Everyone does. It's like they don't even know you are there. You reach down, extending your finger, and...
Boop. You tap the man on the head. He seems unphased, for a moment. Then he clutches his chest. He begins to gasp for air, clutching at the chair in front of him. The rest of the bus watch in panic as the life leaves him, and he slumps down onto the ground. The bus skids to a halt, and you leave, a smile upon your face...

You awaken early... What an odd dream. You can't place your finger on it, then again, you can't place your finger on the beautiful, if not odd broach that seems to have found it's way into your hair, and your new-found craving for fruit, either...

~The Dreamer

From: Little Black Cat Anon
User Image

You hear it,
not the wind, not the trees.
Instead, a sort of whisper,
not human, not beast.
You feel it,
not the moon, nor the stars,
Not even the chill of the night
and its icy breath.
You see it finally when,
On chance you have bent down.
A package, left by
a lone black cat. She glances back,
dancing away in the night.....

Have a spooky good Halloween,
From The Little Black Cat


You did not expect to be woken up at one in the morning. With groggy eyes and a dream filled mind, you grudgingly lifted yourself from your comfortable bed to investigate. It had been a loud bang followed by a second, less loud but still discernable, bang. You were not sure what had caused the noise, but it sounded like something had fallen. Or something like that. With a yawn, you moved out of your room and into the equally dark hall. You came more alert when you heard another noise. What was that? It sounded like something being pulled across the floor? Either way, the noise was coming from the guest room.

You did not expect the guest room door to be wide open. Normally it was closed or left slightly ajar. But the door right now was all the way pushed open until the doorknob was touching the wall. Funny how this simple detail made you suddenly worried. The inside of the room was equally dark except for a slim pale stream of moonlight. You flipped on the light, washing half the room in yellow dim light and leaving the rest in shadows. The room needed a new light bulb, you silently commented as you walked further in.

You did not expect to find the room perfectly in order. Nothing had fallen or moved for all that you could see. Nothing that would have caused the banging or dragging noise you heard earlier. Hand reaching out to turn out the light so you could leave, you paused, staring down at the space between the edge of the bed and the ground.

You did expect there to be dozens of little dried brown spots littered across the floor under the edge of the side of the bed. What was that stuff? You frowned and walked closer to the bed. As you got closer, you saw that the dots grew bigger the further under the bed they went. Getting onto your knees, you peered underneath the bed. It was dark underneath the bed; a void of blackness that your gaze could not pierce. The brown dots, larger the further you look, also grew more smeared. A putrid smell blasted your senses, but you ignored it. In the darkness, you could barely make out a shape. What was that? You ducked your head under the bed and moved a little closer to get a better look.

You did not expect something to grab you by the throat and drag your body forcefully all the way underneath the bed. You did not expect the sudden fear and the sudden pain as that thing attacked you. There was so much that you did not expect.

The cops did not expect there to be a mutilated, half eaten corpse underneath the guest bedroom of the house they were called to on Halloween night. How could they expect such a thing? After all, besides children, who ever expects there to be a boogieman in the darkness under their bed.

--- Phantom Anon

User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.

"Thank you for assuming the Party Escort Submission Position."

Really? After all that pain you went through?
You must really love testing. I understand.
When you do something long enough, it becomes your life.
And your life? Is testing.
Well, I should let you get back to that, then.
We wouldn't want you to get soft now would we?
The Aperture Science Handheld Portal Device is in the next room.
Ready to get back to testing? Good.
It's so nice to have you back.

Oooh? I don't recall a crusher being part of the test. Do forgive me.
Perhaps I can try reanimating you from the dead.
That sounds nice.

The corpse that walks,
its solemn line.
The vampire stalks,
finds blood to dine.
The werewolf howls
at the silver moon.
His human form
what's showing at noon.
The mummy's cries
of pain and loss.
His wraps that smell of must and moss.
The witch that flies,
upon her broom
casting curses
and spelling doom.
The black cat scurries,
hisses and claws
through the graveyard walks his paws.

&��Archie, wake up you great buffoon!&�� Squawked the crow as he continued to n** and peck in exasperation. The scarecrow started in surprise, giving a shake and a rattle as he yawned.
&��Moe, Is that you?&�� asked the scarecrow with a sleepy smile plastered on his burlap face. He attempted in vain to turn and look upon the crow that was perched on his shoulder.

Deep in the night where all dreams come true
is a candy factory just waiting for you.
Its storage room is filled with sugar and spice
and racks adorned with candy sweet and nice.

The candy factory is surrounded by lollipop trees
and you may choose one just as you please...

A haunting tune bewitches the night
Like the wings of a demon ready for flight
A girl sings a melody to pacify the damned
No one to hear but the skull in her hand

Her voice resounds through the fog and rain
She lives in the forest called Devil&��s Terrain
Alone and forgotten she sings her spell
As if punished by fate in a timeless Hell
--- Cree

The Last of Me

I don&��t want to fall
I rather die
Killing this pain and die
But I don&��t want to forget it all

I want to see you
Hear your heart beat
Feel the touch of your skin
Just one look and I slip
Into those eyes that make me dream
Go under some kind of spell
Some kind of &��feel but don&��t tell&��
Feeling a love that I can&��t share

I want you for my own
Thanks to you this feeling has grown
I&��m falling into an endless abyss
I don&��t feel my body or my soul
In this land of forsaken thoughts
If killing me was your goal
Before the last of my teardrops
My heart will stop beating
But I&��ll be no longer sleeping.

You are out of stamina as you run away from you most recent opponent. They give chase! You run as fast as you can only to trip & fall flat on your stomach. You opponent advances, only you hear a resounding yelp & the attacker running away. Someone walks over to you. They kneel & gently pull you to your feet. Your savior is a tall young man with locks the color of chestnut and a wrench in his hand. He looks like a knight from a strange academy; only from his gentle demeanor it is obvious he is not a fighter. You can make out a pair of ethereal teal eyes that almost glow as you look at his blushing face. ''Are y-you alright?'' he asks. You nod. G-Good... now g-go before th-they come back.'' he says looking around warily. You nod again & start to take off only to turn back around. The young man is gone, but a gift is left sitting where the man was standing covered in a crystalline dust. Its tag reads, ''I may not be able to fix my own heart, but I will fix yours.''

~Arron the Lythcol Mechanic

You may have heard of me but if you have not, then this shall be our first meeting. Not to fear, I shall tell you a story. Those who have seen me around will know how I became," The Grim Tailor." I will tell you all of my tale if you choose to stay and listen. For those who refuse me, need only speak up. You will only have to say you do not wish to hear of it and that you wish to be left alone. I will heed your warnings and will never approach you again. At the end of this introduction, you shall be my audience and I the narrator and character that will play in this story. Perhaps you will be open-minded but perhaps you might be disturbed at what will play at hand here. Do not worry, I made sure that nothing so drastic was to be described within these letters. Keep in mind that these letters will be split into parts.
Enjoy your lovely night.

An intro by: +The GrimTailor Anon+

Stars. They are always there;
They mark their presence, they are together, they are warm, are light, they are life.
Friends are Star.
Years way pass, distance way appears, but the mark stays in the heart.
The heart don't want to enamor for Comets who only bring looks passengers
~necoco anon~

A dull brown was once crimson red,
Silent screams still echo in this hallowed shed,
Still you linger,
Still I walk,
In our eternal night of crimson


The man that was responsible for fluff and dress theft was found staring at the gleaming full moon, with his bandana in hand.

"There you are, thief!" You shout.

The man turned his head towards your direction and delivered a smirk. "Congratulations for finding me," he said, "But this is a bad time." He placed his hands onto his mask and used them to slide the mask off of his face to reveal his unusual eyes; They were hazel with a brown ring around the pupil and the right eye was darker. The thief turned his body toward you, gave off a deathly glare, and began to take his gloves off. "Have you ever heard of the story of Little Red Riding Hood?"

"Y-Yes..." You answered nervously.

"That's good." The man responded as he continued to strip into full nude and kneel down on all fours.

The moon's light began to reflect off of the man's copper skin.

"The story begins here."

He began to laugh like a maniac, but they became grunts of pain. The whites of his eyes fade to black, making his stare more intimidating like a snake's to a mouse. When he smiled, his incisors plus neighboring teeth were resizing and rearranging themselves. Then four of his teeth, two on the top and two on the bottom, became big fangs. His mouth stretched out, making his lips appear non-existent. The ears slowly moved upwards and became pointy like an elf's.

The man eventually began to roar as black hair sprouted like grass all over. His mullet grew into a mane and his limbs deformed into a non-human shape; Feet and hands became paws. The tailbone extended and more of the hair grew on it, making it a tail.

The transformation was over; A black wolf with a blood lust howled in a way that made you dizzy from the loudness.

You then turned tail and ran from the monster; He pursuits you. Fortunately, your car was in sight; You quickly got in and drove off. The wolf was still chasing you, but it became tired from the car's exhaust. You sighed in relief, but your heart still pounds like a hammer on a nail.

Out of the dark, there was a shadowy figure running at a rapid speed towards you. You shrieked over the sight and smashed the brakes. The figure moved to the side and ran past you, dropping a small sack. That... Thing did not bother to come back for it, so you decided to take it home with you.

My, my my, hey there, yes you girl!
Did you lose this? I have to say, when you turned around you smitten me, stricken me, but I feel like you might have lost this here.
You see, this here, must be from you, because you're one foxy mama.
Oheyheyhey! Yes you are!

as you walk through the night a fog rolls in with a menacing figure hiding within. he approaches you with something in his hand, it appeared to be a knife.
So you try to run, only to find yourself caught in roots, the figure then is behind you, and places a cloak around you.
"may your halloween be as amazing as the stars in this cloak, farewell" and soon the figure vanashes, the fog dissapears and the roots release you and receed into the ground.
heart heart heart Celestial scarf

You're running as fast as you can as zombies approach from all directions. Luckily you have a sword, a very nice item to slice off their undead heads, as this is one of the few ways you might slay them.

As you're running, you trip, causing you to lose the sword and your favorite shirt gets caught in a bush. You get up and keep running, tearing your shirt. You don't notice as safety is within your grasp! You've got this under control! You can do it! These words of encouragement run through your head as you run, but once again you trip.

This time the zombies are too close to you. You can't get away. You scream and cry wishing someone would come to the rescue, anyone, even your worst enemy! You pass out as the fear of being completely torn apart by zombies overcomes you.

When you wake, you are amazingly unharmed. The zombies are gone. In their place is a package and a note which reads:

Thank you for your lovely donation to science. We will adjust our tests accordingly. Here is your reward.

Inside the box is a gift, the only thing you actually own now. You just have to hope that others are as generous as you were.

~The Zombie Government

Aren&��t you a cutie? Sleeping like you don&��t have a care in the world. Never noticing the shadow in your room~! Sorry sweetheart you aren&��t alone. Never are. Don&��t worry, I won&��t let the bad things catch you.
All I ask in return is that you let me watch you. Don&��t you know? Angels watch over you&�& Although I&��m not from heaven. And you won&��t go there either! You&��re MINE! No one will get you, I will drag you down with me.
But don&��t worry, love. Nothing will harm you, No I&��ll rip it all to shreds before it got a chance. They say you should be afraid of the dark, once you know what it hides. But don&��t worry I&��ll keep you safe, for you are mine for eternity.

Sweet dreams~

You will have unexpected great good luck. Lucky Numbers: 2, 48, 9, 16 - The Fortune Cookie

Fog rolls in from the forest behind. A horses whine echos around. You thought HE wasn't real, but tonight you'll find out how real HE is. Sounds of galloping begins. Closer and closer. The sounds are coming for you. There's no where to run, there's no where to hide. All you can do is wait till he comes for your head. Wind stirs above your head. Here it comes, the knife hungry for your head. You think today is your last, but the blade never comes. Instead you feel something falls at your feet. Before you know it everything is normal again. When you look down there is a small box wrapped tight with a bow. On top a tag reads, " NOW DO YOU BELIEVE IN ME!"

- The Headless Horse Man

A crown of flowers for your pretty head, I picked them myself from the most beautiful grave that I could find~ Mischievous Anon

It's Halloween and time is short,
We must prepare to scare and cavort.
These jolly jesting habits we have taken up,
exist to trick the truly corrupt.
We do not despair or hide in fear,
for that is when the demons are near.
Instead we revel in things most macabre,
So the ancient ones cannot complete their jobs.

yes i am watching you so be careful and be a good girl.
your welcome, i like to give more than once to people who are thankful.

Some would say you're too old for trick-or-treating, but who can resist the allure of free candy? Besides, all the shopkeepers have plenty of it, and they seem happy to give some away to whomever walks through their doors. You've spent the better part of your day walking through Barton and helping yourself to sugary sweets. However, it is getting late, and you figure you should head back before much longer.

On your way back home, you decide to take a shortcut through a part of town you've never seen before. Most houses have already put their Halloween decorations up, but one home in particular catches your eye. Whoever lives here has gone all out in getting ready for the holiday. The lawn is littered with fake tombstones, and the roof has a giant inflatable spider on it. Plastic ghosts and pumpkins cling to the windows. On the porch, sitting among a set of three jack-o-lanterns is a young girl who looks no older than twelve. In her lap is a humungous bowl of all kinds of candy. You're about to walk past, but then she looks up and calls out to you.

"Hi hi! Want some candy? My big brother says I can't eat it all myself." The girl pouts as she says this, but motions for you to come closer. You do so, and she takes your bag right out of your hands and pours a large portion of the bowl's contents into it. She returns your bag, now significantly heavier, and sends you on your way.

-- The House with the Bottomless Candy Bowl

I dedicate these lyrics to you~ <3

"You called me strong, you called me weak,
But still your secrets I will keep
You took for granted all the times
I never let you down
You stumbled in and bumped your head,
If not for me then you'd be dead
I picked you up and put you back on solid ground

If I go crazy then will you still
Call me Superman"

Lol Joking, I lied. Superman is for losers, I'm WAY out of his league.
Look at my picture I know you'd agree <3 User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
heart heart Love that song

It was a cold October night when you saw her.
You were walking home alone from a friend's house. Night had already fallen, and the full moon was already high in the sky, illuminating the world with its unearthly glow.
The wind was blowing, chilling you to the bone despite the jacket you wore. Dead leaves tumbled across your path on the sidewalk, crunching underneath your feet as you stepped on them.
Most of your attention was focused on the hot cuppa cocoa that would be waiting for you at home. Surely you would mix it up in your favorite mug, perhaps putting a dollop of whipped cream on top...
Suddenly you realized that there was someone on the sidewalk, only a few feet away from you. If you hadn't looked up sooner, you would have walked right into her...
Or straight through her.
The vision before you could only be that; a vision. You stopped dead in your tracks.
The girl appeared to be waiting for someone. She stood just at the edge of the curb, her arms crossed in a vain attempt to keep warm. You weren't surprised that she was cold, all she wore was a white nightie and a pair of house slippers. Her long brown hair stirred gently in the breeze.
"Excuse me?" You called. "Do you need help?" She appeared not to hear you. Hesitantly, you took a step closer. "Hello..?"
Slowly, she blinked, her lashes dark against her too-pale skin. She turned her head to face you. "Have you seen my brother?" She asked softly, her voice almost too soft to hear. "Have you seen Michael?" She looked away again, this time staring up at the moon hanging above you.
"No...I haven't. Have you lost him?" You asked anxiously as you rubbed your hands together to return some feeling to them. You didn't want to spend any more time than necessary outside.
"No...I didn't lose him." She sighed, still staring unblinkingly at the moon. "He was taken." You felt a jolt of alarm.
"He was kidnapped?!" You looked around, as if hoping to see some sign on the perpetrator. Another sigh made you look back at her.
"He was taken." She repeated. "By the Shadow." You blinked. That didn't sound promising.
"The...Shadow?" You sounded skeptical. Suddenly she turned to you, an intensity blazing in the innocent brown eyes of hers. She took your hands in her own, the coldness of them noticeable even through your numb skin.
"If you see the Shadow, don't go with him." She said, her voice hoarse. "He entranced me with the magic he possessed, and when he beckoned, I went with him to the island of lost boys." You frowned slightly. She had to be off her rocker. She pressed on. "I loved it there. There are mermaids and fairies and Indians and pirates, and so many adventures to be had. I didn't get homesick at all. Once night fell, though, the island changed."
Her tone shifted, and your skin crawled. "It became dark and forbidding. The air was filled with the cries of all the children the shadow took there." She sucked in her breath, looking upward in fear as a cloud passed in front of the moon, casting a shadow on you both. Once it passed, she continued, somewhat subdued.
"Once you get there, you can never go home. Never grow old. It's just adventure, all the time. It's dangerous there." She closed her eyes, and you were surprised to see a tear fall. "I asked the Shadow to take me back, and he did. I was so relieved to be home, but...I didn't -- I didn't know!" Her voice broke, choking on her sobs. You awkwardly removed your hands from hers, patting her shoulder.
"What happened?" You prompted her. It took a moment before she could reply.
"He only took me back because he wanted a boy." Her voice was sour. "The next night he took my little brother Michael with him. I traded myself for him, unknowingly..." She turned away, and resumed waiting by the curb.
"What are you going to do?" You asked, even as you took a step back from her.
"I'm going back. I'm going to get Michael back. It's my duty as his big sister..." She murmured. A minute passed, and she appeared to be ignoring you. Frowning, you stepped around her and resumed your trek home with a hurried pace, not looking back once. People like her could be dangerous.
However, as you walked off, another shadow passed over you, but you passed it off as another cloud. A rustling sound occured behind you, and that made you pause and look over your shoulder back to the girl.
You were startled to see a confused little boy standing on the curb where she was, looking tired and dirty and slightly scared. He wore feetie pajamas, and he pressed a raggedy brown bear to his chest. The boy was staring in awe up at the moon, like the girl had. You looked up, and watched as the shadows of what appeared to be two children fly past the moon and vanish into the black of the sky.

This has been brought to you by Anonymous.

Halloween Gifting
Delivering Creepy Gift


One with skin so hot to touch
Your Soul is what i'd like to clutch
But first I must kill you dead
To see your clothes soak with red
As you lay dying, skin growing cold
I reach for your Soul to have and to hold
As I pull it from your chest your heart will stop
When I leave this place and your Body will rot...

~ The Soul Collector

While you are in your home you do not notice me, you never notice me. No one ever notices the faceless old lady. I am not here to hurt you, even if I do mess around with the items in your home. I can see the way you die, as time is weird from my perspective, but you are not really dead not really yet.
I messed with the books in your book shelf but you won't notice it. As you are reading this I am in the same room as you, but you won't notice me. Remember to vote for me as mayor of Night Vale, a place that you will go to but from whence you will never come back, or maybe you will come back changed.

The Faceless Old Lady That Lives in Each of Your Houses Anon

And the Grammy for best impromptu song parody goes to...


Congratulations! In lieu of a cheesy statue, here's a prize worth getting excited about!
There is a story behind this one.....

My fair maiden-holding dagger,
Your wit is beyond compare
---The Slate

I like pie, do you like pie?
I'm out of pie! crying
Please accept this instead.

Pie Loving Anon

Some flowers for a lovely scientist!

I stood atop a building watching as everyone fought below. Rogues, mages, clerics and defenders healing the wounded and attacking the enemy...and for what? a petty dislike between Easter Bunny and Jack. Why should we fight their battle. I frowned as another memory surfaced, wasn't i like that too, forcing or tricking people to fight for me over a silly, stupid, naive reason.

'I apologize Queen but i must decline your marriage proposal. I love another and hope to marry her. With greatest regards, Prince Allan'
i read the note over and over again trying to believe it a joke. He.....refused my marriage proposal.....Because he loved another! I crumpled the note and throw it away from me as tears formed in my eyes. I barely registered my Brother, My most loyal servant, standing there. I curled up on my bed, pulling the covers to hide me as i clutched a picture of my darling prince Allan. My words were broken but the order was clear and true " The girl, the one he so loves, must die. Kill them all" In my pain and anger i did not see the pain in my brother's eyes at my order nor did i care for it. Before the day was done the order was sent through the ranks and the army was gathered. Eyon was at war with Ilrian. My brother left with the army to personal see to the girls death, to fulfill my main wish.

I looked up at the moon "I was a fool, a naive girl who was selfish, so why did you chose me and not him. The one who's only fault was being born my twin brother, who out of love for me fulfilled my wishes just so i would smile and laugh" My glare was harsh as i continued to look at the moon "He should be here, not me!" i heard someone approach behind me, with little thought i put them to sleep, leaving them in a safe place as i left the war zone below.

~Moon of Dreams
Part 3 of my little tale, can you find the rest?

Ice (referred here as "water in the solid state" wink isn't just confined to the crystals that form when water cools to 32 degrees Fahrenheit or 0 degrees Celsius, but in Bridgman nomenclature goes from ice Ih to ice XV, formed under various pressures and temperatures.
heart science heart

&��Wisps of arctic blue and green and purple buzzed and whirled within those sharp spikes, sending out a wild coruscation of coloured light. The aurora was mesmerizing and blinding at the same time, and little disco balls hoped that they could grow up to be half as brilliant one day.&��
&�� Jim Butcher, Cold Days

-Book Anon

As you set out on life&��s road
unsure of the path you&��ll go,
the most important thing you can do
is to always be true to &��you&��

Always remember who you are
in moments of struggle or fear.
Never forget or give up on
the hopes and dreams you hold dear

There will be setbacks and rejection
and moments of failure too,
but you must overcome any frustration
to achieve the potential of you.

Don&��t forget to smile, or laugh,
or to live in the present;
no matter where life takes you
make every memory pleasant.

As you travel along your journey,
know that you&��re never alone


Once again, I thank you all heart

Community Member
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