11/14/2013 4:32 PM

It has been a long day, and the day is only half over. I drove to the store alone in my car. What a bitter-sweet journey. It feels amazing to be out on the open road, going wherever I need to go whenever I feel like it. Music blasting and nothing can stop me. Then I stopped to think. "I'm doing this alone. What's the point?" Blazing down the highway I look over to an empty seat and it hits me... This journey through life means nothing if I am alone. I do not know what twists and turns lie in wait for me around the bends of this river that is life. I wish She was here beside me for it all, and I keep on hoping that She will be sometime soon. This type of feeling hits me all too often, and everything else fades away.

I hope She knows that She never leaves my mind.