Night was not night in hell. Night was not dark, nor was there silence as there was in the human world. Fathers creatures would call to the lost souls, hungry and waiting. Night was described to me as a time of worship. Father had taken to me because he knew I would be his sucessor. Father taught me to never trust anyone, not even my brothers. Now I know why. That night I was born, as my father lay dieing by the hands of his own sons he focused all his energy into a small ball of fire. From that fire I was born, with all his knowledge and power. He left memories for me to piece together. He told me to never be found out as the son of lucifer for I would shurly be killed. He taught me how to go to the human world, finally he told me to finish what he had started. Kill the humans and my brothers. Now I wait for my power to fully emerge. I will become earths new god and only then will I have my vengeance.