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lucy's log
lucy & tarendra's relationship
Lucy Bellamy and Tarendra Reba's relationship can be described with one word: complicated.

There's no doubt that they love each other as friends and significant others, even if Lucy tries to deny it. To Lucy, Tarendra is his everything; his family, his friend, his better half. And Tarendra is happy to be all those things for him. Tarendra loves Lucy unconditionally.

They're childhood friends. They met in the orphanage where Lucy was growing up. At the time, Lucy was ten years old and Tarendra was fourteen. Tarendra was a volunteer at the orphanage; during his first day, he noticed the lone child in the cafeteria, not eating. Concerned, he approached the child. The child, or Lucy, tried arguing that the food there was tainted. Tarendra tried to reassure him that the food was safe. Ultimately, he had to taste the food first to win Lucy over.

After that, Tarendra made an effort to see Lucy every chance he got. He was worried that Lucy wasn't developing any social skills. Fortunately, Tarendra was skillful at understanding Lucy's needs and patient enough to learn the signs. For example, Lucy didn't like being touched unless given permission, so Tarendra made it a habit to hold his hand out to him instead. If Lucy took his hand, it was alright for Tarendra to touch him. If not, Tarendra would just have to keep his paws off.

Over time, Lucy developed a crush on Tarendra. One could even say he started to fantasize a future with him. Every little girl dreams about their wedding day, and being an intersex, Lucy was no different. The two spent most of their time together, playing games and pretend, or reading books. They even acted out a marriage together where Tarendra proposed with one of his mom's rings that he stole. Lucy held onto the ring afterwards, thinking the proposal was real. Once, Tarendra got daring and forced Lucy to ride a piece of cardboard down the stairs with him. Lucy made it down just fine, but Tarendra fell off and broke his arm. Lucy, due to his schizophrenia, thought Tarendra had died and he started wailing over his fallen body. After that, Tarendra decided no more reckless behavior.

Things were going very well. Lucy was more tolerable and more importantly, he was happy. Unfortunately, Tarendra has a split personality. On the surface, he's typically kind, naive, generous, but underneath that lies a sadistic and seductive monstrosity. One day, while the two were half reading, half snoozing, Tarendra's alter ego was aroused and he attacked Lucy. While it undoubtedly hurt Lucy in ways he couldn't imagine, he still clung to his ideal vision of Tarendra and easily forgave him, a sure weakness of his. Shortly after the attack, Tarendra snapped to and realized he had to head home that very second, so he ran out, leaving Lucy in his banged up condition.

But Lucy forgave him, figuring Tarendra would apologize later. Tarendra returned home. Tarendra kept his volunteer work a secret, so no one at his home knew about the orphanage or Lucy. However at bath time, one of the maids noticed blood on his person. His parents were brought into the picture immediately where they questioned him. Wanting to keep Lucy a secret, he lied and said the blood came from a prostitute he met on the street. His parents immediately had him sent to a boarding school out of state, hoping to rectify him and keep him out of trouble.

Lucy waited and waited for Tarendra to show up, but he never did. Eventually, his patience wore thin and he threw a massive tantrum. He trashed his entire bedroom and lashed out at everyone who came within five feet of him. He even threw out the ring. He didn't care that Tarendra attacked him. He was mad that Tarendra used him and then stopped showing up. Having thrown tantrums for three days, he finally fell asleep and when he woke up, he had no recollection of Tarendra. He repressed all memory of him, good and bad.

Lucy’s schizophrenia took a turn for the worst at the age seventeen when he admitted to hearing things that nobody else seemed aware of and his delusions started to get out of hand. The voices told him malicious things about himself and those around him, making him all the more paranoid. Fearing for his well-being, Ms. Bellamy turned him over to an institution. The sudden change drove Lucy mad. His roommate was admitted for severe anger management problems which caused him to lash out at Lucy on numerous occasions. On top of that, Lucy was convinced that the institute’s food was poisoned and he refused to eat.

One late night, the voices came back and persuaded Lucy that his roommate was unsafe and should be dealt with, so Lucy incapacitated him in his sleep. Out of hunger and inducement, Lucy turned cannibalistic and attempted to devour his roommate’s flesh. Deemed veritably insane, he was thus sent to an Asylum for treatment. He escaped however, and fled Germany now a wanted man.

Incapable of holding down a job or career, Lucy resorted to thieving and pawning to make a living. He had a lot of potential to be a writer or a musician – given his wild imagination – however his schizophrenia prevented and discouraged him. His writing would turn to gibberish and he often would lose his train of thought; sometimes he couldn’t find it afterwards. He traveled the Eastern hemisphere until a beneficial hallucination named Tej tricked him into heading back to his hometown.

On the other hand, Tarendra lived at the boarding school until he was twenty one years old. Upon returning home, he immediately returned to the orphanage. Unfortunately, Lucy had already been turned over to the institution at that point. In fact, he had already fled the country as a wanted man. Nobody had the nerve to tell Tarendra that though, so they left him in the dark. Back at home, Tarendra chose to resume his volunteer work under the watchful eye of his parents and their house workers.

However, a few years later, both his parents fell horribly ill and died. Tarendra inherited all their wealth and the house. Now in charge, Tarendra fired all the house workers and hired brand new ones, preferably ones that didn't know about his sketchy past. Still, rumors spread around about his actions and the sudden death of his parents.

Nearly twenty years later, Lucy and Tarendra reunite. Since Lucy repressed all memory of Tarendra, he can’t pinpoint why he was so infuriated at him, he just knew that he was mad and therefore wasn’t willing to completely trust him again. Nonetheless, Tarendra resumed pampering him, like nothing changed. While Lucy’s still very bitter as a result of what all happened, his subconscious still longs for Tarendra’s attention, otherwise it wouldn’t have created Tej and led him back to his hometown. Lucy still has feelings for Tarendra, but in fear of getting jilted again, he keeps his distance. Even so, his guard still drops from time to time, allowing them to behave like the best of friends again.

Eventually, Lucy starts to see therapy under Tarendra's orders. He does manage to enter his psyche where he finds himself standing in his old bedroom back in the orphanage. There's banging and crying coming from the closet, signifying the attack. He's too afraid to confront it. However, he feels something in his hand. Looking down, it's the ring that Tarendra gave him, signifying Lucy's undying desire to marry him still. The memories all come flooding back, but Lucy's still bitter and afraid. No matter how many times Tarendra tells him the story, Lucy felt jilted. Still, he loves him.

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