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Just another journal..
It is a... journal of a wolf..
Everything is so much calmer at my dad's house.. My mom isn't here to yell at me all the time and my sister isn't here to throw crap around and complain. normaly they watch tv, but they can't hear worth crap so they have the volume up really loud and I can hear it from my room... and the fact that my sister goes up to my mums room at least 4-5 times a day is really anoying because she is loud just to annoy me. I don't do anything to her and she goes out of her way to do crap to me. meh, at least my only issue at my dads house is that I have to go to bed at 10. (sucks because I have trouble sleeping, so I'm forced to just lay on my bed till i pass out, which is about 12 on most days. at my moms I sleep around 1am and get up around 6am, my body doesn't like sleeping much, dunno why.)
I like the quietness... but my dad does like to judge everything I do.. but at least he says it outloud. he I just like a child that doesn't really know better, but he does in public, just not with family. its better then my mum who judges me with her eyes all the time, and complains about my personality and this and that with entire lectures.
Why am I ranting now? I'm not in a bad mood. I mean my head hurts but my head always hurts. Migraines? I wish. its worse. Bleh, I have to have special meds for it because It gets worse when I'm stressed, so much so that at times I can't even think. BAH AGAIN WITH THE RANTS OMFG SHUT UP. maybe oneday i'll post a journal about my life up to this point, but that would be to depressing... and it would depress me even more because I'm not great at telling stories and end up leaving quite a few things out..merp well I'm off the sushi turned out well but I'm about to brake my ps3 because battlefield 4 keeps freezing.

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