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All About Me!~
im Hailey, mood:... hair: Black and Green eyes:crystal blue age:... in a relationship:...
Love isn't what it always seems
As I get to the car my phone rings it's Lizzy calling proably to see where I am. I answer "Hello?"
"Uh i-is this Ray?"
"yeah this is Lizzy right?"
"Y-yeah it is uhm I was wondering where you were beacause ive been waiting for about ten minutes now"
"I had to tell Bree I was working late tonight she got all butthurt, sorry for being late but things happen when you have a girlfriend you have to lie to"
"About Bree when are you gonna break-"
"Can we not talk about this on the phone? I'll be there in thifteen minutes okay?"
"Oh okay uhm bye?"
I hang up the phone before she could say anymore, I love Bree don't I? but I like what Lizzy gives me. Bree makes me happy and makes me feel I have a place here but Lizzy, Well she makes my body want her more and more but i don't love her do I? I don't I love what she can do for me and thats it.
~Phone starts vibrating~
"Hey Bro, It's Xaiver I was wondering what girl your staying with tonight?" ~laughter in background~
"Who are you with?"
"Oh i'm with Kyle, Max, and Spencer why?"
"Is Kyle still all over my girl? Cause I don't need her to find out about what is about to happen."
"Whats gonna happen?"
"N-Nothing i got to go i'm driving."
"don't be a p***y dude tell me"
I hang up the phone. Wow that's great now Kyle is gonna tell Bree something is up. Damn this isn't good. As I park the car in my work parking lot i run to the bus stop and see Lizzy standing there.
"Hey Lizzy."
"Oh hey what is the plan my place or a hotel?"
"I was thinking hotel but there isn't one close so we will have to walk pretty far is that okay?"
"Yeah thats fine, but what does Bree know?"
"Bree does'nt know anything i'm pretty sure she thinks i'm working late tonight so she does'nt have to worrie about staying up and waiting for me to come home."
~As we arive at the hotel I open the door for Lizzy~
"Your welcome, go to the desk and ask for a room for two okay?"
"Yeah but where are you going?"
"To the bathroom"
"I'll wait for you after I get the room and key."
"Okay". I flash a smile and quickly walk to the bathroom. In the bathroom I start over thinking things. ~~What if Bree finds out? Who is more worth my time? Who do I truely love?~~ I pull my pants down and pee, as I pull my pants up and zip them I hear a faint voice "Life is what you make it". Walking out I see Lizzy waiting at the elavator.
"So what floor and what room?"
"Floor 6 Room 201".
~~I hope shes joking, Thats the room Bree and I gave ourselfs to eachother~~
"O-oh great.."
"whats wrong?"
"Nothing just can't wait to get to that room" I smile faintly at her.
"well that makes two of us". She smiles back.
~The elavator doors open and we walk in and hit the floor button 6~
~the doors open once more and we walk together down the long hall till we hit the room, we swipe the key and the door unlaches we go in and just as I remember everything it was all there same cleaning smell, and clean windows, and stained carpet~
"So Lizzy, How is this gonna happen here and now or we settle and then have fun?"
~Lizzy hesitates~
"Well lets settle and then have fun".
"Sounds fine to me"
~as i walk through the kitchen I go to the couch and take my coat and shirt off and toss them and the arm and take my pants off and sit down and turn on the t.v.~
~~30 minutes pass~~
~I get up to see whats taking so long and i knock on the bathroom door~
"I'll be out in a minute"
"Okay but whats taking so long?"
"you will see" Lizzy said suductivly.
"I'll be in the room".
~~10 minutes later~~
~Lizzy walks in the room naked with cutest smile but the sexiest face, and I turn off the t.v. and smile at her, She walks slowly and smiles the whole way.~
"Ready?" She asks.
"Well isn't it obvious?" I smirk.
She giggles and crawls on the bed kissing me and slowly pulling my boxers off.
I smile and pull the blankets over us. Kissing I roll on top of her taking control and feeling her up, she moans in our kiss breathing slow i stop kissing her and start kissing down her chest to her torso and to her hips right to her mid area and she looks at me with her beautiful forest eyes and bites her lip and i spread her legs and kiss all the way down. ~~10 minutes later~~ I look up at her and she smiles satisfied, she gets up and kisses me and lays me down kisses me one more time and gets on top. ~~30 minutes later~~ she rolls on her back and smiles at me getting out of the bed she goes in the bathroom and i roll over and drift into a blessful sleep.

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