✿ Continued because there are wayyy too many beautiful and generous people in this world crying

The Hug Dealer - 50k heart
Imperial Shockies - Sleeveless Charcoal Top
An anonymous benefactor - Dark Valkyrie
Cupcake anon yum_cupcake - Sweet Vanilla Cupcake emotion_kirakira
aria chimes - 250k crying heart
some martian - 50k heart
Konnpeito - Crater Feel
edikit - Berserker Pilot, Benny the Puppy, Devil's Sonata, Tasmanian Safari, Herr Schwartz heart
Whale Child - 1m!! crying heart
catsco - SDPlus Jenny heart heart
Legit Cancer- October Birthstone Anklets heart
G-Mini - Monster Masquerade and Morpheus crying heart
adamai - 500k heart
Bipolars - Kanoko's Nightmares crying heart heart heart