sora wonk
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it's funny
My life feels so empty without orgo. Seriously I don't have to wake up until noon tomorrow. What do I do with all that time.

My dad took me out to dinner. As we were driving, I saw my boss walking across the bridge with his boyfriend. It's funny how small this city is.

It does seem that all my friends are gay, but that is not the case.

My dad mistook conditioner for shampoo and bought me a bottle of conditioner large enough to lube up a hundred elephants. I don't even use conditioner. Let us begin elephant orgy. I once saw a nature program....

I am only here because my journal is here, but it may be time to close shop and recreate my identity elsewhere. Maybe tumblr.

But the joys of being an anime character...

Alright, I've moved to

Hell is scrolling through tumblr themes.

Goodbye friends.