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Portfolio of the Weird
This is a place where I vent, dump sigs and place concepts.
The Sportsfest
Its been a while after I defeated the Hellmeisters and saved, not only the world..but the other girls as well with the help of Tiffany. But my selfishness almost ruined the team, maybe I should make it up to them..but how?

"Heeeeeeey Taeeeeengooooo" Sooyoung yelled as she ran towards me while dragging Hyo and Sunny.

"Hi Taengoo, how are you?" Sunny smiled while getting her hands away from Soo's iron grip.

"Yeah Taeyeon, you weren't replying to our texts..are you a ghost or something?" Hyoyeon started poking my arm repeatedly, with a glare..she just realized that she was totally wrong..

"Oops, sorry Tae..we were just concerned about you..that is all" The blonde smirked sheepishly and rubbed her hair.

"Seriously guys, I'm fine..but thanks for the concern" I smiled back at the three of them. Here, the three girls looked at me with raised eyebrows.

"Kim Taeyeon, is that really you? Or are you a ghost?" Hyoyeon started to poke my arm once again. Here, Sunny said:

"Taengoo, I don't really know what hit you back there..but wow, you're smiling!" Here, Sooyoung and Hyoyeon laughed in joy and danced wildly. I just laughed along with them, but here..I saw Yoona running towards us.

"Ugh, thank goodness you're here Tae-unnie.." The taller girl said with a huff. She handed me out a letter and said:

"Just read it alright unnie, text me later..I have to go now, see you guys!!" Yoona soon ran off and disappeared. Why would she give me this letter and run off afterwards?

"Hey Taengoo, who is that lady you just met with?" Sunny asked, here Soo replied : "Ah that's Im Yoona, one of Taeng's friends from the other school".
Sunny just chided herself for forgetting my teammates, I mean friends.

"Open the letter, open the letter" Hyoyeon yelled out while Sooyoung slapped the girl on the arm for being too excited.

At Hyo's command I decided to open the envelope and see what it contains. There..it wasn't just any simple letter..it was a challenge letter!

Dear Taeyeon,

Thanks again for saving the four of us but that does not mean we're gonna be all chummy and stuff. You know Tiff is still hurting from what you did, after a little group talk..we decided that the next step in proving that you're sorry is by competing against the five of us in a sportsfest. Don't worry, its not a 1 vs.5 match..feel free to choose your four teammates.

Text Yoona if you got your team sorted out, the challenge will start two weeks from now. We'll still work together, but in this competition..don't expect us to to take it easy on you.

Jessica (and the other girls)

Oh shoot, the girls are challenging me to a sportsfest. This is not looking good, they're still mad at me. I guess I have no choice..

Meanwhile, at Jessica's house:
"Are you sure this sportsfest thing will work Jessi?"

"Well, I can't really tell you if it will work..but its a good way for you to vent out your frustrations through sports"

"We don't even play sports, well except Yuri and Yoona.."

"Seobang will be our coach then, simple as that."

"Sometimes I don't get you Jessica Jung, I really don't.." Tiffany grumbled as she returned back to stirring her coffee.

Back at the park:
"Oooh, a sportsfest with the other girls..this will be so exciting!!!" Sunny grinned as she pumped her fists. Sooyoung and Hyoyeon on the other hand were huddling towards Taeyeon and with a yell..

"Taeyeoooon, can we join your teaaaaam pleeaaaaaaseeee?" The two girls said in unison while the former was facepalming. With a muffled laugh, Taeyeon said yes right away. Here, the two soon danced in joy. Sunny just sighed and told Taeyeon that she's also in the team. The older girl soon stopped the fanfare as she noticed that..

"Guys, don't get too excited..we still lack a team member.." Taeyeon sighed as she started to worry, where would she find a fifth member for the competition? Hyoyeon's voice snapped her back to reality.

"Hey Taeyeon, I know someone who can join us in the sportsfest..she's a winner, just like me! Wait up, I'll call her." The blonde whipped out her phone and started to talk. After a few minutes, a bob-haired girl walked and waved hi to Hyoyeon.

"Hey Hyo, what's up?" The girl said with a smile. Here Hyoyeon replied "Yo Min!" She fistbumped the girl and after a few introductions..

"So you guys are short of one person for the sports team and I'm gonna be in it? Awesome, when does the competition start?"

"Two weeks from now" Taeyeon mused.

"Alright then, Min and I will coach you girls!!! We're born to win and you'd better tell all your friends!"

"Yeah Hyo is so right!! Because we're the Little Winners after all!" Once again, Hyoyeon and Min bumped their fists together in the air.

"Ooohhkaaaay" Sunny facepalmed while Sooyoung and Taeyeon patted her back.

At the convenience store, Yul-unnie, Hyunnie and I were eating when my phone started to vibrate, I picked it up to see:

[SMS from Taeng] Yoong, I chose my team members already. Its me, Sun, Soo, Hyo and Min.

"Tae-unnie just texted, she got her team already" I said while eating a slice of pizza.

"That's good Yoong, it seems that Taeyeon-unnie is taking this seriously" Seohyun smiled while eating steamed veggies.

"Yeah, just reply to her..show no merc- I mean just be tough and all" Yuri's words were cut off as she was hit by Seohyun's pointy elbow.

Back at the park:
[SMS From Yoong] Good, just train hard..we won't take it easy on you..remember that.

Ugh, I really hope things would clear out. Or maybe I was being too selfish..

Am I?

And so, training began. Hyo and Min were pretty hardcore coaches. It seems that they are called Little Winners after all.


On the other hand, Yuri is a pretty awesome coach. Don't let her hyper-ness get to you. When it comes to athletics, she's pretty serious...Jessi's right after all. Soon, we went to the tailor to pick up our jerseys.

"Whaaaat, why is my jersey number typed as zero?!" I was gasping, I mean they got the color right..but its supposed to be 01 not 0!!

"Come on Fany-unnie its not bad to be the team hole.." Yoona snickered a bit, I just sighed and nodded. Maybe I should focus less on the jersey and more on our team performance.


This was it, today was the sportsfest. After a few weeks of rigorous training and Hyo's cheesy lines. This was it, today is the day I will prove to my friends, a.k.a the Granlegends that I am sorry for being selfish.

"So you're all here, I hope you're ready.." Tiffany said coldly, the other girls just looked at me with serious looks on their faces.

"Sure Ms. Zer-" Here, Hyoyeon's mouth was soon covered by the hands of Sunny, Min and Sooyoung.

"Hmph, I hope your words can back up your insults, lady.." Seohyun gave out a glare towards Hyoyeon. This will be a heated fight, I can sense it.

"Alright, we'll tell you the sequence of events later.." Jessica said nonchalantly, here a pink-haired girl passed by.

"Hey you, girl..please be our referee" Yuri pleaded, here the girl just nodded. And with that, the games were about to start. This was no longer a battle between the Granlegends and the 7 Sins Cult, this time its a competition between us.

To be continued..

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    Sun Nov 10, 2013 @ 05:28pm

    one things for sure your a great writer and very descriptive too you will be a great auther someday

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