GOD this feels so weird.
Tristan and I have been having a bit of a bad time lately..
We're both terrified of losing each other.
Thing is: Neither of us want to break up.
Honestly, I've never had this happen to me.
I've never really felt a need like this to keep fighting so hard for a relationship...
Probably because it's not an online thing.
He's just so perfect to me..
Amazing cuddles, amazing kisses...I giggle EVERYTIME that we eskimo kiss. x////x
I love playing with his hair, scratching his back, listening to music with him...
This is also the same man that took me on my first date. (Which was WONDERFUL. <3)
I just...adore every single moment that I get to be with him, even when we do fight..
Sometimes, I don't know what I can do for him when he's so upset, but I'm slowly realizing that if I just...stay by his side, I'll be helping more than I'll know.
He really is the best boyfriend that I've had..
And it's also little things that make me love him like holding my hand in public, holding me close in a crowd of people, kissing me in the forehead when I cover my face... >//w//<
So...what is it?
I can't say that I'm in love yet, can I?
I just always feel such strong emotions towards him and the thought of breaking up rips me apart from the inside..
So....what is it..?