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Babette's family have been part of a wandering circus for generations. Longer than anyone can remember. It is their livelihood and their love but Babette has never felt she belonged. Perhaps it's time to dream bigger and find herself?!

Life in the caravan was hard for Babette. Even though her family had owned the touring circus for generations, poor Babette was rarely exempt from chores! It felt as if she'd spent her whole life combing the tangles out of the lion's mane, or helping the trapeze artists apply their makeup, or reassuring the Strongman that he looked most handsome -- even if he had gotten a little pudgier around his middle. Circus life no longer thrilled the young girl like it had once had, and Babette couldn't help but wonder if, perhaps, she didn't belong under the Big Top at all. Was there somewhere else out there where Babette could truly belong? And if so, how would she ever find it?

Clownish bow, Clownish top
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Babette finally realized that the circus life no longer suited her. She wanted something exciting and new! There was a whole world out there waiting to be discovered, and she'd never experience any of it if she stayed with the caravan her entire life. And so one night Babette crept into her parents' room, kissed their sleeping faces goodbye, and tiptoed out of her family's wagon. She reached for a gigantic helium balloon and closed her eyes, waiting to drift upwards. The sensation of the tips of her toes trailing over the grass was ever so ticklish and strange, but Babette refused to open her eyes. It wasn't until she was drifting hundreds of feet in the air that she finally opened them, watching the lights and colored banners of the life she had once known -- and even loved, at one time -- fade away below her.

Fly Away, Take Off
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Babette's balloon first took her to a strange world covered with a sheet of shimmering, prismatic ice. The snow stretched as far as the eye could see, but despite the freezing temperatures the world was beautiful and peaceful. Such a relief from the usual cacophony of the circus life! But Babette's sense of wonder soon faded, and she realized this icy planet was too cold and desolate. Saddened but not defeated, Babette reinflated her balloon and let it carry her over somewhere new.

Bangs + Tails, Earmuffs, Extra Long Scarf
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Babette clung to her balloon as she drifted over countless worlds, eventually choosing one at random to make her descent. She landed in a field full of flowers of all colors and shapes, the sweet scent almost as intoxicating as this new world's beauty. She was greeted by the tiny, pixie-like inhabitants of the world who called themselves the Arnanthe. These strange natives immediately adored Babette, and she soon loved them in return. The Arnanthe took to calling Babette their beloved princess, and every day they gathered the freshest, most fragrant flowers into extravagant bouquets to present to her. But it wasn't long before Babette began to feel sick; her body was so weak, and her heart grew heavy with a terrible sadness. It seemed as if the pollen from the Arnanthe's world of flowers was toxic to her, causing Babette to fall very ill. Although Babette loved the Arnanthe and their perfumed world, she knew she could no longer stay. And so Babette inflated her balloon once more and allowed herself to be carried away, waving a tearful goodbye to the people who had been so kind to her.

Flower Backdrop, Flower Crown
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Flower Bustle, Flower Crown
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Babette's balloon carried her far, far away. It felt as if she'd been traveling for ages before she was finally dropped off in a world that looked remarkably like her own. After a few days exploring this new place, Babette realized it was absolutely perfect! There was no famine, no wars, and no diseases. Everyone lived in opulent homes, spending their time eating fine foods and going to fancy balls every night. Babette settled in quickly, eager to join in the luxury of this new lifestyle. She soon grew to love dressing herself in extravagantly beautiful clothing and dancing till the early hours. After a few months, however, Babette found herself growing weary of her new "perfect" life. She had dozens of acquaintances but no close friends, and the loneliness was beginning to weigh heavily on her heart. The people of this planet were all superficial and never forged close relationships. All they talked about was where they got their clothing, or what ball they were at last night and what ball they planed to attend the following night. Children Babette's age were a rare sight, as they were considered to be far too unruly and took too much time away from going to balls. Babette saw the truth that this seemingly perfect world was slowly dying and so regretfully, slowly floated away again.

Exquisite Gown, Exquisite Boots, Loneliness
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Babette floated aimlessly for a while, too heartbroken to even think of landing anywhere, when she had an epiphany. The reason why none of these other planets had felt right was because they weren't her home! Armed with her new realization, Babette steered her balloon homeward.

But so much time had already passed. The caravan had no doubt moved on by now, since part of the circus life was never staying in one place for too long. Babette worried herself sick as her balloon slowly drifted down, terrified she would never see her family again. To her surprise and delight, however, the caravan was exactly where she left it! The moment she landed she was surrounded by friends and family, all of them desperate to embrace her and ask her questions. They'd waited for months, refusing to leave until their sweet little Babette came home. Everyone had been so worried! The strongman even cried a little, although he refused to admit it.

Babette had never been so relieved or so happy. She loved the circus, she loved her friends, and she loved her family! And so Babette worked harder than ever, content and secure in the knowledge that she truly, finally, found the place she belonged.

Ringmaster Coat, Ringmaster Shorts, Ringmaster Top Hat
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Star Traveller, Hair
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