11/8/2013 5:16 AM

Not a single night goes by that my dreams aren't filled with Her beauty. It is as if my eyes closing is a trip to visit Her. This night I lie in bed with Her. Our conversation seems negative, and I can feel my unhappiness because of it. Our negativity turns to insults, which become jokes, which becomes play fighting. Oh, how I miss that. I lie next to Her, looking into Her beautiful eyes. She leans in and teases me ever so much by just barely allowing Her lips to touch mine before She pulls away quickly. I smile. Her teasing brings me so much happiness. It reminds me of who She is and what it was like to be with Her in an instant. She teases more, letting me kiss Her slightly more each time. I attempt to kiss Her by leaning in myself. She pretends to be uninterested by turning away. I know this game all to well. I jump up and grab Her, wrestling to get Her into a position facing me. She struggles, but smiles at the same time. I pin Her down and begin kiss Her lips. She refuses at first by pulling Her lips in tight. I reach one of my hands down Her body and begin to tickle Her. She squirms and fights. I take the opportunity and kiss Her again. She finally shows She wants it and kisses back passionately. I feel Her soft, warm lips on mine and I taste Her mouth. It is such a sweet and familiar taste. I feel alive in this moment. This unconscious moment... Still lying with Her I feel the dream ending as my body wakes. I try to fight it, but my time with Her is up for the night. My eyes open and it's cold and dark. The darkness is so disorienting. For a moment I don't understand what has happened. I realize that my Joy from the dream is gone, and sadness overcomes me. Why must it be this way? I would give everything I have and more to lie beside Her one more time.