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Death by YOGURT
im gonna die.
I just ate this yogurt drink , and at first I didnt notice, I just opened it and took a drink.
Then I was like "wtf this tastes carbonated.." and checked the container,

It said it was only expiring in 5 days, but the container was blown up at the bottom,
and I googled it ;-;
turns out thats what happens when the yogurt goes bad , and its usually mold or bacteria ...

thats not cool. iogo, friggen crappy company wth. label your things correctly ;-;
I justjust bought this , too . like no.

anyway, if I dont die, I have work tomorrow .
still training, then another training sunday aswell.

The schedule came out earlier today, I only have 1 actual shift in the WHOLE week
what the hell ._.

and my friend who also got the job didnt even get a shift..
while another girl who got hired with us, same training and everything, got FIVE
what the hell ._. thats so not fair

I have bills to pay gdi >:C only gonna have 140$ this paycheck like .. that is not enough.

Obviously they're showing favouritism due to the fact that she's 'cool' or wtv
shes the one who lived in china >_> uggh so done.
no one ever likes me ._. wain

I also justjust changed my avi ._. and now i feel like i should change it again
idk , its kinda.. poop colored :l
my whole profile is brown too .-.

if ever I get REALLY bored i'll work on a new one , i guess...
I kinda want a /cute/ avi and stuff but like, I'm not really a cute person.
Im actually kinda bitchy on this site LOL especially to dumb people on forums

sometimes- they're just .. so dumb ._.

ohwell ~ ill see c;

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