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Confessions of the abnormal Otaku!
I really have no Idea, I enjoy writing things, that go with random pictures. So, Most likely alot of Kagerou Project maybe some Hatoful boyfriend. I don't know who often I'll post or something. I do get grounded fairly often before I'm on the compter
Drafting. I want to see how this will turn out once I post it, so I'll so a random ten mintue write about a picture, I'll go find a good one. And look it's Kano x Kido. What did I say.......... http://fc06.deviantart.net/fs70/f/2012/316/5/0/happy_pocky_day_by_takanetan-d5kua5u.jpg Ah this one is Prefect. Because, why not (Not my art, I don't do digtal art, If I do I will say so)

Kano had Kido Sitting on his lap during the meeting, saying His lap was cold and needed her to warm it. He was hiding his true plan, not even Kido knew what. After the Meeting the other left to do their own things and Kano pulled out his trust box of Pocky "Want one?" He asked Slyly "Yeeees." She said with a sparkle in her eyes, "Only if we play the Pocky game" "Oh hell no...." She thought, The pocky was worth kissing Kano"fine....." She gave up quickly, Kano put a piece in her mouth and put his mouth on the other end, they both began to chew their way to the middle of the piece. She blushed as they got close, she could feel his warm breath on her face. Kano smirked before they're lips met and within a few small moments there was a quick flash and click, scarring Kido out of his lap.

Momo stood there, with her phone up, she had taken a picture of the kiss. Kano gave her a single to run, RUN before Kido saw her, or at least put the phone away. Momo ran off, just as Kido got up, "What the ********?" "Just the storm" "I see, I hate storms....They're scary" Kido said,She was just kissing up to him, making him feel stronger for her own enjoyment. He pulled her back onto his lap kissing her forehead. She hugged him as there really was a storm and the thunder clashed.

"Kido can I tell you something?" He asked. "What?" she asked "I love you." She blushed slighly and nodded. "I love you too" She said quietly, almost unheard. "hehehe" He chuckled "Don't worry, I won't tell anyone you said that" He said

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