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Some Notes and Scribbles~
Updated weekly whenever possible. Pretty much simple stuff like how im feeling or how my day went, or darker stuff like venting out my feelings and stuff i hide or rarely let anyone know about.
ima just... today just... sucks.
I mean like, today at school was okay and stuff, but then when I got home, I saw a guy from animal control with the cage and the kitties were in it and I was just... TT^TT And then I saw the mom cat coming over and seeing that guy and I'm like damnit... ima have to say bye to her too ; n ; And all I could do was just pet and hug her... And now she's probably gone 'cuz I can't even protect a cat. TT^TT Like... ima go cry a river for an hour or so... I can't do anything else anyways; just sit there and cry. That's all I can do. ; n ;
And I have some other problems that I won't mention, but it's been bothering me too. At least I can just cry and let it out now... ima cry myself to death or something. > n <
And don't worry, people. i'll be fine. i'll just figure out something eventually and while i'm at it... ima just be depressed and im not gonna go outside anymore unless necessary 'cuz without my friends (the cats), its just too sad and lonely outside... ima just lock myself in this room and internally die for a couple of days or something then.

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