Hey gais ; v ;

as you may know,
I closed my U-Bribe shop (Ultimate Bribe) to work on past commissions, an auction, and a new style * v *. I was thinking something like.. Miyuzaki or Satoshi Kon art style. Or even just Gaia-manga art ; v ;". (You guys know I've been putting in a great effort into drawing semi-realistic stuff ; A ;.) I have to step out of that chibi stuff because I don't even draw noses >:c!! It's a disgrace to me.
I'm also trying to get into animation T__T; animated chibis? * v * who wants? huhu.
so ah, coming soon <33 That U;Bribe shop will open back up someday ; v ;
but those three kinds of chibis (Flat Marker, CellShade Marker, and Fully Rendered Ink) will no longer be available in Art Shops * v *.

I have yet to get to all of my commissioners!
+ I'm questing for some pretty expensive things,
so I'm going to be around, selling art for a while OTL.

My school ends December 3, which I'm like.. SO excited about.
I can't wait, and after that, I hope I won't have any holiday classes OTL
I've finally moved houses--it's a really complicated story, actually, and I'm sure you don't even want to hear about it emotion_facepalm

Meruu, Soar, and I are planning an auction in the following weeks, so I have to prepare for that too * U *! oweirjwore ooh so fun.
thank you for reading, your time, and PM me for any questions! ^ u ^