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So, I was at a waterhole and this one girl, I-Pee-Ah, WAS JUST MISPRONOUNCING A NAME. DAMMIT. So I wrote down the name Winnie for a report I was writing and I-Pee-Ah read it as "Weenie"..... ARE YOU BLIND? IT IS CLEARLY AN "i" I MEAN, DO YOU SEE AN "e" AT THE "i"? NO. LEARN HOW TO BLASTING READ CUGLEY DAMMIT. Can people like her die? Okay so, you guys are probably like, "It was just a mistake Sketch, calm down" BUT NO. WHEN I WAS LIKE "It's pronounced win-nee" I-Pee-Ah DIDN'T SAY "Oh sorry." NO. SHE SAID, "WTF !@#$% THAT IS WHAT I SAID, 'WEE-NEE'" THIS ONE FRIEND OF MINE HAD TO CUT IN AND SAY, "NO YOU DIDN'T. SHE SAID IT WAS 'win-nee' AND YOU SAID 'wee-nee'" And I just sort of had tears of whateveryoucallit in my little puddle.... Yeah, we don't have ponds because we don't really need them so we have puddles.

Anyway, I-PEE-AH IS A JERK. Okay so Ham-Nah is just plain stupid, gaia_smilies/icon_spoons.gif is just... gaia_smilies/icon_spoons.gif and !@#$% is just bossy. I-Pee-Ah, is plain rude. She is rude like twenty four seven. REALLY RUDE. RUDE AS -We have chosen not to display these words for younger readers-

I just want to smilies/icon_scream.gif and shout, and let it all out- THAT'S WHY I HAVE THESE JOURNAL ENTRIES!

Time for...................................
Who do you dislike the most after reading these journal entries?
A. Ham-Nah
B. !@#$%
C. I-Pee-Ah
D. ALL OF THE ABOVE!!!!!!! smilies/icon_scream.gif

Okay, if you chose (D)
A+ For youuuu!!!!!

I BLAME gaia_smilies/icon_spoons.gif FOR GIVING ME A TERRIBLE LIFE.

It's been a while since I've done the "I BLAME gaia_smilies/icon_spoons.gif" thing.....
I BLAME gaia_smilies/icon_spoons.gif FOR PUTTING I-PEE-AH IN MY WATERHOLE.

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