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Just another journal..
It is a... journal of a wolf..
4th journal today..
I don't really feel like rewriting this.. i accidentally deleted it because I couldnt fix the typos cause gaia was being stupid.. well anyways..
I finished my utauloid completely.. the female voice bank is amazing.. surprised i could get my voice to sound like that with no pitch editing..but.. its not the same.. when I had the original concept of my utauloid.. I wanted the vocal providers to be different.. I wanted it to be loosely based off ruko.. and it still is.. but I wanted the female voice provider to be my ruko... so that no matter what happens, what comes our way or pulls us apart, we have the utauloid, utauloids are something we both love.. and we would share one, one that we will both have.. it would be like a kid.. because it would be half her and half me.. though.. now I'm a bit scared to ask her for her voice bank.. besides.. I don't know if she has time to make one.. I think it would be amazing to do.. My male voice bank sounds almost heavenly.. and it Isn't even recorded properly.. I think.. it would be so amazing for us to have our utauloid be made from our voices, a couple. I could say that I ship male chiori and female chiori... or if she wants we can change the name, I don't mind.. I'd completely remake the utauloid if she wanted me to.. I'd do anything she wanted me to..

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