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Read the dribble that I write.

I've decided to make a master journal for all the shops I've been to. I've grown to adore the pixels made by the people in the mini shop forums, and I've bought quite a lot. One day when I get a good computer and learn more about pixelating, I too want to open my own little mini shop that sells pixels too.

⊰⌠Petite ❧ Bouteille⌡⊱
This was the first shop that I immediately fell in love with. I have high interests in glass bottles, jars and whatnot, and finding them as pixels was the best thing that happened! I think I've purchased half the inventory already, but when I have more gold that I'm comfortable with spending, you can bet your booties I'm buying the rest.

This was the second one I found that I also came to have high interests in. It was closed when I first visited, and stayed that way for some time. The owner had said people were editing her pixels without permission and stealing them. I had waited patiently and angrily because no one should have the gall to do such a disgusting thing. I was thrilled when it opened back up and to see that she was revamping some of her stuff! While I came for the original pixels, I found myself liking the new ones, so I was fine with that.

This is the third shop I found. (I think?) The rest I can't remember what order I found them in, and these are in no particular order when it comes to favorites. Anyway, this shop is super adorable and very classy! I appreciate the soft colors of the deserts so when I visit I have an immediate craving for a real slice of cheesecake. Speaking of cheesecake, I have such a sweet tooth, that sometimes it is very much an annoyance. While I am a very healthy person, I want to keep my weight from fluctuating. But I can't help but indulge myself in life's decadent confectioneries. *u* The only problem I have with these pixels is that they're not transparent... but that's ok, it might be to just keep thieves away.

This was another shop that when I first discovered it, it was closed, and it had said there was a chance it might stay closed. I again saw myself waiting for those delicious pixely treats, and my patience paid off once again. It was the boba that I wanted, cause it was at that time I was first discovering boba tea. I have to say you must have a bit of an acquired taste to really get into boba. I start to feel gross if I eat too many of the tapioca pearls and I always get too many in my drink. I've found a place that makes them perfectly and doesn't add too many of the pearls; just the right amount! Back to the mini shop: for I soon discovered I shouldn't limit myself to just the teas, for the cheesecakes were too good to pass up. Hopefully the hiatus the shop is on isn't for too long, since I've been looking back at the inventory and thinking of another custom meal set to order!

Again another sweet shop. The thing that attracted me to this shop was how unique the style of the pixels were. They were very different from what I had seen, and I just had to have some! Ah, I can already feel my craving for that ice cream coming back.

Came for the cakes, but the custom deluxe swirls were too cute to pass up. I've ordered a few, but I am looking for that perfect color scheme for my ice cream deluxe swirl.

Ice Pandora | pixel food
There's also a freebie shop connected to the above one! I've seen the owners old pixels floating around people signatures and toyboxes, and I really really want them. I'd buy them if given the chance! But alas, they aren't available for purchase. If only I had been searching earlier.


Moved on over to

I don't know what the current status is, to be frank with you. I've been checking the forum every other time I visit Gaia, and I see peeps placing orders sooo...I don't know. I've re-placed my order to this shop since they moved. Whatever man, these pixels are adorable and will be well worth the wait.

☁ Fonyl❜s OH LIL❜ Cart
The cart inventory is alright, but I find myself looking at those customs dolls. I've been searching for a mini shop where I can buy a custom doll (usually of my avatar). The shop may be closed for now, but the owner said she may come back some day.

One of my current life goals is to try macaroons! All kinds! Not to mention the colors and style of the shop is very nice and easy on the eyes.

An a-ok little shop that's still semi-new, but I wait eagerly for new items in its inventory!

✿ cĸ\'ѕ pιхelѕ ❀
Another ok shop. Again, the dolls are what I'm looking at. Maybe this shop could be the one...maybe...

It's a cute little shop, while a little strong on the pink though. It doesn't take that much away from the shop though, it's just a personal preference.

Cute shop alert! These pixels are also soft and easy on the eyes, therefore I want them. Also sweet tooth inducing, which is bad concidering I've been eating lots of sweets lately. I mean, I'm trying less, and I am at a healthy weight, but chocolate is such a weakness of mine. That and every other sweet thing I love.

More cute shops for me to buy foods from! I wish I had more to say about this one.

〚 d a i k o n ❇ l o v e 〛| freebies
Freebie shops are good shops. Cute and simple: one of the ways to my heart when it comes to pixels!

Conquest of Spaces • a quest aboard an airship!
A quest thread! The inventory has nice macaroons that are detailed, and the colors are nice and vibrant.

I'll try to keep this list updated from time to time when I purchase from new shops, or when the current shops have an important update themselves so I can update this list. That way it'll save you the trouble of wondering if the shops are still open, on hiatus, ect.


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Community Member
commentCommented on: Fri Oct 23, 2015 @ 06:24pm
I'm so glad you made this, I really needed it.
Especially for the Petite-Bouteille, it's literally the coolest pixel shop on Gaia.
I love all those little potions and mini monsters! They're so rad and well done.

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